3 ROOM DECOR DIY for Dorm or Apartment

Hi, everyone, it’s me, Ann. This week I’m going to do a series of back-to-school DIYs and some tips so in today’s video I have a lot that I want to cover with you guys so let’s go ahead and get into this. Usually when you’re renting a place, you’re very limited to what you can do to the walls, so this is a great idea to add some color or some personality into your space. What you will need are some canvases. I’m going to start with three blank canvases. You will need a paint of your choice, and I will be using spray paint.

3 ROOM DECOR DIY for Dorm or Apartment

3 ROOM DECOR DIY for Dorm or Apartment

Lastly, I bought some leaves online which I will link below this video. Alright, so this first step, I’m going to spray on my paint, and I want to create a gradient effect. I’m going to spray the bottom of my canvas and as you gradually go up on the canvas, lift your paint can away from the canvas. Let your paint dry, and after it’s nice and dry, it’s time to apply the leaf onto the canvas. What you want to do is lay on some glue to the back of your leaf, and then put that on top of your canvas. Flatten the leaf out on your canvas and let it set to dry before hanging it up. (playful music) Alright, guys, so for this next DIY, I got this wooden plank from my home improvement store, and we’re going to make a couple of shelves to put on the wall. You can get this cut at the home improvement store. Just tell them what measurements you prefer.

For me, I’m going to have this cut one piece bigger than the other so that way I can hang them up and they can have a stacked look. You will need some sturdy strings to cup up and tie in order to hang up your shelves. The length of the strings depend on how long you would like the shelves to hang on your wall. Alright, guys, so this next DIY is super unique. I was inspired by some of the stuff that I saw at an Urban Outfitters. If you guys have ever visited Urban Outfitters, they always have like, things that look DIY, and it looks really, really neat. You are going to need some table legs. I ordered mine from Ebay and if you are interested, I will try to find the link and link it below this video. Aside from that, you will need E6000.


You will need a cardboard box that’s big enough as a table. I’m using a moving box that I found at my local hardware store, and you will also need some extra cardboard. Alright, so the first step is to cut the flaps off of the original box. Some tools you will need is a box cutter with some sharp razors, and you also need a ruler. We’re going to cut out some cardboard pieces to cover all four sides of the box. And it’s going to add more structure and sturdiness to your table. So after you cut out all your pieces, you want to glue them to the box. You want four pieces on the outside and two pieces on the inside. Let that dry overnight, and after that’s dry, we’re going to glue on the table legs. With some E6000, you want to apply that to the top of your legs, and then attach it to the bottom of your box. Now you have yourself a cardboard table. This table is truly going to be a conversation starter when you have people coming into your room, your dorm space, your apartment. It’s really interesting. It’s one of a kind, definitely unique. I love it, and if you’re looking for something unique, you will love it, too. Those are some of my tips and DIYs for back-to-school or if you have a smaller apartment.

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