DIY Halloween Decor : Fun, Easy and Affordable!

DIY Halloween Decor . I have a couple of DIY halloween decorations for you guys and here in my face so these are some DIYs that i found on Pinterest and a couple of them I added my own spin to as usual but i think that they came out really fun and they’re just a simple way to add a little bit of decor to your home without spending a lot of money for me halloween is my absolute favorite holiday it’s just the most creative holiday especially in the makeup world I have a ton of fun when it comes to Halloween it’s the night of all nights where I get to play dress-up I definitely want to share my love for halloween with my children at the same time I do not want to traumatize them so i’m trying to slowly incorporate these things so they can learn that it’s very fun and creative rather than scary and spooky and demonic alright so the first DIY you’re going to need some kind of cardboard shape so on pinterest they used toilet paper rolls those work just fine i used a couple of paper towel rolls.

DIY Halloween Decor

DIY Halloween Decor

And cut them into smaller pieces you’re also going to need some kind of sharp tool with your fancy probably have an exacto knife if not a pair of scissors and knife anything like that will do if you were very young make sure that you get your parents permission and help when using sharp objects and I really don’t want to get any messages about chopped off fingers or like bloody accidents because you tried to do my DIY so just make sure that you take all precautionary measures or as many as you possibly can you’re also going to need some kind of black paint it doesn’t matter if it’s spray paint acrylic paint kids paint washable non washable permanent whatever kind of paint that you have you definitely gonna need glow sticks.

DIY Halloween Decor : Fun, Easy and Affordable!


I found mine at target and the dollar section i got a pack of 15 for a dollar you’re going to need tape maybe some it crumpled up paper just things like that i like to draw on my sheet first you want to draw on a pair of eyes that can be any kind of eyes you want I tried to have a little bit of variety and not make them all super in green Spookies that my kids can enjoy this as well and you can use your sharp object to cut these eyes out next step is to paint whatever you decorated a hundred percent black depending on what you picked this may take a couple of layers the last step is when you are ready to put these on display because glow sticks do not last forever you’re going to crack that glow stick and throw it in so that the eyes glow in the middle of the night I put a couple of these in the kids room and they really got a kick out of it they’re so simple to make and so inexpensive that you can literally make a ton of these and I think the more they make the cooler it looks to have a whole bunch of eyes along the fence glowing in the middle of the night the sprinkle next DIY is even simpler than the first these are just some like goalie looking candles you can display these in your bathroom like right next to the soap on Halloween you can put these as a centerpiece for your table there’s a whole bunch of different places that you can put these what you’re going to need for this DIY is a plane candle it doesn’t have to be pure white it can be off white.

Which is the color that I went with and it can be any shape or size the next thing you’re going to need are some red candles you’re going to light the candle again use all precautions and parental permission if you’re like 13 please don’t burn your fingers off you like the red candle you’re going to let the wax trip over your neutral colored candle so obviously you’re going to want to put like foil paper down so that you don’t make a horrible horrible mess everywhere but the goal is to make it look like blood is dripping office candle and you can get even more creative and kind of scoop out some of the cream-colored candle around the wick and add some of the red wax another option if you don’t want to get freaky with fire all you have to do is get the candle the red candle and shave off with like a vegetable peeler shave off a bunch of shavings sticking in a microwave-safe container like a measuring cup maybe and then you want to heat it up just like 30 seconds at a time until your wax is melted and then you can’t rip it over so that’s the fire safe way of doing this.

I personally like the spontaneity of the way the flame was stripping on the candle like is that if you’re younger and he wanted alternative you can shame the red candle melt in the microwave and you’re gonna get the same exact thing this last DIY is the more complicated of the three but i think that it is the most impressive out of the three for this DIY you’re going to need a nonstick surface pinterest recommended is getting some clear plastic wrap and very tightly and very smoothly it has to be a smooth surface smoothly stretching it over some kind of chopping board and they recommend it if you needed to use tape in the back to secure it to do that so I made sure I had my smooth nonstick surface and then you’re going to need some glue i have some glue all from albers this is their permanent version not there waterproof version the one on pinterest did use glue all it did not use waterproof or the washable glue at elmers usually sells you can pick this up at michaels that’s where i got mine and it’s just as inexpensive it’s probably a couple bucks for the whole bottle you’re also going to need some food coloring obviously read because these are bloody red hand prints and then i went ahead and picked up some blue too just in case again I like to have a deeper tone blood a little bit more of a bluish blood and they do City you can use gloves to cover your hand and so it wouldn’t get dirty but I just I don’t know.

I wasn’t it I wasn’t all about that i just went on balls to the wall and went with my hands so you’re going to paint your hand with the glue I did both hands and you’re going to press these on why am I doing this you already have visuals if you’re going to press these on to that smooth surface that you created so you’re going to slowly start building up those layers of glue until it is pretty thick where you feel like if it dried it’s going to be relatively durable because you don’t want to peel it off and then it’s like super super flimsy or it doesn’t work out very well once you feel like you haven’t built up to where you want it to be the last step is you’re going to use some more glue but this time you’re going to mix it with some color so your knees red and again I recommend adding a little bit of blue just to make it a darker blood so I paint my hand red and then very carefully press down to give it that color on top yeah you let that dry for me I’m one of those people who likes to be more safe than sorry when it comes to DIYs and I wanted to give it a little extra dry time so if you just can be patient wait till the next day but if you can’t be patient you know just keep checking on the globe make sure it’s no longer tacky and then you’re ready to go you can peel these off and these are essentially window clings so you can put them in your bathroom on to the year you can put them on your doors on your windows wherever you want to whatever glass surface there is nearby i also went ahead and made like little drips when I had extra red glue leftover.

And so those really helped the display come alive a little bit more and yeah overall I was pretty impressed with this DIY i will be honest I don’t know if it’s necessarily cheaper than just purchasing window clings but I think it’s kind of a fun project if you’re bored and you already have glue and food coloring and then it’s practically a free DIY so that is it for this video i hope that you guys enjoyed it if you did be sure to give it a big thumbs up and leave me a comment down below letting me know what your favorite DIY was if you try any of these DIYs i love love love when you guys send me it’d be a Twitter or Instagram or even snapchat I think it’s so cool to see your versions of my versions of all these DIYs and if you’re not already subscribed to my channel make sure that you subscribe so you don’t miss out on any of those videos that I have coming out soon as always thank you guys so much for watching and I will see you in my next video bye thank God focus your head all right yeah that’s how it’s going to you do you like doing it yeah it’s great

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