Decor & Furniture Haul – Bedroom Decor, Plants & Copper

Furniture Haul. i have a number hardware is hole for you so I have kind of forgotten what it was like to have to try and finish an entire place a few years ago I start an entire hospital furniture but i decided to take a little bit of a different turn in my life and ended up selling it all and getting rid of it and kind of just not having a place to live I’ve moved around quite a bit in the last couple of years so i am now trying to refinish an entire place and it’s actually so much fun because I get to do a lot of shopping but i forgot how much stuff is involved so be aware that there will be plenty more of these Hardware holes coming your way.

Furniture Haul

Furniture Haul

So today i have a few different bits and pieces that i thought i would share with you some more like practical some more just for decorative purposes but yeah so if you enjoyed this video please give it a thumbs up don’t forget to go and check out my vlog channel as well.

Decor & Furniture Haul – Bedroom Decor, Plants & Copper


Which I’ll have listed in the description for all of like my moving series and all the behind the scenes of everything going on in this apartment the mess from cardboard is unbearable right now I need to take the cardboard out all of the things that were just fed up let’s get started so I’m going to start with all plants first so the first one i have is this really cute little fake succulent plant from came on to have tag on it actually most these things have the tags on them still I just haven’t removed them so it’s a fake plant with fake rocks and then it also has this really cool sort of black and white geometric fabric case to the plant based which i think is very cool i love geometric shapes and also just love black and white I think this is very very funky and that woman came up then.

I actually have two from ikea are obsessed like he is the first time i got is actually for my kitchen bench next to my little tea coffee and sugar holders I just feel like it kind of matches up really well so if the first one is just like a little pot plant and then there’s the part that goes with it as well this little part actually matches the really big pot that I got from my actual real life not fake plants over by my window but then and I went shopping at ikea with just one she picked up this combination and I was so jealous like one of those so I went back to ikea and i got myself one so it’s a slightly bigger plan and a slightly bigger pot that has it’s almost like cable knitted sweater type patent in the pot so I wanted this one to sit on top of my makeup drawers so then those two I can’t remember how much the way but they were really really affordable old like only five six dollars or something like that if you got tell I’m very much obsessed with like greenery and i’m going to be purchasing so much more.

I want my whole apartment to be like nice lush and green the next thing I have to share with you though is this gorgeous rose gold dish rack from kmart I really wasn’t interested in purchasing a district only because I don’t have one of the sinks that has like the metal side to it when you supposed to put a dish rack it’s just bench so I have to put a t-tail underneath it but i love it was so it’s just as simple and I feel like it’s just really nice and I feel like greenery and copper always go really well together and the struggles of our expenses like fifteen dollars or something like that if you know how much you just please leave it as a comment I’ve completely forgotten but oh I love that dish rack completely unharmed where’s related when I was in target the other day I actually picked up this little notebook it’s like a silver glittery sort of North book but it’s not glittery that the glue is going to come off it that makes sense so you don’t have to worry about it wishes the plane notebook that i have got to put more video ideas in because I filled up my last book so it’s just another one of those little my pads that i can try and write down ideas and get caught out so I’m being nice and productive so the next thing that.

I have to show you is a look this to me I’m about to choke actually home excuse me but this to me you got a double Rachel today um I got this narrow from ikea it’s like an l-shaped mirror so cool it was like twenty nine dollars they did have like obviously a smaller and cheaper one but this one is like so heavy tree and so large compared to like the little ones that it’s perfect for me filming like makeup tutorials i also got an Ikea desk what you have in front of me it is just they’re very very basic 3995 desk it’s got the top and the full legs it’s simple it did build it in a blog if you’re interested listed in the description but i decided i needed a little desk and a mirror to do makeup and hair tutorials for you so I got this one because I just think it’s perfect size it’s big i can see my hair and all of my head in my face as awesome so I really like that mirror and is a well with the twenty dollar investment if you’re looking for a good mirror that one because it’s really really nice the next day i have to show you is a little bit difficult for me to show you but it is a mop it’s spinning ball I have been eyeing off a spinny mob for so long I don’t even offer called a spinning off I just personally call this anymore because up for I like to describe them but really fluffy and it spins and it’s cool my purple it was twenty-nine dollars from the reject shop i picked up when I was out with a it also comes with a spare bed which part of that but it’s really cool so you stick it in this side y’all and then you spin it around to get like it agitated as my mom likes.

Today because I saw her like her version of this it was like from an informational honest I just like a pill thing that like makes all the water swish around and she said that its agitating it gets like all the water and soap in a month’s like the mop and then used to get in this one and spin it again and it will like to rinse it out so you’re not just putting super like wet amounts of multiple onto the floor does that even make sense I don’t know what I really liked it as purple as a team up i I just regular box or not cool anymore you not cool if you don’t have a spin off so i had to get one the next big thing that I’ve had just do this echo I think about it go a little bit um this is like one of those plus two key tubs it was five dollars from target I had to get it when I saw it because first of all I love the color and I honestly don’t have like a real legitimate reason for I just sore and I really liked it i think i’m going to put it in the corner of my room and put like my dirty washing in it and it’s easy to just kind of pick up and take out so yeah I like it was five dollars so like really really affordable and a lot of two things i have to share with you a furniture so I just two of these side tables heel with the drawer and the wooden legs these are barred from target and I cannot tell you how long I have been waiting to buy these for so came up sells like identical ones they’re the exact same process that both came up and target but I found them at target and when I found out I rang every store across Victoria pretty much well actually running like five stores then run HR and HR told me all the stores that have them in stock and I took a trip across Melvin just to get these because i have been waiting weeks so I got two of them as bedside tables which i’m so excited now because I have my bedroom furniture shop also person including go to bed i’ll also throw in a clip of like my bed frames that I got out of bed frame so now that I have all my bedroom furniture I can start decorating and doing like the finer details of my room which i’m so excited about and then other furniture thing that I got going to move back for this are these coffee tables from came on as well it’s like a two piece coffee table set wooden legs white table top sort of like a weed triangular sort of shape and they don’t kind of knocked over my stuff and they just kind of like it well however you really want them to sit but i really like that one slightly taller one slightly lower feel like you can arrange them and if you cannot tell i’m all about like the what the little bits of wood and all of the greenery

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