Halloween Outdoor and Indoor Home Decor

Halloween Outdoor & Indoor Home Decor  . if you look back a couple years ago we had a big tree in the front yard that we but we had the tree removed we didn’t have ghosts around that tree and so we don’t do the ghosting longer but it’s a really cool idea if you have a big tree in your front yard and the first thing you won’t be able to see Kevin I bought a piece of black construction paper and Kevin cut out of big moon where we ended up in that window up there and he also he had some black construction paper left so he used in he used that to I mean poster board I don’t think in search of a poster board he used that to cut out this little out when he free handed that for me and I thought he did such a good job anyway these are the buckets that we wanted target and then there is that the wreath and and halloween we haven’t even count how many days away it is but that’s how it’ll go right now that’s our countdown same time we’ve had for years we really did not buy anything new we’ve got the buckets and and then we bought these bats.

Halloween Outdoor and Indoor Home Decor

Halloween Outdoor and Indoor Home Decor

Which we will see how we will see how these go all let you know at the end of season whether those will work for next year so anyway we will go into the house in the peg is here he’s my head because I didn’t take him outside so anyway I’m i’ll take you into the damn parsed and I just have in this whole trailer i have howling books that I might need to read and then actually collected these at Walt Disney World and they had a lot more and she got home and she decided i don’t like those I think they’re creepy but i absolutely love them we only have four but i just think they’re the coolest things and her and so I put about at Halloween and then this card this is an old old card and that is not what it’s supposed to sound like but I still think it’s a cool card so i put it out and then I have a little ball here and a bust and then a pale from arbys up there it was scooby-doo.

Halloween Outdoor & Indoor Home Decor 


And then here i have by my halloween at words that i bought a couple years ago i’m pretty sure how good and those are made of blocks and then these I’ve said before these are actually teeth that’s where she went to get braces and went to the orthodontist and i’m assuming all kids get us out of these and you should really keep those if you like decorating for only because they make a really cool decoration and over the fireplace the man told I have these bust how about film a couple years back at home goods and then i have this big wreath and then over here this was a greeting card it was a green card that folds out and so that’s cards probably 15 years old but or more but I’ve kept it i get it out of Halloween it lights down flat it’s easy and then this 10 and then Kevin made me that you’ll see during when i’m showing you things kevin has made several things at a paper these are portraits from the haunted mansion and he made these for me out of paper and they actually slide and just like the paintings due in the haunted mansion so they’re really cool and I just have just some little things just some little thing sitting around and a pale cap hell and that’s all.

I have in here nothing nothing major huh nothing major also in the living room there’s not much in here either but I’ll show you I have the skeletons hang in and I think it last year enters the one that decided that this hardly needed the road to be around her neck hat so she will grotesque and then my little Tim Burton which that’s what their which reminds me of this timber true and that pale was mine when I was little I actually trigger training with that and then we just have some of these are books that I brought and then you take them back to the library these are those lancaster of Apple caramel is that are awesome and then we just have some balls here and then I have candy and i love this one I wish you could see it better though but because it’s down so low you you really missed that detail on al loved that doll I just it’s the coolest ball and then in the dining room I have the table call home the table and then i bought this pumpkin I think it home goods and then these are the other things the cabins made me out of paper this is the psycho house and this is one of some one of those man that you bon pain and Kevin painted it but he’s really cool .

When I think he just reminds me walking dad and but that’s the psycho house and then this is a witch head you’re supposed to put like a i am a candle in it see ya homegoods i like how good the hut and but I’ve never put a cake in the 1i just like the looks of it and then this is my haunted mansion house which you all have seen before and that’s another one of those men that you buy and paint and then these I think about these a tuesday morning and these are one of those decorations i love because they go flat and you could store a flat and you’d better take up any space and then this is an old pal from mcdonalds and some ornaments from these are comparable and and they do have more of these bad i have these five and i think that’s enough and then this actually make this years ago when she was a little like the library that is actually made out of play-doh so I’m pretty careful with it one of his oz it finally fell out and then this is another panel and that’s it for that and then up here these are one of my favorite Halloween decorations I just absolutely love them the boy and girl dressed up and then i have this day of the dead man and the means and i bought a set of green cards at a word about barnes and noble and Kevin laminated them for me so you’ll see a lot of the greeting cards around when i get to the the next book shelf over here so there’s one there and then i have just some whales and used to in our old house i would put a pixie sticks in these pails and I would always keep it full of pixie sticks and more of those greeting cards i just put them everywhere and then at the end of the season lines share i got these flights for next to nothing.

So I just put them up here for right now and then if I NATO i will get them out so now oh one more thing in here I heard a lot out there are these mcdonald’s bags I just put one on a door and then back here in the hall this is the almost the last place I’m trying to get the light on I don’t think that helped at all hold on let me get another light on okay that’s better a little better and he why I have these pumpkins on the top shelf and then down here I have some nightmare before christmas and then I have a the mcdonalds chicken nuggets that’s much you can negate collection which a door and actually both one when I die they’ve they both have expressed an interest in those and then these are old MacDonald’s candy dispensers and goes things like that and then lastly in the kitchen I really don’t have much of anything I have these place mats which i had for years and I have this little stand with the witches bait and then i have my new our new cushion here from pier 1 and that’s it i would like to get a pillow to go there but I don’t have one yet so hopefully you enjoyed this tour of our halloween stuff

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