Interior Design – White Home Decor – Decorating and Painting Tips

White Home Decor .  if you sat in your living room and looked around and thought I need to do something in here but you’re limited on time and you’re limited on money well as a professional designer let me tell you the smartest thing you can do that will give you the biggest bang for your buck paint your walls it will give you a freshness and it will change your entire color scheme guess what.

White Home Decor

White Home Decor

I’m going with ready drum all white white will give me unlimited opportunities to accessorize and decorate my home it’s fresh it’s clean as far as I’m concerned white is always in style do you know how many people leave me comments telling me I can’t paint I live in an apartment and I’m ranting I only have white walls well guess what repaint those white walls give it a fresh feel and i’m going to show you how to make it look fabulous all right mr. moose or whoever you are time to go to back first step I had to get all the furniture into the center of the room or out of the house you need to always remove your switch plate covers who uses an actual phone jack anymore so the dating my house and meet probably when you’re fixing holes you can either stand it or you can scrape it when you get it nice and smooth and you go over it it’s a good idea to go over your baseboards look filthy now that I clean the walls i’m going to put some blue tape this is Special painters tape and it comes off really easy tear it in about 12 inches at a time.

Interior Design – White Home Decor- Decorating and Painting Tips


I’ve partnered in this video with behr paint and i’ll tell you why they make a paint called marquee it’s their luxury line it is a primer and painter in one there’s a Thousand colors to choose from the block stains it’s easy to clean and you can do it all in one coat to determine how much paint you’re going to need you’re gonna probably want to figure 1 gallon will cover 250 to 400 square feet first I’m going to cut into the walls around the edges the Marquis color that I’ve chosen for my wall is called cameo white yeah rush out and feather out the edges so you don’t see any brush lines and once you’ve got your perimeter on your next step is to apply paint to a roller and use what we call the w I’m working up a sweat here boys.

And I can’t seem to keep my pants up working in about a 36 x 36 inch area Roland w on the wall now this will help place an even distribution of paint on the wall and then you can continue rolling from the top edge of the wall to the bottom rolling into W as you go I got my coat of paint on and i’m ready to pull off my tape let’s see how it looks yeah well the paint is dry and everywhere I look I see white white white now to you you might be looking at this thinking that’s a little boring for a professional designer oh hell no no no let me just tell you I can visualize and I can see things like em this look all of my accessories and colors that i already had look amazing with these fresh white walls but i can add different touches and just change it up a bit still very serene very beachy and very California casual and then there are times when I might feel a little more glam me and I could see something more like this pretty swanky huh even in my imagination I kind of think up in this I should put on a strapless gown and for myself drinking bubbly but you know what I like the best I like thinking about the holidays because in my mind I’m thinking it could look something like but that’s just me planning ahead what do you think and to think all of this was done in one coat and in one day pretty simple I can’t think of a better way a faster way.

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