Bedroom ideas for couples : Creating romance in the bedroom

Bedroom ideas for couples . hi I’m Erica a comedian and host of speaking I just gonna try back in LA but the only reason I was able to afford it because it’s falling apart but great ball so much money i’m always down for renovation makeover project why we are going room by room help my friends make me happy that i could come along the way during this space into place so if we were in a cheesy 2000 MTV’s Cribs episode and said this is where the magic happens but there is no magic that is happening in a five-mile radius of this bedroom I haven’t really been able to unpack yet because there are absolutely no closets so both corners of my room sort of look like garage sales in the shape of the room is really weird it’s either it’s a trapezoid or a parallelogram I didn’t do so well on geometry also this fall behind me has created a huge cause for concern my roommate who lives on the other side of the wall has recently down some on and.

Bedroom ideas for couples

Bedroom ideas for couples

I have found myself falling asleep with headphones watching shark tank also there’s no natural light in here but i really want to keep it bright and airy but if it’s possible to create some sort of like intimacy or romantic kind of feel I don’t know build it and it will come I hope no pun intended when Clark is amazing he’s a really good friend and he knows me really well so I think that we’re going to work really well together and he’s going to do something incredible in here.

Bedroom ideas for couples : Creating romance in the bedroom


I’m really excited to get started so we started painting we better literally I had to take most of the contents of my bedroom and choose the walls for painting light and then to the walls repeating dark now I’m kind of concerned that dark dark and you look in my bedroom I have our bottles all of which are empty and i have one over there and it’s not all from one night it’s that leaves like since saturday know this tuesday yeah i’m really excited today we are starting to get my bedroom to be on there finally I can move back end my clothing is everywhere and the furniture delivery guy dispensed and goes delivery and he’s like yeah he goes way up there and yeah and they basically just shook his head and then slammed the front door now cool awesome we have a problem which is not I game between measurements for bed that I measured and somewhere between those measurements and actual making of the bed my bed my master.

And does not fit in the bed so now they actually do you take it back downstairs i went from having very high bed now not really having a bad at all somehow i think i’m moving in this process going on here early Tuesday morning something lamps are you feel Murphy’s Law & department has continued we over these amazing lamps they’re often by day go back to the q1 is a white light and wanted to be white and we have no idea why your favorite part about this product of designing the trade absolutely stop you’re the you’re very good construction in it I thought twice not once but twice yeah there’s a lot of box how did it feel like a lot of 5 and happen love and obviously it didn’t like a dog it is now officially way to gorgeous and beautiful for me to do nothing in it but sleep and watch Netflix so pretty much my favorite part about this entire bedroom is the fact that i had little to nothing to do with it so I want to know how did this happen you allow space for us to do what we do best.

And if this is your best and just keep on doing it this is crazy what we first that house the space going to be used we knew that we wanted to identify it and identifying it with wood and architecture was not the right element for us so when we use textiles we think in architectural terms so we wanted to bring the height of the ceiling of and we wanted to give you some glam and boldness at the top so we chose a grommeted of tree style and rod that really take the I up and bring in some architectural elements I didn’t have a closet which was one of my biggest issues in the room we it helped me to really create a closet.

And I have space back there and then also sort of gave us some freedom in the bedroom – not necessarily need furniture that provided storage it’s functional um it looks beautiful and you have easy access to the closet what you need and there’s another 20 feet behind the drape that really allows you to function when we worked on the floor plan we also wanted to in long gate the room so we did was we took two separate paint colors from Benjamin Moore a lighter and darker and use them on opposite walls that created the length that we wanted and we rummage through the design center finding the right textiles going to the right workrooms had a custom headboard and bed done and the knights and I’ve had forever but we repurpose them and they look new and glamorous and fresh and me is my mother gave me I never actually thought it was going to use them in such a big way and very grand their stately and the position in the right to help call to the scale and sense of size and proportion to the hip forward the channel the air for me really brought it together so they’re generally right we got from lamps plus and it’s so cool right it’s lik.

so much sexier I like woke up and I was like no way I love here thank you so much this is just incredible this is everything that I wanted to be Thank You Benjamin Moore the paint is incredible and thanks to your brilliant brain wing Clark for picking these colors and putting them not only next to each other but across from each other and global views for the brilliant accessories

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