DIY Tumblr Pinterest Collage Table
DIY Tumblr Pinterest Collage Table

DIY Tumblr Pinterest Collage Table – Home Decor

I’ve been travelling and for the past couple weeks and I’ve still been working for my channel. But, it’s just these are things that are going to happen in the future. Also, I was in New York CIty just recently for the Today Show. I filmed a D.I.Y. segment, a Halloween D.I.Y segment and it was really fun, very exciting stuff. And, I’ve very happy to hear you guy’s feedback. I’m so excited for all that I kind of got overwhelmed after travelling and I just froze, like you know. You know how it is when you’re like so busy, so overwhelmed you just like stop everything you’re doing.
DIY Tumblr Pinterest Collage Table
DIY Tumblr Pinterest Collage Table
So, that was pretty much me. I had to kind of take a step back, reflect upon life I guess you can say, decompress a little bit and just remotivate myself. So, today’s video is kind of like a D.I.Y. to help me just uplift my spirit more. I have this table.  right here, it’s not so heavy. It’s been sitting around my home for a long time now.


I’ve been wanting to repurpose it, but I just haven’t come across any ideas. Since, you know, all these things have been happening I thought it would be really nice to create a motivational, inspirational collage so that way I have something to look at and just kind of like give me that extra push. So, I hope you guys will like this D.I.Y. and let’s get started. All right guys, so for this project I am going to repurpose this table, but you can also use any other furnitures in your home you don’t mind repurposing with a flat surface or you can also use a board. Next up, I will be using this pour-on high gloss finish that I found from my craft store, but you can also find this online. Now, if you cannot find this you can also use a decoupage or Mod Podge to do this, but of course, the high gloss finish would definitely give you a more professional look. Next up, I printed out some photocollages that I made on Photoshop. And, I have a tutorial on this under my Tumblr notebook tutorial. So, check that out if you haven’t, I will place the link on the bottom of this video. The theme of our tabletop today is inspiration and motivation. I love collecting these photos from Pinterest and online and I would save them onto my desktop. So, basically what we’re doing is the same thing collecting these photos that we found online for our own personal purpose and reason, except we have it on our tabletop. However, I do not suggest or recommend for you guys to do this and resell it because that would not be right to take other people’s artwork and resell it and make money out of it. We’re just basically doing what we do on Pinterest by saving these photos, collecting them, but we’re putting it on our own personal nightstand, or little tabletop. With the same table that I showed you guys earlier I’m going to lay out my photos on top of it. Now, the reason why my table looks a little bit more white is because I sprayed on some paint primer, but that part you don’t have to do. I just wanted to experiment with something different. So, I laid out my photos and gave myself a little idea of how I will be doing this. And then, on a clean table surface apply on some Mod Podge.

Just make sure to apply on a even coat of Mod Podge along your table surface. And then, the next thing what I like to do now, this I was testing out I apply on the photos on top of the Mod Podge, but what I noticed was that the photos curled up. So, I had to apply even moisture on top and on the bottom of the photos just because of what I’m using is a thick card stock paper. What I learned was with thicker paper like these card stock photos is that you need the same amount of moisture on top as well. So, what I did was take out my brush and immediately brushed the glue that was on the table onto the pictures. Now, I didn’t like that method because the glue dried up so, so quick. So, I use a different method and I pour in some glue in a tray, the Mod Podge, along with some water and then I dipped my pictures in the mixture and then applied it onto the tabletop, which worked out perfectly. So, here I just continue that method by dipping the pictures into my little mixture and then placing it on my tabletop. As you’re doing this make sure all the photos are flat onto the surface and that there are no air pockets or bubbles showing. This next step makes me so nervous just because this is my very first time trying it on camera. Well, actually trying it all together. Based on the instructions on my box I pour equal amounts of the liquids in one cup. And then, after you mix it well pour it into a second cup and mix again. Now, we are ready to pour the resin onto the tabletop.

So, here I go. I’m going to form a oval or a square. And then, in the center I’m going to fill that in with the rest of the mixture. So, after you do so what you want to do is kind of move the table side to side so that way the resin can spread around. And then, with a card or something flat you can take that and spread the mixture evenly onto the tabletop. If you feel like your layer is too thin you can go ahead and add on another layer. This next step may look scary, or a bit intimidating to you, but don’t worry it is very, very easy to do. So, all you basically need is a torch, and you can use a creme brulee torch to do this. Hold the flame about three inches above your table surface and try to cover all the tabletop surface as much as possible. So, this way the fire, the flame can eliminate all the air bubbles leaving you with a nice, flawless finish. After that last step just let your table set to dry for up to seven hours or overnight. And, the next morning after the gloss is completely dry take out a blade to cut off any excess gloss that dripped on the side last night. And then, take a sanding block to give yourself a clean edge. And, that is it. You have yourself a beautiful, professional looking table. I have to say that this is one of my very first time making this D.I.Y. while I am filming it and I am so proud of myself for making this. I absolutely love, love how this tabletop turned out. It is gorgeous. And, I hope you guys love it, too. So, that concludes our D.I.Y. for today. Thank you guys so much for watching. And also, if you enjoyed this video or if you would like to see more D.I.Y.s then don’t forget to give this video a thumbs up. I would really appreciate it. Also, comment below let me know what are some of the things, or share with all of us here let us know, you know, what motivates you or what inspires you. And, I will see you guys next week. Oh yeah, one more thing I’m going to have some really awesome D.I.Y.s coming up soon for this upcoming holiday season

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