LIVING ROOM DECOR . so cute it was how many noted oh my gosh my mom and I’m trying me what’s up in a family good morning hi Junior you want to go you know it was broken haha i drop the eyes of this camera seriously it’s been through so much I am so reckless I don’t think you guys are broken so that’s good but high to let’s start over good morning internet family today is Tuesday and a lot of things are happening today it’s currently really early in my blurry is it having a hard time focusing oh no oh let me fix you guys but I made it worse ok so it’s currently really early in the morning right now Arnold and i are waiting for delivery because a lot of things are being delivered today a lot of home goods arnold and i went shopping for home stuff furniture shopping over the weekend.



I’m excited because our bed for the master bedroom is finally arriving today we can finally sleep in the master bedroom I told you guys the arnold and i have been sleeping in the guest room downstairs so we haven’t been sleeping upstairs what else is coming today a couch we ordered another couch because we realized that one is way too small to be in the living room so we ordered another one and that one is going upstairs in the master and then coffee table is coming our dining it table set for dining blah i can talk our dining set is coming as well so should I feel like there’s so many things that are coming yeah Rob for the dining set basically a lot of things are being delivered today and we’re just oh I wouldn’t be Who new number whose couch people are so excited so they’re delivering a coffee table and the couch also another thing.



I wanted to I don’t know why I’m whispering another thing I wanted to report back to you guys is our entertainment center i think that’s what it’s called TV unit thing it’s right right there IKEA came over the other day and installed it I had a really fun time decorating that by the way I’m really good when it comes to like putting it knickknacks together so I’m very very proud of how everything turned out here let me show you guys what I did so that’s what it looks like photos books stuff just a bunch of little knickknacks the couch is dawn yes i’m not sure if I explain it properly to you guys earlier but basically this new couch is a new couch right here and it’s the exact same thing as this one so yeah also the coffee table coffee table looks legit and earlier i think i was explaining to you guys the new unit so basically all of the things you’re seeing right here came from the old apartment I think there’s just a few new things like this one is new for ikea these guys are you from ikea but everything else is pretty much old stuff from the apartment so oh also we installed those little lights right there we got them from home depot and then they’re just like basically stick on you just stick them on there and they light up make sure you guys.

I can barely reach it there it is yeah so aside from all of like the furniture is happening today a lot of other things are happening it today so a really big one is I have to pack because tomorrow I told you guys in one of my last blog that benefit cosmetics invited me to Hawaii so that’s happening tomorrow really early they’re picking me up I leave around five thirty in the morning so i have to pack for that and also another really really big thing is happening that I need to go shopping for I feel like I’m feeding you guys way too much information right now so we’ll talk about the other really really big thing earlier but i’m i’m super excited that today is going to be a really busy day and oh my gosh is my mom snapped riding me she snapchatting me let me know down in the comments section if you guys want me to do kind of like a breakdown of where i got everything what we doing it in this blog because i don’t know if you guys would be interested in that but let me know if you guys want to know where each pieces are from I really think this camera is broken love you alright so we are out of the house we are currently at the mall because I told you guys earlier that i need to go shopping for something very it’s very good so that’s what we’re going to do I actually have an appointment with a personal stylist at nordstrom it was actually really easy to work all you have to do is go on like this is not sponsored petrol head I found this out for essiebutton she she did this through I believe that talk shop so i decided to track your nordstrom had the same thing and they did so i’m going to see a personal stylist for this and i’m very excited this will be my first time.

And it’s free to do this there’s no cost of the sign up there’s no cost to sign up to be a personal stylist so you guys are ever in a pickle you want a personal stylist you know where to go alright guys so we are back home now and I just took some photos for my Instagram benefit cosmetics and sent me this package and it’s so cute look at the the big toolbox right here has like a mirror on edge and it came with all of these guys right here and check this out the hoola bronzer has made he wanted it says hearts hoola bronzer in the little brush also has my name on it so cute and they also sent over these guys right here I can take this with me on the plane which is really cool and also this one the dream screen so I’m definitely taking this with me to Hawaii and this little type right here i’m going to put all of my stuff in here but this is seriously so sweet thank you so much benefit cosmetics for this package they gave us this guy this is be all over her body bronzer so I’m definitely taking this along with me a little brush hi mr. berry berry is exploring this is his first time and seeing in the upstairs balcony so he’s exploring right now hi you ready to go back in are you ready uh-huh not yet you ready to come in oh don’t go too far he says you’re a ball careful out there oh my gosh Oh Barry come back in when i go back in it’s like he wants to climb the windows or something you want to do what are you gonna do mr. Barry okay well as long as you’re not near the rails then we’re all good.

