DIY Home Decor Distressed Painted Sign

DIY Home Decor. got to do it a little bring board you can also do Easter so this one here is the 1 by 6 and that’s what I’m going to do today you can choose your size or whatever you want my main goal is to show you some of the painting techniques so first i went ahead and out and made sure it was the right size and measured it and so i’m going to buy more so i probably about 18 inches.
So I’m going to measure that up and now i got so little for many of you may just find a clean new I bored at this big box stores but this one is a little but i’m going to actually going to get some more because i like it to be beat up and stuff so I’m just going to take a hammer and I like my ends I you can take a little you want your side some of the edges yeah is ready so we’ll go in and do that all right so I had an older bored so I lightly sanded it and liked it off with the damn plots so now we are ready to paint the painting technique on this board is each letter has three different colors I’m kind of the rule of thumb on the layers you need to do like dark light dark or the opposite light dark light so that the colors show up and contrast each other for this one because it’s spring we want spring colors so i chose one solid base color on this one it’s purple if you notice purple is in every single one for this order i’m going to do a Caribbean color and so I’m going to paint my entire board caribbean and let it dry and then we will have some fun with our colors it’s just acrylic paint just going to paint it all all right now we’ll just let it drag alright so now our Caribbean color is right so now I picked out a bunch of spring colors that.


DIY Home Decor Distressed Painted Sign



I wanted I and so I’m going to dry brush use a dry brush technique which is just lightly so it’s not totally going to cover all the Caribbean it’s just going to be like a streak of each color for each letter so I laid out my letters here so I could help where each letter is going to go and i’m going to do that so the first caller ID shows was an apricot orange and i’m just going to lightly tap my brush on it and just get a little bit of paint I sometimes even like to get a little bit off and then I just lightly obviously any more lightly get spots on it switch colors so p i’m going to do a green it’s a QE k so here’s my pee ok switch brushes again.


And I’m going to do the are and i chose a pink says it’s a least a week so barely dab it into my page I like to get some of that off next I’m going to do my eye and the I’m so small that i decided i’m actually going to do this yellow apricot color again so and I can barely have to do a strip of that which brushes again we’re going to do the end and I shows a purple-ish it’s called plum kiss kiss brushes getting wet last brush is going to be my G I chose a yellow it’s called canary yellow alright so now i’m just going to let those dry and then we will put our letters on and then we’re going to paint all over white so we’ll let that dry alright so now our paint is dry and so we just need to apply our vinyl so we can paint all over it with the white so go ahead and do that we need to just make sure my vinyl is all lined up.


And I see I need a little more paint on some of these so i’m going to go back and do that before I apply this all right now I think we are ready to put our mind so make sure it all lines up it on so now we’re just going to paint it with the white and we can just go right over that right on because after it’s dry then we’ll pull that off now it looks like we are going to have to do a second coach just because you can see the Caribbean color underneath all right so I just put my second coat on and i like to put my vinyl up before the second coat totally dry because sometimes the kind of skills over if you leave it to totally dry so but as you can see it’s not dry yet so i’m gonna go ahead and fill that up I got my trusty tweezers here all the vinyls up now we will just let this completely dry and then we’re going to take it out and sand it to give it the age dress look to it
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