Home Decor Haul – New Apartment 2016

New Apartment 2016 . I’m going to do a home decor hall I’ve been living at this apartment for about two months now and I’m sure to get a little preview of my space on snapchat and you guys asked to see a little bit more so what I’m going to do is I’m going to show you on camera some of the things that i have in that I’ve been collecting and also show you a little preview of where I’ve put things i’m not sure if you’re gonna stay in that spot completely but i like it there for right now so we’re just gonna get right into it so if you want to see a little bit more of my space then just keep watching so first of all i’m going to start with my mug I’ve been getting a lot of white ones with little phrases on them and both of these are from ross and there were only three dollars so it makes it super easy to just accumulate a bunch I just like the window really big and they’re really why because I like to drink my hot chocolate.

New Apartment 2016

New Apartment 2016

And mighty and some without and then I also got this one from target and it was super inexpensive and I like that it has this copper handle because I’m incorporating that copper color into my great team so while I’m drinking my tea and I’m on my bed I just like to place them on my side table and i got these two at ross in there were super inexpensive I’m not one for each side of the bed and they were under thirty dollars and I just really like the texture of them it feels like it’s some egg and it’s just a really cool breaks color and run top of my sight table next to my bed I have this huge sign and I got this one that Ross.

Home Decor Haul – New Apartment 2016


And I just thought it was super awesome i love the metallic letters and it just fits the theme again like everything is just fitting with the theme i’m getting super lucky and then on my bad i just have this really cute top hello that I got at ross was like ten dollars and i really like pillows especially this one because it stays really hold throughout the night and I just like to hold on to it some of the other pillows that i have on the bed are from kohls like this big fuzzy one I really like the color of it and just all the white it makes my butt look really bright the comforter is also from kohls and i think i’m going to change that pretty soon but it’s definitely going to be white or gray as well the bed in my bedroom is actually from allmodern and I got this great color as well the headboard is super pretty and that’s what caught my attention in the first place and actually when purchased it was like six hundred dollars and then a few days later actually I went on the website and i looked it up again because i just wanted to show my mom what where I got it and it said it was five hundred dollars and then after that it went down to four hundred dollars so after emailing the customer service person they actually gave the money back and it was a great deal so definitely a tip to consider once you purchase something just keep looking back to see.

If it went down because there was actually no reason for it to go down it wasn’t on sale or anything like that so it was super random but I’m super happy with his bed and it’s just so gorgeous i love the color that is it for the bedroom so far I definitely have a lot more thing to add so let’s move on to the living room a little bit i have this run that i got from ikea and as you can tell i get a little linty so i actually don’t like to keep it on the floor and i just put it right over my sofa just open that I got is the solder min model and of course as I was walking down here i thought these great big lamps that I want it I got one for the living room and I don’t want for the bedroom one of them is great and the other one is like a popular color and of course i will definitely link everything down below if I don’t mention in the video this next piece is just a container that i’m going to put in the middle of my coffee table and i’m going to use it to store the TV remote and some other stuff that I just don’t want to see around and I always lose the remote so this is like the perfect spot for it and i also want to add like a little flower arrangement or something like that the coffee table i also got an ikea and it’s just big.

And squared and white and i just love the glossy top and that’s something that I really like because it just brightens up the room and it just looks really clean lastly for the living room i have this big basket which I’m gonna be used to store blankets I’ve had in the corner was just like a little blanket for when people come over you know I want to watch a movie they can just pull it out of there I actually got this other huge one from target as well and look at this thing it’s just a moment and i like it because it’s actually called the sweater blanket so it’s super comfy and as soon as I use this one I knew that I needed another one so i might invoke this other dark color next I’m moving on to the kitchen and miss is my little span I love this little thing.

I got it at IKEA and I really wasn’t sure what I was going to get it for which happens a lot I don’t know what I’m going to get certain things for and then I just find it use for it because I just like it that much so i’ve been using it to displace my cat died i got this little one at a little boutique around my house and it’s called kamillion divine and then this one I just got an idea and i just i’m going to keep getting these in different little containers and different shapes i just love you so much another thing that I’m going to use the place my cat died is this cutting board which is actually supposed to be for vegetables and stuff like that but I just love the look of it and i’ve been using this one too just grab my cat died and put it next to my window when it’s sunny outside just so they can get some Sun and so i can place this right over my window and it just fits perfectly and since I’m just obsessed with containers and things to write on I got this one and I’m not sure exactly what it’s for but i think i’m going to put some plants in it if you can tell it has three little spots and I tried putting this cactus in it it just fit very well so i think i might put some flowers in there or something like that I mean it could be anything from just like pens and so for my office space which by the way I don’t have a desk yet so that’s what i’m working on getting and this could be really well put off there another box with the piece to write on I’m just obsessed with writing on things ok I’m sorry um this one is for the fruit and i’ve been using it for that for now but i actually I would really like the look of it if i put some wine bottles in it so basically you can use these containers for anything and it just makes it so much better that you can write on them and then my entryway I just have this chalk for / cork board / key hanger and I just wanted something in that area where I walking through the door and I just put my keys on there because I lose them all the time so I’ve been putting some writing and some little art on my chalkboard that I’ve been getting from Pinterest and you guys can just look up a bunch of chalk board ideas on pinterest and you’re going to get so much inspiration and in this middle portion i just have a bunch of little pictures that I took on my vacation and I took these on my fuji but if you don’t want to have pictures you can always just put little notes or little memos and like i said in this bottom portion it just has a bunch of little key hooks so you can put your teeth.

And then it has this little pan so you can put change and stuff like that and literally the least decorated part of my entire apartment is my bathroom poor thing i really need to start decorating it but i only have this little metallic arrow that i bought at Harvey actually a while back I just like about it lights up I’m not sure I can see it on camera but it just looks really cute at night and I just think it’s super adorable next I have this cute little deer right next to my sink and it’s just a little jewelry holder on the antlers I put my rings and stuff like that and it’s just so convenient for when you’re watching your hands or taking off your earrings to get in the shower stuff like that and lastly I just have this tamil telugu face which i used to store flowers in it every Sunday I like to go to the market and just get a new bouquet with bright colorful flowers and as you can tell I’m just hitting that metallic theme so these are some of the things that have been collected over the past few months i’m super excited to show you guys a whole tour of my apartment once i’m actually finished which i don’t think i’ll ever finish because I just love decor shopping and furniture shopping i think it’s so fun and it’s such a stress reliever

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