DIY Bohemian Room Decor Ideas

DIY Bohemian Room Decor Ideas . So I have a couple of pillows here i want to start with really quickly and show you what we’re gonna be working on first is this pillow here so this is the one we’re going to be making in the video but this one is what it would look like if you just did one solid color so this one is just one solid piece in the French and one solid piece and back so just it’s like very easy because you don’t have to cut out the different color pieces of fabric right so different options all right let’s go ahead and get started with the projects for this project I’m up cycling and old pillow form and buttons to cover i also have some scrap pieces of fabric and some trim i’m going to use and we’re going to use use excels in a little bit later – all right.

DIY Bohemian Room Decor Ideas

DIY Bohemian Room Decor Ideas

So I’m gonna start with making a pattern so right now I’m just measuring out my pillow from the center out and adding a half inch my pillow forms about 16 inches i’m using parchment paper to make kind of a pie shaped pattern to cut my fabric so I just make two dots at eight and a half inches apart and then come down on either side and draw a line at equal distance and then here’s how i get the radius for the outer edge and then just cut out the pattern and i’m going to double check before getting out my fabric to make sure the size is right and then pin the pattern to the fabric and cut it out with about a half inch seam allowance all the way around and then cut out a set of fabric pieces for the front and the back of your pillow lay out your pieces of fabric in the order that you want with the pretty side facing up and then flip over peas in it together and you’re going to so that one side and so we can continue this all the way around until all of the pieces are sewn together.

DIY Bohemian Room Decor Ideas


So i just start with a back stitch just to lock the thread into place and then so with the top stitch all the way down and then finish with a back stitch and then you just repeat that process I’m just going to open up these switches sewed i’m going to grab the piece next to it flip that over and we’re just going to pin that one side and so it and you’re just going to keep repeating until all your pieces of fabric are sewn together and you have one big circular piece of fabric and then repeat that process to make the back part of your pillow cover and then we’re going to sandwich the two together with the pretty sides facing inward towards each other and I’m lighting up the fabric where it’s going to match up so I’m also painting the seams first and then I finish painting all the way around and then leave a little opening for where you have to put your pillow insert or your pillow stuffing in there and then top stitch all the way around beginning and ending with a back stitch and now you can turn your pillow cover right side out add your stuffing or your pillow insert and then slip stitch the last opening by hand now i’m going to be using this gold fringe and sequin trim with a sequin trim my measuring from Center to Center and then adding 3 inches to that I’m getting one piece for each seem to be using music thousand to attach the trim but first I’m gonna cut the fringe in 24 inch sections add a little bit of the e6000 and then fold of the long pieces of trim in half so the long pieces of sequin trim I’m just holding this in half and then that fold it in.

I’m just pressing into the glue and rolling it up inside of the little tassel that we’re making here out of the fringe and so once that’s rolled up and i’m just going to add about another inch of e6000 they’re right next to our tassel and just go ahead and glue that little inch close to so i gave this a few minutes to dry and then one side at a time i’ll apply my music thousand down the entire length of the trims and then you just press that directly over the scene with the tassel time coming out in there and then I flip the pillow over add music cells into that side and press that side down over the scene and then you just repeat all the way around and we’ll be up cycling these buttons to cover they’ve already been used but i’m just going to recover them with my music thousand and some gold sequins ok i’m using an upholstery noodle to attach the buttons to the center of the pillows are going to be touching the buttons onto the pillow so i’m using either Abby quarter or upholstery thread either one will work fine i ended up using the be gored so i’m just reading my button onto the center of my cord and then take both ends and thread them through the eye of your needle and then I’m just poking through the center of the pillow pulling the needle through the other side and then take your second button and thread it onto one into the cord and let that button go right to the center and we’re going to create a little loop here.

So I’m just pinching the chords you can see both ends coming through i’m grabbing one in going under and around and then around again and then taking that end and going down through the loop where my finger is and then just go ahead and let that loop go and you’re going to pull it tight and the tighter you cinch it the deeper the tufting you’re going to have and then to finish that not off you can just do a couple of overhand knots to lock the testing down into place and your new bohemian tassel pillow is done and remember you can make these in solid neutral color is too I for our next project I’m gonna be starting with his metal frame lampshade this is just an old use lampshade and i’m just going to cut the shade off of it because I just want the frame parts i’m just using my exacto knife and just removing that glue in any excess fabric that stuck to the frame and then I mean a prime and paint with rustoleum painters touch i’m using a flat white primer and then heirloom white for the color of spray paint and shows that color because it’s kind of a cream color and it’ll blend in with the cord that I’m using and this is a court i’m using it’s just a heavy-duty cotton blend so I’m going to measure out three yards and then we cut a whole bunch of those out enough to go all the way around the edge of the frame so you just fold each one in half and the entire regular Mountain not like this so the lamp shade is flipped upside down and i’m just working on that top bar that’s going to be the top of our chandelier so that’s why i’m attaching all of our cords so for this macro a project i’m gonna be using mostly square knots so here’s how I tie a square knot I have my to resting chords and my two workers on the outside so i’m going to bring the right worker over the top of the resting chords and bring the left behind and through the loop and then tighten it up and get into the position that you want and then start with the left side the left worker cord bring that over the top of your resting chords and take the right worker cord and bring that behind and through the loop and then tighten it up.

And that is your square knot and it’s up to you however many knots you want to tie you can do as many or as few as you want so you can make whatever sort of pattern you want and you can use square knots or you can do other types of not what I’m going to be making kind of like a zigzag pattern towards the top I wanted to look almost like a lotus kind of coming up and then i have the rest the cords hanging down there so it’s kind of like a zigzag pattern all the way around and then I could a separate piece of cord about 1 yard in length and then I tied one end of it to the bar on the inside just temporarily just mounted so it’s stay put and then i’m taking into pieces of course they’re hanging down and i’m doing a half inches with those and these are going to be double half hitch is actually so I’m just showing you here really slowly how to do a half hitch so there’s one and i’m still holding that same chord wrapping around once more so you basically wrap it around the mounted cord and just kind of tie it through itself so hopefully can see what we did there so I’m just kind of mounting up the second side just a little clip because it’s good to have a little bit of tension it makes it easier to work and do the double half hitches I’m just following the pattern of the screen that we did so basically the double half hitches are just a border around the square knot pattern and then once i get to then i untied that end of the cord that.

I had tied to the bar and I’m tying the two ends together then I’m gonna add some more square cos I’m just tying them in diamond patterns down from the bottom . of our zigzags i’m going to try that all the way around and then I’m just gonna hang this up because it’s easier to work with so i’ll show you how we can get though at the end and so I’m just tying some larger square knots you can grab groups of cord and type really large chunky square knots it’s totally up to you whatever sort of pattern you want to make I’m really just kind of winging it here and just kind of going you know with the flow of things and then I’m going to trim the edges I just kind of want to sort of a staggered pattern and i decided i wanted a second layer of friends so I’m cutting out 40 inch pieces of poured holding those in half and mounting them the same way just along the bottom bar and depending on how sheer your pattern turned out or how bright your light is you may or may not want to add an extra shroud on the inside so I’m just adding a little piece of white fabric just kind of helps soften the light a little more and here’s what the lighting setup looks like so I’m just going to pull it down as you can see i have a couple of couplings i have this long under which they call a nipple and I have a hex net and you can find all these in the lighting department of any hardware store so i’m attaching a coupling and now you can add the extender to that coupling so just twisted in there until it stops and then add the second coupling and 1then the hex nut is just for basically extra kind of balance for your 5chandelier.

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