Interior Decorating – IKEA Small Spaces – Tiny Apartment

Interior Decorating . I’m back i’m rebecca roasting interior designer business woman and mother join me as I take you through my projects my life and it keeps me driven to design .
I’m back from Utah and boy did I have a good time such friendly friendly people so friendly in fact i met the nicest young man he brought me all the way home didn’t even ask for gas money so we’re cooking on the design for desert rose in and it’s a good thing because they’ve already started to break ground on the expansion it’s actually scheduled to be done by the end of May of this year and may now that we’re back we’re making some changes around our office to Scott sheriff now join the ropes and design team and while it’s a dream come true for me the reality is the office is starting to feel a little cramped so honey if you could just scoot over a little bit I’d like to take over your office in the house he’s so sweet hopefully here I can find some peace we’re off and running again this time it’s grace and me any guesses on where we’re headed next I’ll give you a hint a problem I got your rubber I’ll bring you some more of the actual trip soon but while we were in transit let’s get an update on a project airstream is this a unique project or what we’re back on location at our remote desert bunker we’ve contracted Louise to come out and gut the whole thing don’t worry nothing structural is being taken down this thing is completely encased in concrete right now he’s removing all of the interior furnishings along with the fixtures after that he’ll find out all of the seams and blemishes once that’s done the party begins we are at the pods facility in carlsbad california all of my stuff from Chicago arrived this morning it was a couple days late kind of crappy weather but I am so excited because.

Interior Decorating – IKEA Small Spaces – Tiny Apartment


I haven’t seen my stuff in like a month and a half and I’m living with my parents moment of truth this is seriously a very very tense moment the last time i moved i used a moving company and everything was ruined who’s crushing literally it’s great to see all my stuff again actually in the amount of pieces that they’re supposed to be in seen all my furniture again i will be honest it does make mr. cago it wasn’t that long ago that i put my mom out when I moved down to how to do my new place I can never tell if this thing is like getting both president well here let’s put it toward me and it will be fine i love it i love the architecture and the look and feel I cannot wait to see what it looks like inside you want to see you know there’s an elevator it’s a cool cool hallway cameras the minute I walked into this place until my realtor and like I have to have it I do love the exposed brick you know the updated kitchen hardwood floors it’s you know it’s new its kind of hip and its kind of artsy which you know I’ve never really done that before so I figured you know let’s take a leap and call me for some decorating oh my gosh it’s even smaller than the touch both sides that when building wow they’re cute well I think we’ve seen it all right so here’s the setup Scott actually has a little bit of a budget so we can go shopping for all the furniture yay the bad news is it’s not a fit in a matchbox cheers to new place 300 square feet I never really knew what that was but now I know my original design had this like built-in piece here which I still think we could do and with the dark windows the espresso would probably look good what I don’t think we can do is I don’t think we can put that built in on that wall and then that the table and then have the sofa in the center and you know it’s just going to be so stacked I think what we need to do is tape it out on the floor that way we’re going to know if these pieces that we see on the internet are actually going to work it’s a new experience for me to be able to decorate with all right stuff but it’s also a night here to figure out how to fit in this place.


I’m this is right now they say it’s worse before it gets better I think that’s where we are right now here’s the good news one tomorrow night will be sitting on a sofa instead of on a takeout floor but for now these are mother-son memories didn’t like jeans will fit me tomorrow probably not if not we have some fabulous chocolate develop panels I think I can whip up for you might flow around the gaucho pants but even do a gaucho pants are yeah I’m going to so let’s go to home depot and get paint but we don’t even know what color yeah we do I can do this yeah yeah you don’t have to pay all of your wall I picked this corner because i think that it’s going to kind of make the I you like the apartment is bigger it pretty easy to take back its original state when you say turns out it was really a good idea to take out the furniture on the floor.


Before we went when I thought in the showroom honestly i would never have thought that that would fit in his tiny apartment that is perfect Scott execution war story to mess with comedian your house so badly by the looks of all these boxes I’m hoping that when this stuff gets put together there’s still some room for him to actually walk around so thank you for your hospitality and sharing year niceee banz the only place related books it’s the only place really to sit in your apartment other than a wood floor yeah so I’m I think it’s time to go to bed and I just want to say thank you ok now Scott’s been working on this thing the whole time with me but he had to go to work today and I put all the finishing touches on so he’s home to your new how yeah I wanted to have a welcoming open inviting place and it’s kind of hard to do that inside of a matchbox my mom created the design which is flawless I mean the sectional sofa you would think if you saw this outside of my place it is astronomically huge compared to this unit like there’s no way it’s going to fit in there this couch fits in this place within centimeters I think we came up with a pretty cool design that did in fact incorporate droid surprise we take for example the television that’s an obvious right how about the Ottoman the ottoman is a storage on I think one of my favorite parts of the apartment is how is it to get a table that came up with the place man lovin we got three bookcases we started with a low one that’s kind of at your hip height and then it goes up to a little bit higher kind of shoulder height and then it ends up with a tall height and students get to the highest part which would make you feel like you were being encroached on the doors open and here’s the bathroom
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