Master Bedroom Decor Tour

Master Bedroom Decor Tour.  I wanted to take you on a tour of our master bedroom I haven’t done a video like this although a lot of you have seen different parts of our bedroom I wanted to do this video because i have done a video and all of the rooms and our house as we’ve completed them i still have a few more to do and the reason why i haven’t done this one yet is because i was kind of adding a little pieces here and there but i love what i have in this room and we all have different styles and different ideas for decorating but I feel like there is the perfect amount of stuff in here I don’t want anything else and I feel like there is definitely enough in here having a bedroom that you love i think is so important no matter the size no matter.

Master Bedroom Decor Tour

Master Bedroom Decor Tour

If you’re on a budget or whatever you can create a beautiful bedroom and I think that it’s so important that i wanted to take you around today and show you my bedroom i also get asked a lot about where i purchase different things in this room so i will share all of that with you today so let’s go ahead and get started and i’ll show you around when you first walk into our bedroom you will be the link here i love with mirror I got a great deal on it at home good and it fit that’s well perfectly I love the reflection of the hallway single woman cool i also love having missed the length mirror here because on the left is our master bath and our closet my closet is to the left here when we walk into the bathroom and John club it is to the right I have a bathroom tour and i will link that below and it’s more of an organization video but it showed everything in the bathroom I have a closet tour and we recently cleaned out John pocket while link all three of the video below the color on the walls in the bathroom it . chilla by benjamin moore and this is a different color than we have in our master bedroom I thought I would give you a quick overview of the face for those of you who haven’t seen it and then i’ll let you know where we purchased everything the color on the walls in here is smoked by benjamin moore i love this color it was smoky boil it is so soft and gentle on the eyes.

Master Bedroom Decor Tour


And love waking up to the color is the perfect bedroom colors should a really great color these currents are actually the very first thing and then i bought for our home as far as decor go though I was shopping at home good for our home and Bobby’s and i love them these are two hari brand and again they are from concord and over here we have our bed I knew that I wanted a great tufted headboard and I found this one on it was actually a pretty good deal and I think that it’s gorgeous this is that abbyson living has been great tufted headboard i will try to put a link for you for a while but i think it’s just gorgeous my white comforter and effort into of the Apollo shams our hotel collection and I found those at TJ maxx we got a really good deal on the bedding that as well the pink clothes I found at ikea I later added that came touches in here and i really like it and yes we have been okay with it I found this row at the end of the bed at TJ maxx as well and then the other great and silver clothes are from different places like Marshalls and home good here are our night and i love these I took a while to find the night room but I really wanted to love because they are the perfect height and prize for our bed in our bedroom I got even a move on they are round old furniture i believe.

And i will link the educational country get and leave your i just found at home good for the appropriate like those i have a frame on each night man in the mirror frame from 21 and we could actually picture of John and I when we first started dating and with the first time I met food entire family and and then just for another pop of pink I have meetings here and the glass they think are just from the dollar tree actually though the peonies are from here one I have both of my hands decorated the same i love the symmetry and i love the mic look away when the picture is from the day Josh born in your favorite pictures that i have my family with be sweet josh is now 15 years old and i love that picture too many what are back and straight across from the bed we have a fireplace and we said three please all of bath it was a 90 tile fireplace and a big and hideous and so we reject the man tall and I painted the mantle we had someone coming and doing the tile work that tile around the fireplace things real tile and I don’t know the brand but we did get out of it load and I’m pretty sure they only have a few different one they’re so I’ve been asked about that before but that time was from life and the tile there on the hurt that is Margo and we did give out it loads and I remember that Alan and block you have someone to put all of that and trim it out , just love the way it was and i love the way the doctor a game and I don’t claim to be an interior decorator or an expert in ages really love the way the blood what I see when I wake up and you’re very pretty I got this year at Kirkland I just like the texture of the mirror and thought it was really pretty apparent reflect our chandelier machine here is from load well I got good black bottle from marshalls.

I believe a while ago and then I give after that about these flowery paper cherry black them I got them at target i’ll be able to find them and then I just kind of had been going to one side and jon was the way that would like that is so cool though man for me right now and then i have them l eg candle so that i can just turn them on and it gives a nice ambiance but they don’t have to worry about being handled everything the one on the far left is from world market and the other two I got at Marshall you can usually find me for a really great deal after that the usually happens to quit this small little candle holder here is from target and the hell there I got have killed one if you like that file I believe based on top and then I just have a jack a journal to just add a little bit over here as well over here on each side of the windows i have these numeric sorry don’t know where the brand of the years but i did get them at some great images above the pattern around ok yeah and we’re here I have mine death I love the quote above my deck the frame is actually Mikasa and i found that at I’m good to have the same frame in my bathroom in the shower area and i have shown that before i got this printable from at sea.

And I can’t remember the seller’s name but I can like that for you below and he should like to see that but the clothes that i am the daughter of a king who is not moved by the world for my god is with me and goes before me I do not here because I am has and I just really like having that quote above my desk of the great reminder and especially being a youtuber and here and my mirrored and after i got these from home good i love having it in here as the jet that go sure it’s from amazon link below it surprisingly comfortable around under my guest is from ikea there’s a lamp here i got at home good employ chill ran up to really pretty the village a mile from home good and then I don’t have a polka dot Cup with my friend and fold yeah hi my name is faced with the cleaning we’ve actually purchased the way from individual health and.

I kind of mimic that when I decorated my night game because they couldn’t find any more of those but that was kind of the idea that i have there here is my dresser John actually have a dresser and closet so I just use this one this was actually from our own house and a great piece of furniture so I just refinish it it was actually the first piece of furniture I never refinished but i think it turned out well and i did a video with them tip on that print above the dresser is from iit i really love that and then i have get diffuser here which i have been using for several months now this is what thanks me with no obligation to included in this video but i think this is really nice it’s nice and weak i love it because it’s not fantastic and it still looks nice in our bedroom I love this dream on French it’s a beautiful sight and what I really like about their aroma 360 better just come with a bottle and taped script on there and we don’t have to like measure anything out I’m kind of new to your aromatherapy and essential oil and also which was awesome it is a little bit pricey i will but they did give me a ten percent octave account click the link below you can case you’re interested i also have another diffuser I’ve actually had three fun to me this one might find it Joshua you in his room

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