New Kitchen Tour : Before and After Kitchen Renovation

Before and After Kitchen Renovation . hi guys i am so excited to share my kitchen with you mostly because it means Mycogen is completely done we finished a lot of in a few months ago but there were a lot of finishing touches which you can’t really pick up on and video and we were just finishing those up and it’s so nice not to have workers in the kitchen and just to have everything done so if you watched my home renovation video you have been a lot of bit so i wanted to share everything that we did do in our kitchen.

Before and After Kitchen Renovation

Before and After Kitchen Renovation

And I wanted to show you how I decorated it a little bit but first i wanted to show you and maybe remind you if you watched my home renovation videos what my kitchen looks like before we completely gutted the kitchen so take a look at what it looked like before and then i will show you what it looks like now one of the biggest changes that we made in here with the fluorine I really didn’t like the white tile in here and I’m so glad that we change the flooring we told the maple hardwood floors this is a huge project to get home that wait I’ll up and to put these floors down but they are gorgeous and we just love them and we got new habits we actually bought these from craigslist we found an amazing deal we really didn’t plan to redo all of the cabinet because it would be extremely expensive.

New Kitchen Tour : Before and After Kitchen Renovation 


And we pretty much renovated our entire house so we were planning to originally paint the one that we’re here but when we started out there with the water damage under the kitchen sink in the old cabinets so we really had to get new ones at least that area and I mean are trying to find one that would match and everything so we looked on craigslist and we got this whole set of kitchen cabinets we also got cabinets for the bathroom and mind your room and granite for the bathroom all-in-one lot it was just like meant to be and it worked up so well we saved so much money now these were used obviously in a kitchen so we did have to make a few adjustments and we didn’t have to buy one small cabinet and i’ll show you that it’s just this one right here it’s just a 12-inch cabinet just to make everything lined up correctly but this is a great cabinet because they can put all of my baking sheets and everything in there so it did work out really well and even with the installation we save so much money doing it that way so it worked out great another thing that we did we had crown molding and sold on top of the cabinet which we love it really finishes it off and makes it look a lot nicer so we have that done and then our tile we have white subway tile we have this installed.

And we actually got this at lowes it’s just basic you know white subway tile I think it looks nice and classic and it’s not going to go out of style you know in two years or anything we did keep the original island that within here obviously we’ve got new countertops which looks so much better than what we have here and the cabinets were dark so I definitely wanted to paint them but before we moved here I saw a kitchen on pinterest and the person had a blue island very similar to this color and I fell in love with it and I knew that I wanted to do that it was a little bit of a bold move but blue islands are becoming pretty popular by I just and so happy that I did it I think it you know give the kitchen a little something extra and it’s just a beautiful color and i love it and we do have a lot of blues in our home so it’s kind of type everything in so this works out really well another thing that we had to do I’m offensively took the island off and redid the floors and everything we had to get the electrical hooked back up so I didn’t think that I would really use these much but I use them almost everyday so nice having electrical outlet on your island and so far we’ve only had people over and a spring and summer but i was thinking a lot of times you know if you have a larger gathering you know in the fall and winter or even in the summer you might use your slow cooker and usually we put the food on our Island so it’s really nice to have an outlet there.

And keep them once you plug something in to keep it one and the slow cooker then we have our granite I absolutely love the granite we searched hard for granite and Ira recommend doing that i highly highly recommend going to a granite yard and picking out your granite because if you just look at one of those corner pieces that they give you for a sample you don’t know what the whole slab is going to look like and there could be a color running through it or it might look completely different once you see the whole lab and once you order it and they’re bringing that heavy granite to your kitchen you don’t want anything sir private so i highly recommend going to the granite yard and picking out your granite if if you are redoing your kitchen or canoe countertops or anything some granite is more yellow so it might even be the theme stone but some of it might be more yellow and the more yellow it is the cheaper it is so it if you want something more white it’s definitely worth it to go and check it out that is what we did so we got a higher grade in this color so that we could get more white so and i’m really sorry i know a lot of you have asked me what the color of our granite is and i don’t know i had actually we don’t have the the name of it on any of our paperwork but like is that a highly recommend going to you know check it out at the granite yard our appliances are all frigidaire and I got the frigidaire gallery oven.

I absolutely love it it works so well I love having a gas oven it has you know the four burners and then the center one it’s a self-cleaning oven which I didn’t have I had an that jewel they have an electric oven at my old house and it was it self cleaning I really like that one thing that I do love about this oven is that when you open the door the rack comes out with the door which is so nice if you need to you know flip something or you know just stir something you don’t have to worry about like moving the tray out or anything it’s just so nice we also have the Frigidaire refrigerator and i love it we did get the smudge proof stainless steel appliances which i love i love love love that because it would drive me creepy they’re a bunch of fingerprints all over my refrigerator and sometimes there are few on the door and I just wipe it down but for the most part they’re usually are any fingerprints on the actual refrigerator dishwasher or the oven so I did a whole video on how I organize my fridge and freezer and i’ll link that below but it just love it there’s tons of room I love the French doors I love the freezer drawer it works out so well we also have the Frigidaire smudge proof stainless steel dishwasher which is so nice because we are always opening and closing in our dishwasher and it looks you know so much better with all of the fingerprints and then i’ll talk about our trash can that we got just because it’s sitting there i’m going to do a separate video on the breakfast nook which is attached to the kitchen just because i haven’t quite finished decorating at I’m getting there but I’m not quite done through this is a threshold from target.

