DIY FALL ROOM DECOR IDEAS . so I’m hoping that these projects make it possible for a lot more you to actually make the project and spruce up your room make a cute we all like you groups football and for all my other side of the globe peeps don’t worry you can use some of these ideas to spring fire room instead just change the colors and the themes of shapes of everything this weekend I’m going to New York City for beautycon very excited .



Now let’s move on to the fall crafts my hands were very weird there for the first project i am using a canvas that i purchased from the craft store as well as these adorable mini fabric we use I think that these are set to me by a really kind viewer who mail them to my p.o box they’re adorable I’m not exactly sure where they got them but you could find similar things such as shaped button sequins or even stickers to do this project could even cut the shapes out of paper that just might take a while but anyway i’m just laying them out in a heart shape in the middle of the canvas and by the way i did not paint the canvas or do anything to it beforehand but you definitely could if you wanted after i have the shape the way.



I wanted it to be then I grabbed some Mod Podge i’m using mad mod podge which means that it’s not going to be glossy or shiny on the canvas so I’m just gluing this i’m attaching each piece one at a time with a sponge brush and to do this I put a little bit on the canvas and a little bit on the back of the leaf and I didn’t show that but I do so after their on you also want to put a layer on top because Mod Podge is a glue plus sealer so it’ll just help everything stay bonded really well of course if you don’t have my ipod you could use another type of glue that is absolutely fine but this stuff does dry clear so you see it’s white right now it will not turn out that way so after all that you want to let it dry completely and then you can decorate the middle of the shape if you want to and i decided to do this by using puffy paint and i’m just going to write a cute little saying inside that is very cliche but fall in love like fall and go to marks haha not clever at all but it’s really cute and of course like i mentioned at the beginning if it’s not fall for you right now you could use any type of shape that is themed like another season to do these such as flowers snowflakes or little Sun shines if for whatever reason you don’t want to use puffy paint or you don’t have it you can use regular acrylic paint or a metallic sharpie they have silver and gold metallic sharpie that are really pretty or just a regular marker and I like to give you guys a lot of choices so if you don’t have canvas you could also use a piece of cardboard but you could paint white or just leave braun once everything is dry it’s time to hang this on the wall and bring the fall spirit into your life it makes me happy the second project is so simple to do and I think that you could probably find all these items at the dollar store if you have one in your area i used a candlestick that i found personally from a garage sale and a vase and some of these fillers.

So I have rocks and then these plastic gemstone things they’re at Michael’s and they’re made for fall I got them last year and you want to have some strong glue as well so basically you can see exactly what I’m doing you poor whatever you want into the vase and then you can just glue that onto the candlestick now I want to use this candlestick for a different project so that’s why I’m pretending to glue here but i did put the stuff in first because when you place it on top that’s going to add more weight and therefore it will adhere better so just pretend that I glued together and this is what it looks like definitely one of the quickest projects ever but it looks really cranky and of course this could be a year-round project as well you can fill it with other types of things you could fill it with sprinkles if you wanted to put it out at birthday party that mine is ready for fall okay actually I may have been mistaken because i think this project is actually the quickest so for this i’m using some paper heart doilies that i purchased in $MONTH 2015 hey they never go bad but i am using one of those and then you can either use a really for you can use a glittery fakely if like.

I have here so all you’re gonna do is seriously guys just wait for this you’re going to put the leaf on top of the doily and grab a push pin and pin it into your bulletin board or if you don’t have a bulletin board you can just attach them together with glue or double-sided tape and tape that to the wall or sticky tack it to the wall PS no I don’t live in oklahoma right now but I lived in tulsa for two years and I fell in love with it and i wish that i were there but in the late fall of 2014 i moved back to Ohio so now i’m in the Cleveland area in beachwood but I’m from Toledo so random fact for you new viewers who had absolutely no clue now moving on to the fourth project which involves tool one of the prettiest fabrics that there is and it’s just so easy to use so i have a bunch of different roles of this you can get it online which is the cheapest if you have enough money to spend the bulk then i definitely recommend if you’re going to use a ton you can also find these sometimes in the dollar section at like wall bar i think i got the sparkly one there so i am just cutting three sheets of each color that I’m using of course this is going to vary for you because it depends on how long you want the string to be and how far apart you want the little bunches a tool to be as well each piece i cut was a little over 11 inches long again up to you how long you want it to be there just going to grab that and bunch it together.

And just pinch it at the middle and then you’re going to put it right on top of the string like this so make sure it’s on top and you’re going to form a loop at the middle top of the tool and then you’re going to take the two ends and you’re going to just fold them behind the string and pull them up through the loop so hopefully that makes sense but if not you should be able to see what I’m doing it was fairly easy to do when it took me probably ten minutes to tie all 6 colors to this during it was super quick so here’s me doing this again and again you just put it through the loop and pull it’s basically like tool tassels that are going to be garland for your room and you can put it anywhere you want of course on the wall or I put it on my gold play button which I think looks really cool so I have my flower crown on there as well that I made a couple months ago and then the socraftastic metal piece at the top is actually a gift from to it the fifth and final project is cozy candleholders so you’re going to use some cold or very cheap sweaters i got these from a thrift store and you may recognize them from last fall when I made a plush owl and a sweater pillow but i’ll show you those at the end also the owl anyway you’re just going to cut the sleeve off of a sweater or two depending on how many candles that you want to dress and then you’re going to stick the candle inside that and just see how much you need to cut off for it to fit correctly so just turn that away with a pair of scissors i like to use fabric scissors for this they just work a little bit better and it makes it easier and then I made it so the the cough is at the top and I folded that down so the top is pretty snug and then the bottom looks like a legwarmer or boot sock because it’s a little bunchy i think that is a cool look once you have it dressed the way you want it then you can go ahead and glue on a button to make it look like an actual sweater or you can go the route of using a different embellishments such as a fabric bow.

Now I am lighting them in this footage but i do not recommend that you use these candles for real with the fabric on them i think that it could be dangerous and it would get a little messy so definitely take the candle holders off before using these I just had it lit for maybe two minutes because i wanted to get this footage but disclaimer please be careful and do not burn your house down please and then these candles sleeves can also be reusable so that is plus those are all the ideas from this video I hope you enjoyed them but if you want to see even more ideas I have a fall playlist called fallen to craft down below and it has a ton of DIYs all these things that you are seeing now with your eyes I made and I have tutorials on how you can make them as well so we saw the picture frames the duct-tape leaves the plush owl painting I have a court pumpkin and I did the sweater method instead of doing on candles it on a mason jar and melted crayons your candle was very recently my favorite though that this video does not get enough love and enough credit at all but it is the dryer host pumpkin it’s a project that I learned in Girl Scouts years


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