Outdoor Halloween Decor

Outdoor Halloween Decor. hi guys its k so today I’m coming at you with a special halloween DIY i redid my whole porch and i wanted to show you guys step by step how I did each project i’m really excited I’m really proud of this so let me show you what my porch looked like before it was very plain i still had kind of like a summer reef going on not not much decoration I actually really needed to sweet my porch but this is what it looked like before so let’s go ahead and get started step-by-step we’re going to start off with my mini graveyard what you’re going to need is a tombstone some bones i got mine from dollar tree you’re also going to need a skeleton head and some spider web first I put my tombstone in the ground then I grab my skeleton i removed his head because we don’t need that part and then I just started breaking up the little pieces and I just pulling them apart i only used one of the torso because we only needed one then I grabbed mine skeleton skull popped it in there make sure it looked ok and then I grab some spider web and draped it over the tombstone and also on top of the school next up are these cute little ghost you’re going to need a white sheet some  lights some scissors a tomato cage a foam ball right here i have a six-inch ball and some black felt so the first thing you want to do is gather the three wires.

Outdoor Halloween Decor

Outdoor Halloween Decor

And we’re going to tape them together to secure it very well then we’re going to put our foam ball onto the tomato cage next we’re going to string the lights around the tomato cage it’s very helpful if you have your husband or friend to help next we’re going to cut the sheet and half and then draped the sheet over it and then arrange it to your liking now we have to work on the eyes I took a white gel pin drew out my I cut it out and then I doubled it up and cut the second I out and I was able to get to ice then I just took my glue gun glue them on and I was done now we’re going to work on these easy door spiders you’re going to need some glue dots in some spiders i got mine at dollar tree all you want to do is take your spider.

Outdoor Halloween Decor


And you’re glue dots put some of the glue dots underneath the spider then you want to take the spider and push it firmly against your door I chose to put it near the knobs because that’s where I thought it looked the spookiest but you can choose to put it anywhere on the door next on our list is this very cute reef it is a bit time consuming but it’s so worth it in the end so you’re going to need a foam reef minds 14 inches you’re also going to need some felt sheets you can buy these by the yard but i found it easier buying him in the sheets for my 14-inch reef I needed 30 sheets which made 360 circles you’re also going to need a three inch circle template you’re going to need some scissors some pushpins some ribbon i chose to use glitter on mine but if you don’t want to you don’t have to and lastly for a little bit of decoration I got this welcome sign and this cute little spider you’re going to start by dressing your circles on your felt then you’re going to take a blank felt and top it with one that has all the circles on it and you’re going to cut them out on that we have makes it a little bit less time assuming you just want to cut them out once you have it cut you’ll have to perfect circles once you have all your circles cut out you’re going to take one fold it in half fold it in half again place it to the faux memory with the push pin.

And then just continue this step until you have completely fill juries then you’re going to take your ribbon you’re going to take any amount of link that you would like then you’re going to flip your reef over going to secure the ribbon to the back of the reef this is how many i used but you can use whatever you feel is going to be best to hold it once you have almost everything covered in the front we’re going to start to work on the back what you want to do is slip the ring / left it out a little bit and then we’re going to take some of the leftover circles just put it on the whitespace their secure it with the pin and you want to continue to go around the reef until you can no longer see any white spots once it’s filled you’re just going to check for little white spots you want to just put a few more of the little circles there you just want to make sure that you’re not able to see any of the white now this next step is completely optional but.

I’m going to take it outside and blast it with some dinner I let my reef dry overnight and I’m just gonna decorate it a bit now I found this sign at hobby lobby what i’m doing here is just cutting off the ribbon because I didn’t want it to be on top then i’m going to go ahead and flip the sign back over and just glue it to the bottom of the Seine to give it just a little bit more character now I’m going to secure my sign to my wreath I was having trouble figuring out how to secure it I wasn’t quite sure so I just took some of the glue from the glue gun put it on and then just made sure I pushed it real deep into the wreath the spider was cute on its own but i decided to put some Wiggly eyes on him so i just took my glue gun put some little dots of glue on it and attach the little Wiggly eyes and I just think it made him 10 times cuter I took a little bit more of a glue gun glue and put it on the spider to secure him to my wreath that’s it guys it was very very time-consuming I think this took me 45 hours is so worth it so I was running out of ideas and I needed something to cover this corner here so i decided to fill it up with some spider webs and some hairy spiders so you’re going to need some spiders some little hooks to be able to drink these spider webs on you’re going to need some scissors and lastly a big bag of spider with so the first thing I did was placed my hooks radically where I needed them of course your hooks are going to just depend on where you’re going to be placing your spider web if hooks are not an option for you you can always use the rough part of velcro then my husband and I pulled apart the spider web and we just started picking them on the hooks and just placing it wherever we saw fit then I just sporadically placed my spiders and the whip lastly we are going to work on our pumpkins this year i opted not to call them so I came up with a few ways to spruce them up so that.

I didn’t have to cut them up to make the chalkboard pumpkin you are going to need a pumpkin that you have washed you’re also going to need some chalkboard paint you can either use the acrylic klein or the spray paint kind and then you’re going to need some choc of course and then i opted to use a chalk marker so after you’ve washed and dried your pumpkin you just want to take it outside put it on some newspaper and give it a light coat let it dry and then spray it one more time with a second coat and then then to make the witch hat pumpkin you’re just gonna need a pumpkin a witch hat i got this boo at michaels but if you don’t have one you can always really just write it on and some pushpins first thing.

I did was put my hat on my pumpkin then I took some push pins and just took them around just to secure the hat too pumpkin and prevent it from flying off with the wind and then next I cut my blue apart to make it easier to apply to the pumpkin but I just stuck the little sticker rhinestones on until I got my boot to make the monogram pumpkin all you need is a pumpkin and then I got this monogram in at michaels super simple all i did was decided where I wanted it to be on my pumpkin stuck it on and I was done last but certainly not least is my Texas pumpkin all you need is a pumpkin some white acrylic paint you’re going to need a vinyl of whatever shape you’re wanting to put into your pumpkin a foam brush and then optional you can blast and glitter if you would like to first thing I did was applied my vinyl to my pumpkin where I wanted it then I took a coffee filter and put my paint inside after that I went ahead and started painting my pumpkin around the stencil I tried to dab it so that I really wouldn’t get that much paint inside of the pumpkin but it’s kind of really hard to avoid you just want to make sure that you’re careful after i got it all covered I let it dry completely and then i added a second coat of white paint same thing dabbing around the Texas and then once it was completely dry i remove the stencil once I remove the stencil it was a little bit not perfect i guess and there was a little bit of runs from the paint that was going inside the stencil so all i did was take some alcohol and some q-tips I put a little bit of alcohol on the q-tip and just rubbed it against the places that I wanted to erase and it came off just fine

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