How to Decorate a Bedroom

How to Decorate a Bedroom . we are going into spring and you know what that means it’s time for spring cleaning start there start by cleaning your bedroom you’ll have a lot more space and let’s do something nice for someone else and give some things away alright so i am declaring the month of April spring clean and month this month I want you to go to your bedroom and clean it get rid of stuff you can you don’t need all that stuff if you got rid of a third of what you have trust me you’d feel better you actually think you have more and you could actually bless someone else by giving it away join me as I start the spring cleaning in my own closet in my house and in my garage take a video of your room right now just a quickie just you know show me the room clean it and then video tape again and show me what is your room look like clean.

How to Decorate a Bedroom

How to Decorate a Bedroom

And then I want you to tell me why it felt good to do that upload that video is a video response to this one that i’m going to make a video montage of all of your videos that you send me telling us why it feels good to clean your room besides you might just like absolutely shocked your mother have to death be sure to watch to the end of this video because I have a very important announcement to make that you are not gonna want to miss today’s winner of makeover Monday’s is Riley dia x 1 so one of the reasons i selected Riley was I thought her story was really interesting and could quite possibly relate to you you know a lot of you probably have tried to decorate your room yourself and you’re looking at it like okay I’ve done I’ve taken it as far as I can what’s missing so I thought in this particular one what would be fun is for me to critique what she’s already done and then help her to take it over the finish line so that’s what we’re going to do today would you like to take a look at her before pictures I can see here that you painted your walls and nice kind of a muddy great looks like i have some brown and it too so it’s a little warmer than your average grade you have a desk area over here you said you need to keep your bed and bedding because that’s new and then this was what.

How to Decorate a Bedroom


I really thought was pretty this window here that is real low which is nice and then you have beautiful window treatments and this blue looks like silk maybe you have a really pretty mirrored nightstand she has a really small lamp and you know how I feel about that bedside lamps really need to be big enough to make an impact but you see how messy this looks it’s just seriously stuff everywhere all right then we come around this direction here’s a problem too short window treatments are way too short they’re beautiful window treatments but they need to go if you’re going to put them that high then they need to go to the floor so here’s what I’m recommending see how this is striped she needs to get another set of these and then add it to the bottom and literally cut them and so them and use that fabric links in her panels both of the window by the desk and here at the main window her television is hung – hi and with these cords showing down here it just looks tacky I think that needs to be fixed this is a sofa here that she uses and it’s a pullout so far she uses it for when guests , and spend the night that’s a great place for people to sleep and then here’s all of her poster art that she likes the Hunger Games Twilight and then back around this side you can see her desk now her desk is absolute disaster i’m going to start critiquing here and Riley please don’t take this personally this is meant to be a learning experience for everyone here’s the deal she got herself a glass top desk there’s a problem with a glass top desk.

And I’ll tell you what it is you can see through it so do you see all these chords down here all of this it’s like it’s like things are floating in the air just stuff everywhere it’s too much then she has these little side bookcase things here and it’s just it was just a bunch of stuff i think i can come up with some ways you can still have a guest in your room on occasion but not have to deal with it on a daily basis all right Riley welcome to your new improved and completed room you can see that i left your bad on the same wall but I moved it over to the center I feel like what you were missing was that Wow first impression when you walk into a room and in my opinion that often comes from creating symmetry it feels balanced what i did was i used window treatments to create aide basically like a headboard with lights and i just copied the same light that you had in your window I got you another night stand just like the mirror when you already have the two larger lamps over on this wall you’ll see that i found a piece of art that has both the purple and the blue and the gray and some of that hot pink feel in it that pulls all of your colors together and allows you to keep the purple carpet you can see here more of those lights i kept them there I lengthen your blue curtains at the window and kept these little shelves here for your book nook as well on this wall had cleaned up a lot of the stuff that was on the desk by giving you other places to put it and right here on this wall there’s a lot of different frames that are set for you to put your own artwork in you’ll see here that i gave you additional storage by getting you some of those ikea chest of drawers here’s your television lowered a bit and now with the VCR has a place to sit rather than on top of your pull out sofa you now have a place you can put other picture frames you can put all the things that are cluttering up your room right now into these drawers as well as additional clothes here’s a little bit of a peek into your bathroom.

and you’ll see here that I pulled in some of that hot pink in some pillows on your bed just to make the colors all connect and go together I gave you additional seating instead since we got rid of that sofa I gave you two bean bag chairs at the end of your bed because those can easily be moved when you have your guests spend the night you’ll see here over on the side wall two additional book storage and a place where you can put more picture frames of you your girlfriend’s your cheerleading and those types of things and look what happened all of a sudden a bed popped up out of nowhere and there it goes that bad fits their perfectly and it is what i’m going to recommend for you as an additional option for having guests in the night that is a blow-up bed and it is from frontgate going to stop the video now and i’m going to go right around here and i’m going to explain to you what this is look down here the size of that bed was a twin mattress this right here is exactly the side that that mattress is when it is in its folded condition now there’s a place called front gate online and that’s where you order this bed from i personally have this exact same bed and I use it every time.

I have guests or when my kids are in town and I don’t have a place to put them i have too many that’s what we do you can see here it would come right out pull out of the closet blows up right here and the nice thing is you can put it away every day and take it out and Laura that night it actually inflate and deflate by itself by pushing a button it is the easiest and it’s actually quite a comfortable guest room bed i would highly recommend it so Riley I hope that this is exactly what you needed to complete your room and to make you feel like when you walk in you have a WoW aha moment go on over to facebook now like our page please and download the pictures so you can copy the room completely I remember to follow me on instagram that’s Rebecca ropes and all in lowercase letters okay so here’s the big announcement next week is going to be the contest video it’s also going to be makeover mondays and the winner i’ll tell you right now it’s going to be first time ever that.

I’ve announced in advance Lindsay Harris Linda Harris is the 12 year old girl whose dad owns the largest furniture store in the world not just in America in the world and he’s giving away 5 of my favorite beds to you we will announce the contest in the makeover mondays video and we’re going to give you all the rules and what you need to do to enter the contest it’s going to be fun we put a lot of thought into it it’s going to be fun interactive and there are ways that you can increase your chances of winning one of those beds so come back next week for the contest video and remember that the week after that the winner could be you I have so many plants and so little time it was her 15 year old is he 15 or 16 the winner today is 15 years old she’s from Pittsburgh oh my gosh i’m a mess man new jersey today our winner of makeover Monday’s is a young girl from the see how old is she Riley how old are you huh this week’s edition of makeover Monday’s goes to Riley dicks one that’s weird

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