INTERIOR DESIGN SCHOOL – Applying, Portfolios, Etc

INTERIOR DESIGN SCHOOL . everyone i’m sean patterson and today I’m going to be talking to you all about my route to interior design school I know now is the time when some of you are thinking about applying to do university colleges some of you may have already you have had to apply really early acceptance people are sending out their portfolio of school kind of interviews and stuff like that so if any of you guys are interested in maybe a design school or interior design schools in particular and keep watching this video give you a little inside scoop on my route to the to design school and kind of a inside look of what i do now so getting started in the video i am currently third year into your design student so just start off the bat interior design is not into your decorating that is like.



The one big mishap like mistake people make all time peoples and were just thrown out like pillow cushions and blankets and picking Walker’s that is maybe about like five to ten percent of what we actually do to your design is essentially like architecture in some countries it’s called into architecture in a sense you learn about se[x]ual issues to learn about Wall laws meaning like you do floorplans you do later you learn about more the psychology of making livable spaces and spaces that are conducive to their function so functionality ergonomics we have to learn about building code a little bit lighting kidding the actual workplace having to do contract so it’s a lot more goes into it than just simply designing a room that you can take into your decorating typically is a diploma course you go to look at college for it’s like a three year program to your three years you can get a diploma in to your decorating whereas interior design it typically is now the standard is a four-year bachelor’s degree program so i am on the road to graduating with a Bachelor of interior’s I so let’s just get old pillow here and get all nice and cozy ready to talk.

INTERIOR DESIGN SCHOOL – Applying, Portfolios, Etc


So I’m going to take it back a little bit walk you through my high school career going into high school green nine or ten even partially kind of great 11th grade 11 was kind of worried the switch I thought I was going to get into architecture that i was going to be an architecture student I was signing up for like all the university level math physics sciences that kind of thing I was kind of gaming for that stream it had in that direction in order to get accepted into architecture schools the if it wasn’t for me that is not my strong suit I know that personally not something that I’m really good i started researching more into the architecture subject and realize that I just wasn’t happy with spending my life so poorly involved with math and physics which is a large part of our architecture is at least the basis of it and you get more fine-tuned to what you want to do with it I wanted to go more to the design approach of it that’s what I was interested in all through high school I studied fashion but in fashion design fashion fund also when I had a large background in the actual design portion which is in turn very beneficial to my whole design background and sensors you learned about like color theory and like all the textures and stuff because like fashion and interior design they go hand in hand and help each other out of fashion trends fall design trends in the markets and stuff like that but that’s a whole different other story.

I took autocad which was offering up my school all the way through high school so I took it great 9 10 11 and 12 and respect extremely beneficial for interior design so i definitely recommend if you’re wanting to get you to interior design interior design my program using autocad revit i haven’t used it yet programs like illustrator adobe the adobe suite photoshop adobe indesign google sketchup the first year and interior design you have to hand draft but as the years increase you have to do computer drafting and that was basically my high school career in my cradle every 12 i realized that i want to make the switch and focus more on interior design because i just realized that mass in sizes work my strong suit that’s just not what I wanted to do with my life you know maybe came down to when I was applying for schools whether I was going to go into fashion design or interior design applied to both actually got into both at the end of the day I picked into your design i have written in the school memory books from back when as i can convert all the way through like great.

I creating in like all men elementary school years you kind of keep track of Lee your best friend wasn’t what was your high what is your weight like a little school picture anyway they had another book in there bro what do you want to be when you grow up it’s over your you write like what you want to be in so since I basically until you get core area where I’m living and there’s like all these people seeing the window and some guy was standing there going to share on so what are you talking about it so yeah I’m Holly what he wanted to be when you grow up – ever since grade 6 is said I want to be an interior designer when I grow up so i guess it was written in the stars from the very beginning I was like wow like wooly sixth grade 6 me clearly knew what kind of life-track there on so i made the switch in applying for that kind of stuff and I got into I was like heavily into fashion design in high school and I created like a whole lot of clothing like I love that so much so so much basically what i’m trying to get is I had to make a decision whether I wanted to pursue fashion design is my career or interior designs my career and inevitably I chose into your design as my career I wanted to keep the difference between what I love to do in a sense one will be my hobby and one will be my career so fashion and fashion designs dialing all that kind of stuff that’s what I love to do as well as equally as well as into your design so i chose to keep fashion as kabhi interior design as my career which is in turn is also a hobby as well like i love to do it as well but you know you I kind of had to pick a difference in there is multiple reasons as to why i chose two different paths in the end they both worked out and they are very interchangeable everything that I do in fashion is that probably affects me in the way I design spaces as well so I just had to make the decision so moving on to application process so in the applications in order to get attention to your design school I think the grading was like I had to get sixty-five percent higher and pretty sure in English last top six grade 12 course credits or something like that but i know i had to get my grade 11 mixmash I was one of the eligible requirements for the math I remember I went back.

