Modern Family Home Design

Modern Family Home Design . each of the four floors has been designed to automatically at first and then architectural e second we collaborated with interior design team normally were working with clients from the very beginning but Christopher was far on his way into the design process when making and I came in they wanted a house that function for them so we did want to keep it high end looking but livable for that that was our starting point our first and biggest challenge in the house was the living room because you kind of walk right into it the ground floor is a great space for entertaining where the living dining and kitchen for all continuous all-in-one level and all related the first piece we actually chose for the chairs and we wanted to make sure they weren’t like a solid lounge chair and the woven fabric let me see that beautiful fireplace.

Modern Family Home Design We were able to recompose that so that the fireplace was a spectacular sheet of place feel that had a laser cut holes for the fireplace and then behind the plate steel we talked floor-to-ceiling wood that they could use for the farm and there will be the challenge to see whether they take that apart to use their keep it for its beauty making and I get a custom-designed we’re at three staggered table and they kind of push up also you have someone sitting on the left so Phi you just easily pull it over you have someone on the chair so they’re interchangeable with his great for the dining room we modulate the ceiling height so that the full floor would have a change of scale and with gifted the beautiful piece of art we need that right chartreuse against the art would create a nice palette for the rooms beautiful light fixture above the dining table Christopher’s body for doing this cool really linear light fixture let’s change the feeling to find we took off for up into it suspended from because the concepts that we would have two large social island abused as always to all those friends they eat a lot of the islands and both and inspire love to host parties so we wanted to fit as much schools as possible but make sure they’re with prep areas as well the tools they have seen at a hotel that they frequent quite often we had some custom design.

Modern Family Home Design


And that was his surprise so when he walked in the first day he saw the school so it was really cool super at Tommy’s amazing can that disappear at you won’t even be but you have one he noticed them you can’t stop looking at them they wanted this for their family could live so if the kids are doing homework at the table or heating that’s what we want with spanish song taught through the coffee table we want the leather because it’s just going to eat beautifully so to get scratched stuff it Phillips great master bathroom is a beautiful contemporary space filled with natural light from a window that also chocolate over the shower we went with a king but we went a little lower haight so it’s very seamless when you walk in you probably noticed that that is right there we added a little sconces decide the bad for reading the beautiful light fixture in there just complements the space and the jewel sided fireplace so they can enjoy it on their balcony as well my kids had their own unique personalities.

And I think we did capture it and their individual ribs the daughter’s bedroom is under the form of the existing roof and has a dormer window over top of the bag she had fallen in love with this birdcage life it’s so spectacular it’s a rose gold then it’s gonna hang in front of the main focal point of the real the two children share the thoughts of shower room that each have their own ensuite the experience of working on this project has been fantastic and a lot of it is because there was a great collaboration it is such a family home it’s the livable hall we’re just really excited for them to get to enjoy it for years

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