Home Decor Ideas For Summer . I’ll be showing you find different decorations that you can do I want yourself that are perfect for the summer or perfect to jazz up any room in your house in this video I’ll be showing you this lovely dream catcher and are you ready for it are you ready for it I show you how to make this doughnut hello I think this is definitely my favorite of the video it’s so cute it’s so soft so cuddly and it was very very inexpensive to me all these crafts in this video are extremely inexpensive to make i’m not going to say they’re extremely easy though I would probably give these crafts like a level to profitability they definitely take a little bit of practice but it is well worth the time and we’ll work the practice because i think they came out amazing.
And all for this long intro if you have any other questions concerning just ask them in the comments below and I’ll try my hardest to get back to you as soon as possible and without further ado again you’re right to this video to make this dream catcher you’re going to need an embroidery hoop I found mine at michaels and you’re also going to need some yarn i actually got mine from the dollar tree you just want to start off by hot gluing down a little dollop on to your embroidery hoop and then take your yarn and just place it on top and press it down until it is hard next you want to wrap your yarn all the way around the embroidery hoop until you get to the beginning yeah you wrap the yarn around the embroidery hoop full circle you just want to set in place by hopping it down to make the inside design of your dream catcher you’re going to need some twine or some string.



And I got my from the dollar tree and you just want to tie a knot at the top of your dream catcher and pull it tight now to do the dreamcatcher weaving this is where it gets a little complicated but just remember everything goes underneath you want to pull your string underneath your dream catcher embroidery hoop then you want to take the string and wrap it around that hope that you just made again pull it under and just pull your string we’re going to go over that one more time you’re going to take your actual string put it underneath your dream catcher then you’re going to have like a little bit of a hole or a little little hoop take the string pull it through that hoop again place it underneath and just pull until it’s tight you want to follow this pattern until you get to the starting point of where you started weaving so again just remember you go underneath pull the string through underneath and pull underneath pull the string through underneath and pole once you finish your first around of weaving you’re just going to continue this pattern all the way through but instead of using the embroidery hoop you’re going to start pulling through the actual string patterns that you made previously now you do not have to be so specific with this is no dream catcher is exactly the same so you can skip a couple or do all of them it does not matter it will still look amazing when you are done but just remember pull under pull through pull under again when you have finished weaving and you reach the center of your dream catcher this next step is optional but I added a bead in the middle because i thought it added a nice little touch and then I’m just double nodding this in the middle to secure it into place any very last thing.

I did was decorate my dream catcher I just tied some of that twat onto the bottom of my dream catcher and then I added some beads that i got from the dollar tree tie the knot on the very bottom and then i use some feathers also that i got from the dollar tree and I just hot glue them into the beads to let the beads wouldn’t go anywhere and i did this five times i did a really long one in the middle then a shorter ones on the side and even shorter ones on the other side final thing I did was just cut that string off so that you cannot see it when you hang it out and this is the final dream catcher looks like i am so impressed with it definitely took a little bit of practice I had to practice this a couple of times until i got the weaving just right but it was really easy once I got used to the pattern this was so cheap i think it cost me about five dollars to make most of the stuff i got the dollar tree and I just think it looks absolutely absolutely beautiful I am so happy with it for this marble teacup you’re going to need a teacup and i found a porcelain tea cup from the dollar tree you want to start by taking some alcohol and rubbing it all around the cheek up just to kinda take any of the smudges off or take any of that excess oil then you want to take a little Bowl fill it up with water and make sure it’s a bowl that you don’t really use that much and then you want to take some nail polish i’m using all shades of blue and purple and you want to start pouring the nail polish in it will make this really funky like pull apart design and you just want to do this several times i believe I did this like seven or eight times and i just added blue light blue and purple take a pointy object i am using a kebab stick and you just want to kind of like move that around and make a funky little design in the middle I’m trying to pull all my nail polish into the center and then just wrapping it around and swirling around the middle take your porcelain tea cup and just push it right into the water and you kind of want to move it around a little bit until it fully guess the design of the nail polish in the water place your teacup on a piece of wax paper.

And allow the nail polish to completely dry and harden once it has completely dried you want to add a layer of dishwasher safe Mod Podge that you can find at michaels this is the teacup looks like when the Mod Podge has completely dried it is so pretty i love the way the colors swirl together i’m actually not even using this to drink out of i’m just going to use this to decorate my office and put some penson but if you do decide to drink out of it i would suggest hand washing this in hand washing it very gently this next craft is so different it’s so abstract and it’s so pretty all you’re going to need are some cake pop some hot glue and some spray paint i think this whole craft cost me about seven dollars to make you want to start off by taking some of the cake pops and form them into the shape of a square then you just want to hot glue the edges of the square together so they stay in place I’m doing this on some wax paper so I can easily pull it apart later then you want to just start by taking some hot glue again haku over those edges and take two more cake pops hold them up and you have to hold these in place until they completely dry and then do the same thing on the other side and I just took another square that I pre-made i just took some hot glue how glued on top of those six that were standing up and I just place the square right on top until you make a cue from the complicated part and I’m not going to lie this was very very fresh trading it was very difficult to keep these in place but you want you just hot glue opposite edges of the square and then take two of your cake pops and hold them together until they stand upright on their own you want to do the same on the other side until you make somewhat of a pyramid just make sure you are holding these tight because if not they start to fall and then you want to take some hot glue hot glue the top until it is all in place hold it together until it is sticking on its own then you want to do this to all the other sides leaving one of the sides of the cube completely bare.

So you can hang it up along your wall and the final step is just to spray paint your structure using whatever call you like i’m using this metallic gold and i added about two layers of spray paint and I allowed it to dry in a well-ventilated area and this is what you’re super cool psychedelic geometric structure looks like when it is complete i think it came out amazing i love the way it looks again it was pretty frustrating to make i am not going to lie to you but it was well worth the hour that I sent on it because the end product is just so beautiful i saw a similar product like this at joann’s and it was fifty dollars so I saved myself forty dollars by just making it at home I think this is really beautiful on the wall and will be a really awesome conversation piece for anybody that comes into your house to follow that complicated craft we’re now going to move on to a super simple craft all you need to do is get some sea shells i just took mine from the beach then you want to take some paper towel kind of shove it underneath the shell so it’s sitting upright then you want to take a candle wick stick I just found mine at michaels they were very inexpensive and you want to hot glue them into the center of your seashell next you want to take some melting candle wax cubes and you can find these at walmart for about a dollar to two dollars a piece and you just want to melt this up in the microwave and pour into the center of your seashell next you want to secure that look in place by wrapping it around an object i’m just using a kebab sticks that you can use a pencil for this or a pen or anything you have at your house

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