And I was looking for a seamless steel garbage can that was an extremely expensive i was surprised at how expensive some of them are and i love it because you can just push the pedal and the lid stays up for you and it doesn’t have any black on it i was looking for something that was you know solid stainless steel I also wanted to show you how I decorated the kitchen a little bit I like it simple but pretty and functional I don’t like a ton of stuff on my counter tops but i do want the things that we use a lot to be accessible so this I feel as the perfect amount for me the perfect amount of things how many countertop so I my Island I wanted to keep it really simple but i wanted something pretty so i got this base and it’s actually blue glass which I love you guys no I want colored glass and I just bought these viruses from trader joes every week I was picking flowers from my yard because we have a ton of different types of flowers and something was always blooming but this week there is nothing blooming my lilies just kind of died off so i bought these beautiful irises at Trader Joe’s and i plan to hopefully always have flowers in here but interesting that looks really pretty and then it’s just taking up a little bit of sea so I still have plenty of room to work and the light fixture was actually already here so i just cleaned that up but it matches.

So well and the glass on tinted blue so it works perfect with my island and this wall I do have my spoon and fork I got these at Marshall the while ago but i just love them and I thought they worked really well with what we have in here over here next to the refrigerator is our coffee station I just have my coffee out on the counter and then a bucket is all of my coffee cup and then in the drawer I have everything we need to make coffee or cheese so I have my coffees and teas in there and i did a whole video on that so I will link that below i’ll actually link any videos that I’ve done in the kitchen but i haven’t shown how we organize although all the cabinet’s quite yet and i will do that in a separate video over here next to the year for consume is my pantry which i absolutely love I did a whole video on how I organize that and it will organize the same way and i absolutely love it that video will be linked below as well next to my stove I wanted to make sure I had all of my cooking utensils so that i can easily grab them when I’m cooking I got this stainless steel container from I think home goods and I have a lot of my wooden spoons and utensils in there and then my stainless steel salt and pepper grinders this is the set i believe i got at marshalls over here to the left of my oven I have my knife block this is kitchenaid and I just keep it there obviously cuz I’m always using my knife i recently did this little display here and i really like it I got this at HomeGoods and I kind of fell in love with it and I did want to add some different texture and tones into my kitchen just to kind of make it interesting and i also had a fruit bowl here but it wasn’t large enough for all of my produce sometimes I have things sitting on the side through what I did was I put a cutting board down on this is an older cutting board at selling great shape but I don’t use it as much so I have that and then I also found this wooden bowl and it just thought it was beautiful I got this at home good so I you know every week it looks a little different.

So I just put everything there so that it out and you know some things you can’t put in the fridge like avocados and tomatoes and things so i just have that there and I think it looks really nice and add a little bit of visual interest from the would I do keep my blender out because they use it pretty much every day she makes me these there have that on my counter I have my basil plant I make up this at Trader Joe’s and then the pot is from ikea the dispenser is from ikea and then over here on the left of the think i have three succulents I love my feelings when I go to the store I feel like I just want to buy all of them but i got these at various places i think one is from trader joe’s one might be from Ikea might be from home home depot but I just you know get them and like them so i have pots from ikea couple different designs and then i have my toaster we do use our toaster often and it’s just nice to keep it on the counter if you have room because you know moving it around there crumbs and everything though I keep that out as well and then over here I have a bowl of fruit I did just go to the grocery store so I have a lot and we do have more her refrigerator but i think this looks really pretty and you know every week there are different things in there but right now we have nectarines and plum and it’s just add some color.

And also I like to keep fruit like this out for that where you’re actually grab that instead of you know healthier snack chips something we also had some shades and told above our kitchen sink and in our breakfast nook and we’re very happy with it it took a long time to pick up the shades in our house but we really needed them above the kitchen sink and in the breakfast nook because of the way that the Sun comes through especially when I’m cooking dinner it can be really really bright and sometimes really hot so this is a nice we chose one that let some light through so we weren’t really concerned about privacy in our kitchen these are hundred Douglas and we are very happy with them I know it looks like you can see right through them but they do block a lot of the harsh light but like is that they still let some light through so it’s really nice I’m so glad that we got those the last thing I wanted to show you is the lighting under the kitchen cabinets that we installed at nighttime it obviously shows up a lot better but we were very happy that we already had the electrical wiring and everything set up in the kitchen cabinets that we bought so we basically just had to get new lighting because the stuff that was in there with a little outdated so we got all of these from lowes and installed those and it’s so nice at night to be able to you know just try to move on and you can see everything really well it really like lace up the countertops that looks really pretty and lastly the paint color is great wow this is the same color that we use through a lot of our home and it’s just the perfect shade of grade in my opinion it doesn’t have any harsh undertones and it just worked out really well it’s nice and light an area which works really well for our home so that is everything in our kitchen we’re so happy to have our kitchen completely renovated and now we can just enjoy it

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