DIY Room Decor For Your Kitchen

DIY Room Decor For Your Kitchen  . I’m going to show you some other ways that you can decorate your kitchen that are also just as fun and tasty video is also going to be in collaboration with my friend Brittany from the sort of beauty and i hope that right sort of mr. you already pretty I’m just gonna let her pronounce it for me hi guys my name is brittany and my channel is faster BTW i do DIYs healthy eating skincare makeup decor videos i cover a lot of different topics so I would love for you to come.

DIY Room Decor For Your Kitchen

DIY Room Decor For Your Kitchen

And check out my video I’m DIY decor after watching this video i’m definitely going to check the video when you’re not watching my let her know they sent you her video production quality is amazing you can tell she puts a lot of work and effort into your videos ok i’m just talking out and let you guys in trying to do yourself so for the first kitchen decor idea all you need is some colorful pasta.

DIY Room Decor For Your Kitchen


And I love this pasta that I found at home good it’s in the shape of a bell and it’s super colorful and way too pretty to eat and then you’re just going to fill up your favorite apothecary jars i get mine from home gets as well and i just think this is such a pretty way to display a really fun colorful food in your kitchen and I feel the third jar up with some leftover candy that we had from our weddings with the white crystallized sugar on top and then i layered some chocolate candy on the bottom and they just adds a really cool effect next we’re going to be recycling an old picture and i actually got this a long time ago.

I Tony remember where it’s from but if you don’t have one you can get one for only a dollar at the dollar store and then you’re just going to need an assortment of flowers and these are the ones that i picked I got them from walmart for like under two bucks and then you’re also going to need some sort of spray paint i’m using a high-shine metallic finish and silver because that’s the thing that I’m going for it but don’t be afraid to use color if you like color in your kitchen then you can definitely paint this any color that you like I did too thin layers of spray paint and I let each coat dry for about an hour before i moved on to the next one and then once i had both codes I let it dry for about three to four hours once the paint is dry.

I went ahead and got my flowers cut them down to my desired length and then just added them to my picture next we’re going to be making our very own menu chalkboard and all you’re going to need is an old picture frame you’re also going to need a stand and I got this one from the container store and also some chalkboard paint I picked this one up from amazon for like three dollars and then if you have some sort of spray primer that you can prime your glass without go ahead and use that i know of using the spray paint first just know that the talk people would hear a little better so I let that dry and then once that was dry I went ahead and brought the glass inside and then just coated it with a chalk paint and I did one thin layer going in one direction and let that dry for about an hour once that layer was dry I turned my gloss and started applying the pain going in the opposite direction and the reason you want to do this is just to prevent any of the streak marks once it dries after applying the flavors you want to make sure that the paint dries for a full 24 hours before attempting to use any chalk on it once it’s fully dry you can go ahead and take your painted piece of glass and put it back in its frame and you’re ready to start using it for this next year why you’re going to need some wooden spoons and actually got this entire set for like ninety-eight cents at walmart and then you’re also going to need a mason jar they’re going to be spray-painting both of these so just pick any two colors of spray paint that you like I decided to do the spoons the same silver that I used on the picture earlier and then I painted the mason jar all black I did too thin layers on each of them and let them dry for about two to three hours before moving on to the next step once everything is dry you’re going to be adding the spoons into the mason jar that only deserve as super cute decoration for your kitchen but you can also use this in two different ways the first way is by using it as a meal planner for the week and basically what you do is you take a sticky notepad and write a meal for each day of the week and then just fold it up.

And put it in the jar and then you can take turns with your family members roommate or anybody that you live with and pick out a card every single night and that’s going to determine what you make for dinner let’s see what we picked for tonight it looks like takeout it is the second way you can use this jar is to assign chores to everybody that lives with you and all you’re going to need is some little tags i got these from the dollar spot at target you can use any that you have and then just write down each tour that needs to be done for the week and most of the time these are going to be tours that are always around so you’re not really going to have to change the tags out why the tags to the bottom of the spoon and put the spoon back and the jar and every day or however many times towards need to be done everybody goes and picks a spoon and that determines which were you do for the day week for this last day why we’re going to be making some wall quotes out of these wooden letter is that you can find at walmart for around a dollar fifty and then you’re just going to spray paint them a color of your choice and i’m going with black since i already have the spray paint.

So I did too thin coat just like everything else and let it completely dry and then you basically just hang it on your wall and just use double sided foam tape that doesn’t damage your walls so now i’m going to show you where i put all of my DIYs and also some other fun ways to accessorize your kitchen if you have a pet at home then you most likely have a container for their treats and i like to use a cute container that ties in the rest of my color scheme i also like to use a cookbook and have it out on display because it’s a nice way to have recipes right in front of me and then also adds a nice touch of decoration this is where I decided to put my little DIY flower arrangement i just think it looks so pretty that’s actually where I Hank my little mittens and my oven glove so that I don’t burn myself and its really pretty paris-themed set that i got from jesse steely so I actually decided to move the set of nice to the other side of the counter because it went a little bit better with the theme that I had going on over there so on this side of the counter i just like to keep myself pepper shaker and now i can add my meal planner is going to go perfect right next to my chalkboard menu because now I can pull up the meal for the evening and write it on the chalkboard

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