Bedroom on a Budget – DIY Home Decor

DIY Home Decor. I get to experiment with different tips and tricks to help you guys get inspiration for your personal spaces and today it’s all about a bedroom a bedroom on a budget so we fill the bedroom that’s just a plain old bedroom where we’re gonna use in style and design ideas to help you guys can inspire so let’s find a pattern whoa ok so this is in great need of some style and personality the whole bowl with this room is to keep the budget friendly.
I’m going to not do some huge changes in here actually like the wall color ray which i’m going to use this in my favor because I can establish any color palette I want the carpets are pretty neutral to definitely want to get a area rug of sorts in here I don’t know that i need to change the layout so much however I want to make more of a moment of the bed the window needs something going on we got to get something going on over on that wall that thats a table have to go what’s going on with this plan is this like from like the dentist’s office I’m okay with that chair though it’s your school its kind of vintage just needs a little plaid this chair however know usually I’m imagining you ever living in the space i’m going to imagine that she’s a little edgy but early her favorite color used to be pink but now she’s starting to get more into some pattern and then some black dark grey maybe her name is Miranda wish you guys could be Miranda she’s just tucked up here am I wearing a toga no i am not wearing a toga i am wearing a kirchen this is going to be my bedding so again Miranda she likes her pink this is a beautiful dusty rose this is the sheets at that I got this is actually organic cotton and look at this beautiful honeycomb pattern in yellow.


Bedroom on a Budget – DIY Home Decor



And I wanted to also establish some black is like a sad Miranda she’s a little edgy we got some of the gray from the walls in black from energy pattern huh it speaks for itself maybe one of these will go on the chair or something these are going to be the curtains for the weekend I didn’t want to go pattern because I’m going so powder in my sheets and my throw pillows at their current panel and I have my curtain rod drill e yeah yeah all right curtains done I do want to do one more thing though above the bag okay so yeah it’s going to be the ring canopy above the back I want to spray paint to hoop white because the curtains that I chose our sheer white.


So I don’t really want this orange keeping through if your who who doesn’t have these little lady things in it you’re gonna probably want to have some sort of full cutting tool because you’ll need an opening in order to feed the curtain panels on Twitter and I’m dealing with the twin size bed here i think i might try to shrink this down a little okay gang my new canopy i’m going to use some nice natural twine the hole through the curtain panel feed this through and then affect the pieces of twine up to the ceiling alright so my hula hoop is drying run up yeah hello and so obviously on a twin dead can’t really fit that many pillows on but I do like that one is matching the sheet set and then the other one is matching with comforter walk together ready oh it’s the side table number one had a stole drum side table i love it because it’s graceful and elegant it’s also white and the desk is white so that’s why i put it over here look at that modern its weak it’s black and contrast with the white I love it it’s mid-century modern which is like the chair over here so we have some elements that are complementary when area around is essential if you have Ali carpet which this vehicle II i also like this one has white knit it brings in a  to the space look at alyssas this is called woven art we’ve got a pretty large desk for the size of this room so it really need something large over to anchor this old and yet it is a good budget saving tip rather than doing a bunch of small pieces that you’ll end up spending more money on pick one large affordable super cool thing it has texture to put over here . since they don’t have the budget to change out the staff here is a quick solution to kind of cover up some of these not so cute teen these are just placemats very inexpensive that’s just gonna be my easy fix to cover up some of these areas it brings in the bad color again this lamp is going to be perfect.


Because it’s nice and tall it’s a petite room so let’s make the most of the vignettes that we have sorry dude you’re going in the garage or something you know to hold mid-century it is the tapered brown legs like the table back here it just really adds i think a level of sophistication but in this black color it gives it that edge that I want to infuse in here though there’s the letters that I got at target they’re just really lightweight the front is covered with cork board which is really cute so obviously you could use some thumbtacks and put pictures on and I got the letters to spell out swing b li ang you guys know how to spell playing right i also wanted to give are edgy girl an area to display and organize her jewelry we got one of these jewelry while organizer chains here is my half loop dry I chose a sheer white but it does have some pattern on it so that it has that sort of whimsical look of a candidate one and hula hoop is another woman can you i recommend probably trying the twine on two three areas you’re creating kind of a tripod then placing the slack rope hello I’m gonna do it just a little off kilter because it’s girly and edgy and I hashtag love you I love everything that’s going on in this room we have our beautiful vignette over there with the death and just look how glamorous and amazing it looks and then with the two contrasting side tables the bed with these colors and patterns just live in it up can we just please talk about how awesome this canopy is you would never know the hoop was part of this glamorous DIY and then of course we have the bling wall over here which just bring something fun and functional with the organizational chain here for the jewelry brought in a plant I love a plant in any room and we’ve got our cute chair now over here throw blanket throw pillow I think that Miranda wherever she is I would really like this show Amanda there we go bedroom on a budget i love how it looks I hope you guys enjoy the transformation and got some tips for your personal space
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