Our New Home: Picking out Flooring, Kitchen re-design

Our New Home . for the dog so we’re trying to power out of the way when they have you should i think just that you like I like the warm on your left hand 1 i’m going to be efficient and we’re going for very this is a whole kind of great silver silver great.
I so you want me to go with yours I do it from the top flooring her body collection 8-millimeter michigan avenue this is laminate and which school about it that they’re terrible water through not gonna have a bump up like real wood and water or your room yeah hideaway you can also take it easy Scratchy and he’s not a scratch I kind of change the design to give you more counter space on both sides of the soap so we would take out that a wall oven bring it on this side the right over here of your wall oven and then your friends right here that would open up space on the side of the your your stove this way if you’re cooking something you can put on this side of this set of pop of whatever might be this is what you wanted it from the other side of be for this for the other side ok you see you want it that long cabinets in the countertop in this opening mhm.

Our New Home: Picking out Flooring, Kitchen re-design


And then on the other side of it see this is kind of a top you have your whole kitchen what we would do is see this is this a right here now ok we will do 12 which cabinet under need and then we can extend the countertop another 12 inches this way you can put barstools and then sit as a kind of breakfast area and this would be no cabinet space on top or not just like maybe decorations the frame or something ok you can do anything you want afterwards because you’ll have too many cabinets yeah okay did really neat huh ok this space so this will be one straight hallway all open ok you’re just going to have you got to lose that window but you have a door that’s class you have a window there so yeah and then you have another window on the other side of it mmm nice right here to see this yeah i’m just like tha.

I am yeah and white and then up top we have about six inch molding going up there TM r has the crazy the different is the downstairs bathroom they’re working on our backyard meets water while look at these beautiful flowers that bloomed blue on it’s nice here yeah and we had a toilet a shower the sink was here and that was a hallway closet this store which is going to be closed off so they also just started working on the bathroom which is the guest bathroom which is this they got the shower being here oh yeah it’s going to be the guest bathroom for everybody to come and use the bathroom when they come to our house uh-huh don’t touch anything okay I was thinking of painting the bees you see these beams and white I’m definitely gonna get rid of the the fan not a fan of the fan and let’s see the rest yeah oh well they already took the kitchen out and they’re building this wall right here remember we not this whole wall that was here in here well we’re building a really cool i guess this is gonna be this is going to be kind of like our Island and we’re going to have bar stools on this side and on this side is just going to be like habits and we’re also removing the fridge and it’s going to be placed in that by that window so we’re not going to have that window anymore but they took out the whole kitchen already wow and we move this already – Wow I think this is going to be our family room because we have the television we have a fireplace.

I love it this house is like really turning out to be our house so the fridge I have no idea this is a really awesome fridge it’s a sub-zero fridge and also I girl this is outdated but it’s really not it’s actually like this really awesome good quality fridge so my bad yeah i’m looking for a really nice bookshelf that I want to put on this wall because that I love books so I want to have a wall with all of my books here so this is I six room and this is going to be our future baby’s room whenever we have another kid yeah since the hallway bathroom and it didn’t have a shower before it was just a toilet and a week and it was kind of like a square shape like this was part of that room but this room on the other side had the shower and the toilet we don’t want to lose on a shower so this is basically a full bathroom which is why we’re adding a small shower here it’s all cool I’m excited to be nice love blackberry they have to decide
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