Interior Design Ideas – How to hide your JUNK!

Interior Design Ideas. i’m rebecca ropes in interior designer business woman and mother join me as I take you through my projects my life and what keeps me driven to duck hello I’m Rebecca robson from Rosie design studio in san diego california welcome to my show today so I’ve been wanted to make a video that specifically goes over storage storage of the things you need in your home that they take so much space and you know what a lot of people don’t know how to storm so their space looks cluttered here’s what we’re going to do we have got terabytes of footage on the cutting room floor that you guys never have seen we’re actually going to go back.

And year and a half ago when I was in Chicago helping my son Scott with his downtown apartment that space only had three hundred square feet it was so tiny but we were able to find places to store things so that is placed looked great not flattered but was 100% functional I think you’re going to pick up some really great tips if you can use in your own space so let’s get started yeah in this room yes we had a television on a TV stand well that’s a great thing to put all your dvds and all your videos and stuff do they even have dvds and videos anymore i think he’s going to say mom we do Hulu and Netflix anymore but if he did he could put them underneath that cabinet to put something out of there probably bottles of wine and then we had a Ottoman now the ottoman storage ottoman you lift it up and you can put in there some great extra blankets and some pillow so you can get cozy while you’re watching TV one of the things that was also challenging in his place with these dumb radiators I’m sorry I live in California.

Interior Design Ideas – How to hide your JUNK!



So I am not used to radiators they take up space and they also make furniture placements so awkward well we were able to take care of that by filling in that little space behind the sofa with a bookcase what’s in the bookcase beautiful things on top because that’s what you see and by the way i did color blocking on there so when you do books and you want something that’s a little more modern and hip and contemporary looking through your books by color then it doesn’t look like an old-fashioned library just a little simple easy free tip that ok underneath we put things that he would need to get access to every once in a while like his large tool box and it’s  decorations now on another note if I was doing this again and I had more time i did this apartment three days if I had four days I think it’d be great to add wheels to the bottom of that bookcase so you can actually slide it out rather than have to move the sofa every time now that’s a great tip right there I can just tell you where is great and when you need them then we put all those things under there push the so far behind it you never see it another thing we did was we got a wall clock everyone needs a clock right now you’re going to get to work into a date on time well this clock actually has shelves below it so we could store some really pretty things as well as family photos as we moved herself around into the kitchen that kitchen had the bare minimum of kitchen cabinets so we went to ikea and we bought a tall pax wardrobe piece put a mirror door on the front and that thing is awesome it actually extends the kitchen makes it look so much bigger but the best part is that cabinet can store a vacuum cleaner swiffer his large camera equipment even a piece of luggage if you needed to add is a great place from to hang up his coat when you first walked in the pre mirror on the front of that cabinet it’s a reflective source for light and it actually makes the room feel a little bigger smart huh here is one of the things I loved as we walk down the hallway to his bathroom ok it’s a small place so it’s not that much of a walk but there was a hallway only 36 inches wide . he still needed a lot of storage so I bought him the billy bookcases i bought the lower haight that’s kind of all.


You know right about your hip and then the second book case is probably right about here and then the last one goes all the way up to the eight foot of the ceiling by the time you get to the tallest one where you would feel like this thing was like moving and on you the bathroom door opens and now it’s off another space so in the bathroom we were able to access that tall bookcase to house all the things that you want to have as a bathroom storage all right I’ll go into that in a second in his bathroom he only had a pedestal sink know what that means absolutely no doors are covered bummer we’re going to put your razor had a medicine cabinet yeah you had a mess in cabinet but that’s not going to hold that much then I got a small like skinny oh I don’t even know what this thing is called from ikea but it’s enough to put little rolls of toilet paper on the wall and it looks nice to match the towels and the shower curtain all in the color scheme with the chocolate brown and the orange for accent now as you look over you’re going to see it looks just like that bathroom just grew by another 3 feet because they’re in that bookcase is storage let me tell you how I do this this is the best part of the whole apartment in my opinion number one get storage containers that look handsome that way your mind and your eye is not overcome by all this clutter looking stuff.


So I got baskets that were out of espresso kind of a woven wood I got leather baskets wicker baskets but I kept them all in the dark color and some even have leather handles so it really looks nice in those baskets the basket look good on the bookcase but they store so much stuff there’s the store there is a first a basket cool there is a light bulb basket there is a battery basket and there is a basket out of this one for the top ten tools that anyone would need in their home easy access remember his big toolbox is behind the sofa not as easy this one scissors hammer screwdrivers you know the basics easy access also as you walk there you go down that space some actually pretty accessories in there as well to break it up but then we’ve got up paper towels toilet paper we have even a basket that we could put his blow-dryer end there’s a place for them to actually kind of display his aftershave and his Cologne there’s a basket for skin care so here’s what he does when it’s time to do is morning routine he simply reaches over pull the basket into the bathroom uses it put everything back and fam done always looks great great idea if you think it was brilliant leave me a comment below ok on into the bedroom now here’s the challenge the bedroom is the office i was telling you about huh Benjamin office I don’t think that’s function way that’s got to not be Punk’s way but it has exposed brick so it was really cool so what you see when you walk in it’s a chest of drawers with the TV on top perfect you see a bed for two night stands and you see a desk do you know that in that room there is so much more but it is concealed by well-planned storage cases ok under the bed we got a bed that had drawers underneath I mean that’s just so simple in that we made it a little bit of a linen cabinet so it’s got extra sheets extra towels extra blankets and even extra pillows perfect I mean easily accessible exactly where you need it in the nightstands the one to the right we put it in his extra cords you’ve got to have extension cords you need to have all your electronic cords he knows exactly where to go the top door was left open and usable on the left hand side below he has all of his men Amelia like family photo albums the top two drawers left open and accessible I’m sure in the top drawer he probably keeps the picture of his mother and be sure to the left of the nightstand one of those stupid readers but i think we actually made it look pretty good don’t you think let me to the left below the TV is another cabinet now that cabinet could be configured anyway we wanted to we actually put in a file storage drawers so for his home office he now has files but you’d never know that if they were file drawers because they just blend in beautifully with a style and the decor of the round and to the left of the file drawers are other smaller drawers that we could put tape and and I don’t know scissors posted glue all that kind of stuff in it he had his death about his desk we also put in nob bulletin board so that you can put things up on the wall and into the left of that file containers so we can put files on the wall so all in all it was a very well appointed apartment I hope that this has been helpful for you i hope you’re able to take some of these ideas and use them yourself in your own home let us know below if this has been good for you and it’s been helpful also i’ll put a link in the description box below how to get to the actual reveal video of Scott’s place if you haven’t seen it if you haven’t seen it i don’t know we’ve been because it’s not over 600,000 views a lot of people have seen it secondly just to remind you that are you to me course is coming very very soon we’re going to be telling you about that so you can find up early and we have some discounts available and that’s what you can learn how to use the 3d modeling program that i use on used in Scott department as well so that’s exciting keep that in mind
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