And do that again to kind of boost up my mark you need your English’s and again autocad was very important and you need your art so I took our hearts all the way through high school and number in grade 12 actually took 11 angry 12 part in consecutive semesters to get both those credits in there that’s essentially all you needed for the academic portion and I’m as well just having good grades because it is a competitive program you need to be able to compare yourself to your people a large portion of the design process especially in any kind of design school is going to be your portfolio some remember applying to a couple schools I know one school was actually a child portfolio so you had to go in for an interview and show them pieces of artwork had to do a written test like on the spot I was 41 interior design program and then for another one was an electronic submission so I had to think you kind of like a portfolio requirement list so I remember I had to go out and like draw remember making this one piece it was like a shoe I’m gonna go watch it was like it was still life drawing and you have to make it a plastic still life drawing and then take this electron and make it something contemporary i want to show you guys my art pieces but I’m do remember that you kind of just had to show your artistic abilities and that you could drop your portfolio you just have to collect all your art pieces if you’re taking art through high school save all those pieces are also photograph that make a digital portfolio what I did for my portfolio is literally just take a word document you some you dragging all your pieces you name them so you put like your name the sizing like oil on canvas that kind of stuff so you just label each thing and that’s essentially all you have to do for submission they just wanted a clean and simple and just sewing your artistic abilities that you know that you do have some sort of design background a lot of my friends when they’re applying to university there just simply like apply with me i have to apply and then do all these portfolios on home and I remember like saying to one of my friends like.

I had to do like 25 drawings down just like you mentally for all these different universities and colleges for all those portfolios which is crazy I did it and now I’m a 30-year university so now that I’m interior design school like you just kind of to wrap the whole video of a little snippet of some of the courses that have been taking in the previous semesters and this is solely for my program I can’t speak for other programs in the industry but i know that for all of my semesters I take a studio class and that’s your core classes basically all the other classes kind of stem off of that I know for the first couple of semesters you have your hand drawing classes you make and drawing renderings like room renderings to go along with your big studio projects in this program it is very heavily drawing base in the sense that you have to make like room sketches practice your perspective drawing practice two point perspective because that is basically all the drawing that you do is all in two point perspective going to be having to do some hand drawings and parallel project parallel projections floorplan drafting and stuff like that but it is really difficult on google know how to do it at first but you do learn it is very nitpicky at some points but it’s something you just have to learn to get through your AutoCAD classes that would kind of help you out designing your studio project so we kind of all step off the studio and studio is where you have your big major projects you’re designing like a retail space in corporate office a residential law another house a hospital room oh I did a restaurant I just did this boy yeah we got a broad range of what we can do and it’s not just solely designing like a bedroom you know what i mean so you’re branching off into more corporate things getting into the business world you’ll find your strong suit and you’ll find what you like and what you don’t like also learn about the ontario building what we learn about mechanical system so you learn about like hvac systems you learn about construction details so i actually had to go into a wood shop and create like Joyce and and like 10 ins and joyce and had kind of learning how things go together so you learn about construction details that when you get to the job site you actually know what you’re talking about and you can use the terminology that you need to be respected in the industry.

I’m so you’re going to have any questions at all if you guys are looking to applying to like design school into your design school that kind of stuff you for your questions in the comments below if you want an immediate response you guys can always add a reply me on twitter I’m usually on that all the time so it’s a sean patterson yeah i just talked to me and hopefully I going to be able to help you out i tried to give you a little bit of information for those who are curious in kind of the application process and what it’s like applying for design school what kind of you want to look into and if you’re interested even in doing design if you’re trying to make a decision what you want to do for university because I know it’s a really big decision for a lot of people but overall I really enjoyed this program i definitely recommend pursuing into your design career if you’re interested in it but yeah i really hope you guys enjoyed watching this video I hope it helps at least some of you out a little bit you’re curious as to what i do in school maybe you’re interested in applying for his career as well good luck if you’re currently applying for colleges universities I’ll talk tasting

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