DIY home decor ideas , i have a bunch of home decor projects that i did in the last place that I used to live in it was an older beach town house so that our little problems like windows that weren’t centered old balcony’s or you know wall it would be separated but when you’re renting you don’t necessarily want to put wallpapers some inexpensive decor tips and tricks that hopefully will become useful for you I just knew so I’m going to have a whole new batch of DIY projects to do in this place but let me go ahead and share with you some of the things that are useful for me in the place that I used to live in all right let’s get started yeah DIY it number one is revamping ugly apartment building help me as you can see there’s a pipe sticking out from the neighbors balcony an electric box and the floor is totally demolished quick deck tiles are a lifesaver.
I got these at home depot you can also get them at ikea they snap into place super easy like a puzzle and they make the floor look absolutely posh as far as the rest of the balcony i used a plan to create some privacy and high that pipe and i placed a mere over the electric box acute outdoor table and a bit more floor decor this balcony is completely revamped in a place i love spending time DIY tip number two is creating space and small spaces this is something that work for me it’s something that I do often when i was in smaller apartments or probably step too many doors we don’t need so many doors I don’t know if you live alone and how much privacy you need but there’s always a door that can be taken down here there and you’d be surprised.



how much more space it creates just by removing a door so let’s go ahead and started and we can move on to number three as you can see this bathroom is extremely cluster feathers with too many doors so i went ahead and i removed where the doors I just you know doors fit perfectly under beds look how much space that already create that’s the before and after and if you would like to add a bit more privacy bag i staple gun along the French panel across the doorway this doesn’t take any more space and it creates a pinch of privacy our guys the next to DIYs or creative ways to glam up your decor using Swarovski crystals and II 6,000 blue you can glue swarovski crystals on to your talents you can also repurpose old costume jewelry to hold back sheer trickery it adds an ethereal princess look I absolutely share drapery panels are get moving on i am personally obsessed with metallic snakes in elk river that is not going to be happening anytime soon one it’s extremely expensive – I’m still a renter so i am not going to waste that on a rental property and have to tear it down later and just cry and plus the waste of money and you know if you don’t need all i do not waste money i am all about stripping the dollar so this is an alternative this was really cool obvious lips makes can but it is Moroccan there’s obviously a lot of different options you can also use these on furniture its tensile where you can use it on furniture you can use it on walls you can use on all kinds of things it is so easy and so fast I swear to you guys i created this accent wall in probably about 20 minutes in its minimal pain you call me only you like a little to me .

So I advise this obviously you can right over when you leave so there is no money is wasted all right let’s get started stencils are my favorite you simply start in the middle of the room tape the stencil down use the balancer to make sure it’s even and then like I said using minimal pain and this little tiny roller you go over the stencil once you let it dry for a few minutes you lift the stencil you move down you repeat the same steps you only need to use one coat of paint to create this amazing more often of wall and yeah this is one of my favs that I accidentally put together and it turned out really good anyways I love framed art that can get expensive i love me radar that can get some – so this is kind of best of all the world’s a temporary it’s inexpensive no damage to the wall you don’t even have to put nails in the wall because the weight of these DIY picture frames are so light that you can stick them on the little adhesive that i will show you in the next tutorial let me know if you think this DIY is all about the silver cake trays I picked these up at michaels i’m pretty sure they have them at walmart in other places i’m also using crystal trim glue spray adhesive and a few images from a fashion magazine I’m going to glue on some crystal trip just to add a bit more glam i’m using e6000 glue glue gun will work just fine once that’s done i picked a few pictures using spray adhesive I’m spring the back placing it into the middle of a cake tray pressing into place and the new DIY picture frame has done these are super lightweight so you can use commando damage free adhesive strips to stick these on to the wall hopefully there’s like that DIY it’s really one of my favorites i think it’s a really good idea for maybe dorm rooms teenagers room because you know how much they change their style it doesn’t leave any holes in the walls and obviously the cake Tracy also come in a circular shape so if you don’t use square and then obviously you don’t have to use trim if you don’t want to that’s just something I like to add I like to add more just to show you a complete inspiration board rather than less and have you try to figure it out alright so let’s go ahead and move on to anyone that has cat I have a cat she kicks her litter around like she’s kicking field goals so what I’ve done is I have moved her litter box under my bathroom sink and then I just leave the two doors open she’s a little bit older now and she’s tall so she doesn’t like coming in there so this is a little DIY project i call it party time because it’s kind of a little space for her to go to her thing and have some privacy and also works as a home decor piece for me go ahead to start this tutorial let me know what you think you will need a wood cabinet for this DIY I got this on craigslist for twenty dollars all you want to do is turn it sideways cut out an opening for your cat sand down the sides if you want to you can change out the hardware for something that fits the style of your decor and you are done I left the shelfs intact for organization and then all you have to do is decorate the top and use it every little hutch for your home we are almost wrapping it up i wanted to share with you two more DIYs this is for anyone that has mirrors and pictures if you ever notice how sometimes when you walk away or just time goes by that they start to tilt and plant um I started using felt bumpers on the corner i’m going to go ahead and show you how that is done that keeps them from slanting over time they still might need to be balanced every now and then but for the most part it keeps them in place also you’ll need is a few felt bumpers take any and all your pictures off the walls place the felt bumpers on the bottom corners put the picture back on the wall and the bumpers will help keep it in place.

I did the same thing for the mirror of my guess all right guys last but not least this is really really odd it probably won’t apply to most of you but in this particular place that I lived all of the windows and every single room we’re not centered I think just cause it’s an old beach it was like a I don’t know it’s called a four-plex town houses that were all like lying next to each other so they were tall really steep stairs smaller bedrooms anyways the windows were all off-balance and this is something i did to create the look of balance that was really deliver so I want to go ahead and share with you guys and the next time I do these DIY projects a lot of the things that are showcased in this video like the drapes those are custom and the reason i like to custom drapes because you can make them as long as possible and one way to make a room look bigger no matter what like no matter how tall the ceilings are event has to bring the drapery rod always the top yes it’s gonna sit above the actual frame of the door or the window or whatever for bringing it all the way at the top and then bringing the group all over the floor makes everything look so much more locks and usually the reason why customers do my three cousins inside my grade excuse me is because it’s hard to find a really long length in a lot of options and a panel to panel is like the easiest thing you’ll ever ever make is where you can even fabric glue it so in the next home decor DIY video i will show you guys how to make that all right so this is the room and yes this is how all the windows are in every single room so frustrating what you’ll want to do is hang curtain rods center to the wall and then when you add your drapery panels it hides how Mr center the window is to the wall and brings balance to the whole room

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