Because I feel like you can fit in my you can easily fall off or something so break your fall longer it’s like really dark inside this room right now I think this is the first time i’m vlogging in here so this is the master this is the master bedroom and the bed is here and i’m so excited i won’t show it to you guys in this blog but i promise i will do that very soon I won’t show it today because it’s really dark and it won’t do it justice and it doesn’t have sheets on it yet or pillows and I want to make it look presentable for you guys so not going to show it here but i will i promise you guys I’ll show it very very soon so Jaime are you ready to go in are you ready oh you know it ready you are so cute you’re so adorable pole come on come on in let’s go there you go but yeah there’s no lights in here so that’s why I’m just kind of like in the dark right now it’s currently 6 p.m. i have a nail appointment and eyebrow appointment in a little bit so i’m going to head out in a little bit and then after that head back home and start packing for Hawaii haha shush hey still feel like I have so many things to do before leaving tomorrow by the time you guys see this video i think i’ll be in Hawaii already or on my way or I may be there and i’m uploading this video i’m not sure i don’t know what what my schedule is going to be like okay it’s really bothering me that it’s dark in here but i don’t know i don’t know my schedule tomorrow I’m just over all very excited I’m i think i’m going to meet and at the airport tomorrow so we’re meeting at the airport and have cited Oh ok it’s currently four in the morning right now i just got done packing for hawaii i’m actually not even done I still need to do so many things i wanted to just come on here and end the vlog because if I don’t and the blog now I don’t know.

When I’ll be able to because in about an hour or so the car is going to pick me up and then i’m headed to the airport so I just kind of want to wrap up the video here before I forget I mentioned it to you guys that something extremely extremely exciting is happening so I’m going to be in Hawaii for a few days and I actually head back to LA on Saturday midnight I get on a red-eye flight because i need to be back in LA sunday morning so red eye flight saturday night to be back on Sunday because we’re going to the Oscars was here oh my gosh yeah it feels so crazy it feels really surreal to be actually singing it out loud because now it’s like official now that I told you guys about it it’s official it’s actually happening I’ve actually known about this for quite some time now and i’m so happy that i can finally share it with you guys we’re going to the Oscars and I can’t believe it Oh what is life what what what is our life what is happening first we went to the Grammys and now we are going to the Oscars I this is really insane so i was invited by sk2 to go to the Oscars this year and I’m just truly so grateful and honored that they invited me to go with them it feels just so crazy they have no idea i’m doing this video by the way this is not a sponsored video or anything like that but I’m just like I I’m so excited so this week this weekend is going to be pretty crazy for us and I say us you and me because obviously i’m going to be taking you guys along with me to Hawaii to the Oscars and vlogging everything for you I so you can also experience it with me.

And I’m not doing this alone would take you guys with me and I’m just over all very very excited i’m actually going to be taking over sk tues snapchat on sunday for the Oscars that’s februari 28 so i would love it so much if you guys follow them there are new to snapchat they just opened of I don’t know why I’m talking they just opened their snapchat account so i would really really appreciate it if you guys showed them some love I’m going to put you there snapchat user name right over here I would really really appreciate it if you follow them and let them know that you were a part of the internet fam that that’s heart family let them know show them some love welcome them to snapchat and we’re gonna have a really fun time on sunday and I’m just very excited i’m excited for hawaii excited for the Oscars and i’m just i’m very thankful for you guys for again I I know I sound like a broken record because i feel like i always say this but again i just really appreciate you guys so much without you guys and your support and your constant just your constant support I wouldn’t be where I’m at today if it wasn’t for you is so I’m very very appreciative and truly grateful for you guys how did I ever get so lucky very very grateful to have you guys in my life yeah i think i’m going to end the vlog here is still need to continue packing and shower and all of that so and also try to vlog because i haven’t charged haven’t tried to you guys


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