Home Decor Haul – Homegoods and Fall Winter Decor Updates

Home Decor Haul . i have so many amazing things that I need to share with you guys like ASAP we are going to go ahead and jump right into it and I’m gonna start with the item that you guys help me pick out on snapshot I was torn between two different plants this is the plant i picked up and it just reminds me of there’s this restaurant that I went to in las vegas i think it’s called Joel Robuchon and they have like the most gorgeous decor crystal chandeliers that they were and they have something very similar to the just reminded me about and the bottom of it is all marbled and it’s just so gorgeous thank you to everybody that helped me decide to get that one I’m so many of you guys were like get the push you honey.

Home Decor Haul

Home Decor Haul

which was so funny because I knew what you guys are talking about but if somebody like my husband read that he didn’t like what does the bush you want mean they’re all bushmeat i also got these dish towels and already washed them so they’re a little bit wrinkled but they’re super cute it’s just white and gray i also picked up this thro it’s by the brand thesis and it’s a velvet blanket and I thought this was such a good price for this its king size 30 bucks something like this at like anywhere else would have been almost in the hundreds and so I like to put these on my bed during the wintertime they’re just nice and cozy and this is so lofty lies and it’s a beautiful like pearly white color this is definitely the time to buy these at home games if you do want one for the wintertime because come winter they’re all gone so i got this one and then i also got a great one but i think that one of the ball back in its on my bed and it’s basically the same thing but it’s great i also got the spoon Caesar i’m going to use them for salad but i’m sure you can use them to like serving spoons but it comes with one part that’s like a fork and then a spoon.

Home Decor Haul – Homegoods and Fall Winter Decor Updates


And it’s got this gorgeous branch detailing it kind of reminds me of the the console table that we have fire entrance from the gallery but it’s really pretty and this one was 1299 anything these are beautiful statement piece especially for the holidays when you have the table set up so i just think it’s so so pretty and this one actually had to like down and like take for it was all the way at the bottom shelf like underneath all the staff so you gotta get down and dirty sometimes over and filming right so these next two things are not for me i got them as a gift for my mom and they’re gonna be housewarming gifts and I’m going to tell her she can’t watch this video but we went to TJ maxx or now we went to ross a couple of weeks ago and we saw these beautiful like the dishes and they had almost like a mercury finish and I just remember her saying that she thought they were really pretty so I found this set like they actually had all of the dishes they’re at home good.

So I picked up for the big place and then four bowls first of all can we talk about that cold bottom it is so gorgeous and these were 599 each and this is what the front of it looks like that beautiful you guys this is going to be just so gorgeous so these are the bowls there like an off-white color and then all the detailing is gold I just think these are so beautiful and they remind me of something that I would find at like pure one or even like an apology i just think it’s so beautiful and for the price it’s amazing and the bulls for 499 yeah I hope she likes them even though we don’t kids yet for some reason our glasses like we can start off with a full set at the beginning of the year and then by the end of the year we have like two left i don’t know how they break but little by little they all break so I saw these tumblers and they actually had a full set of them so I picked them up they’re all clear and then they have the gold rim and they have like wild animals on them but let me show you the tray that i found that just went perfectly with these that I just have to get it look how beautiful that is I love the combination of the gold and the silver.

And I just think it looks so pretty and way more expensive than it actually was these tumblers were each five dollars apiece and then the tray itself was twenty dollars and this is really really heavy material like it is metal and and it’s solid so I just I thought that was such skill it’s been awhile since and allowed myself to get coffee mugs and i could not pass these of you guys and also in white and okay this isn’t even the best part ok you see the little kitten face right and gold there is a gold hardens I just thought these were so adorable and they make the perfect little teacups so i also got in the white and gold I thought it would be a really cute set their super super cute ok so one thing I have to do every year whenever we’re changing seasons into the fall winter and like redo the couch area if you like that just makes such a huge difference just adding a bunch of different throw pillows for the season so we found these you guys and they’re just sold look they’re like these super soft sweater knitted pillows and they have little pom-pom them so i got two of these I also found these let me show you these were such a unique find and if they are like a faux leather material and their silver he also had them in gold.

And I just got silver would go a lot better in my living room but this is gonna look we’ll get in my living room because they have that that autumn and that’s kind of like the same material so it’s really going to pull that in together and I just think it’s such a good fine so I’m going to actually put all this on my sofa and show you guys what the finished product looks like because I don’t really pick up any like fall themed home decor because it was all over price like they had like these really pretty glittery pumpkins that were like thirty dollars and I was like no way I’m paying through dollars for the pumpkin i’m just going to DIY it i still have some pumpkins that i bought from like two years ago so I’m gonna pull those out and then make the rest of them because i actually prefer just using real pumpkins because I can just throw them out when the season’s over that’s what i’m going to do and I’ll only have like a separate DIY video of all my fault decorations and forgot to mention I also picked up this bowl it’s a decorative bowl and keep it on top of the coffee table and it just adds a little bit of that pale blue into the living room and then it’s got the silver bottom and that’s what it looks like on the coffee table there’s one more thing I want to show you and i’m just going to take the camera over there because it’s in my closet but I went I actually got this a couple weeks ago but yesterday when I went to home goods they had the same one but in different colors like gorgeous colors you guys so it’s this beautiful round tufted ottoman absolutely gorgeous its main items like this faux suede material so it’s really really soft and it’s got like that beautiful iridescent to it and I got in this pearl white color because it goes with my entire office in my closet and the best part is you can open it up and has additional storage and these little things that you see here they’re actually.

I’m supposed to be for your shoes like you can store shoes but i just put whatever I want and then they have this gorgeous sapphire color which matches my master bedroom but I just it i have nowhere to put it in my room so I didn’t pick it up but if that’s your color they also had in like a sea foam green and I think purple but don’t quote me on that one last thing before I let you guys go i already showed you this on Instagram but I wanted to show everybody that doesn’t have Instagram this was actually sent to me by the company and these are called a magnetar data I’m going to butcher it they’re supposed to last for up to a year like they come already with the look at treatment inside of that they smell absolutely amazing you guys like they I think they like pre sent them so that the scent and everything will last for a really long time but they have all different sizes different colors if you guys are interested i will leave a link to the website down below but they’re kind of pricey so it just depends on how frequently you buy flowers i love having fresh flowers to my home so for me something like this is worth it but if you’re not somebody that buys first followed all the time then maybe it’s not worth it for you but they have different sizes that a smaller one which i would actually recommend going smaller because i did find that it’s kinda awkward like this size is so big that I don’t have a lot of tables and heard that big so the only table i can put this on it’s like my dining table but it’s really big show takes up a lot of space so i would actually recommend going down sighs they’re just super cute

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