Interior Design – Smart Small Space Decorating Ideas

Small Space Decorating Ideas. we’ve been living here now for three years we have the main floor of our home and the basement area and then we have tended to live upstairs the main living area of the house is about 640 square feet and that includes our living room kitchen our bedroom and bathroom when I first moved into the house the main floor was really chopped up there was one long corridor that led to the staircase going up stairs and then off that main corridor with three doors at two bedrooms and a kitchen area the layout was really awkward there was no feeling that it was all one space the overall feeling for the space that.

Small Space Decorating Ideas

Small Space Decorating Ideas

I wanted to achieve was one of lightness but also elegance for the entry i wanted to do a little bit of an element of surprise I decided to do a punchy paint color and my mom had a lot of jasper ware wedgwood pottery and i loved it i always love the color combination believe the one thing in small spaces is that you really want to create flow and add to a little bit of repetition from space to space and so I repeated the same color from the front hallway area on the ceiling of the living room I thought it’d be a fun thing to do to try putting a a bright color on the ceiling during renovation we upgraded most of the services to the house and in that process I discovered that I would need a large bulkhead in my living room.

So I wrapped the bulkhead all the way around the living room to create an elegant warm feel that was in keeping with what i was trying to achieve in the overall vision I wanted to make sure that there was tons of seating and that it felt generous even though it was quite a tight space I so got the mid-century modern chair I found the chair separate from the footstool and then I culture them in the same national fabric to make them unit together we moved from a small condo space into this home and I was so excited because I thought we liked and getting soaked by something that’s really generous and maybe even a little bit more traditional and when I started to do the math nothing was going to fit through the front door so it turns out that i was bringing my old so far from the condo into this space so i decided to have it recovered and national and I couldn’t get out of my head that I wanted it to be blue and I want to have fun with it.


So I experimented and I’m really happy with the way it turned out I needed to find other opportunities to store all of our winter gear hats and myths and mail so i found this vintage teak and it has so many different drawers and storage opportunity so it’s a great place to keep all of those items with a bedroom being right off the living room I wanted to allow the natural light to shine through and really maximize that as much as possible so i decided to go with a French door instead of a wall with a single door because it does allow the light to pass through into the living room space I wanted to repeat some of the colors that I’ve used in the rest of the house in the bedroom as well to create some consistency so i went with a neutral tone grass cloth with a little bit of gold in the paper it makes the room feel very cozy and warm but also a little bit more luxurious I decided to do five separate doors on one wall and maximize the area that well that we were devoting to a closet that way you can actually open more area and see what you have in front of you because we’re in the restaurant business I didn’t want the kitchen to feel like another workspace in our home i really wanted it to feel more like furniture you know an entertaining space and so I decided to go with the the wood cabinetry to give it that kind of a feel the one thing that.

I really really wanted to get out of this space and was really challenged by with a proper formal dining area and what that meant was that I had to swish the functions of a standard kitchen to sort of half the size of the kitchen in order to accommodate that dining area the bank it feels a bit like a sofa and the seat can actually lift up and there’s quite a large space down there to keep things that you don’t use all the time you need to have access to any kitchen they also needed an opportunity in a place to hide a fridge and some extra storage so i created this wall area in the center of circulation space the fridge is built into the wall as some extra cabinetry so it really helps to make the space to feel open but give us all the functions of a kitchen in a very small area the bathroom that we inherited when we purchased the house was a real sight for sore eyes it included a small toilet and sink a laundry sink and a four foot tub so I completely rearranged the bathroom to be a little bit more modern we did some inexpensive porcelain tile on the walls and then I used more expensive and prettier marble just to accent and add some detail to the space i did a standard size tub and vanity I don’t think I’ve ever really finished decorating I find that in my nature when I see things i love it’s as though i have a dialogue with it and it says I have to go home with you and so I feel like I’m always bringing in new things and things i love anything that’s what great decorating in great homes are all about it’s about the things that bring you joy and so I think this will always be a work in progress for me.

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