LIVING ROOM MAKE OVER . we are here today all the way on the east side of the country for a very special project my friend for I recently moved here from Los Angeles and she needs a little help refresh in her living room so i’m here today with value city furniture who supported and collaborated with me on this project and we are going to get this girl off set up so let’s go in and take a look at this living room hi how are you how are you thank you for coming a excited to be here ok ok what you got going on i’m really nervous ok trying to figure it out but I need your help because I can do it on man oh so you gonna be here to help but you gotta show me bass guide me in the right direction for the natural running dollar don’t put me in the wall now okay here we go okay one two three wait you’re kidding right i know i know where we have you packed everything this is everything.



I did it ok sorry it is where to start where to start so they are an empty now first of all it’s about this cake over here you have this beautiful fireplace and nothing up here I think this will be a great place for us to add some color and i know you really love Prince yeah so maybe we can find a way to really personalize this face that would be with some fun color and print that ok now let’s also talk about this other seating situation we got going I really really nice so fucking three places for you to sit here and two of them are our metal chair like what it looks so comfortable and you should try out yeah its chair yes you don’t want a sunday.

If I just sort of went around honey latch just lounge online here that’s comfy right now it’s not now because the first thing we need to do is order you a self I hope that would be ideal that used to be furniture had a great custom silver program and it really allows you to personalize your space love that for 599 are you kidding yeah it can really be that price right I can pick your size you can pick your style and then you can personalize it by picking your favorite color yeah gray and see it also comes with two pillows I can leave that forehead and get that i love it and yes why i love you got my phone but I thank you because this this isn’t where is suffering anymore well now that we have ordered you a sofa I have a few other tips that we can use to remix this baby tip number one you should always shop your house you make up things in different rooms different areas of the house that you can bring into a different space to recreate it stop look for pieces of furniture that you already have you can add a fresh coat of spray paint and sort of change the whole look of an old piece of furniture and then use it to recreate your tip – is to bring nature inside I love bringing fresh living the plan succulent palms flower fruit anything that a good color.


And then he brings life into your space is always a good idea and the third tip you guys now it’s my favorite let’s get crafty people spend so much on artwork when I think a great way to sort of add color to your wall especially if you’re renting in a place where you can’t necessarily repaint the whole wall just get some canvases and do your own custom artwork with great color great pain and not an easy way to sort of add color your space but it’s also a temporary okay done yeah it looks great yeah I think we should just let these dry overnight okay cool let’s get some food all right how about some pizza I was thinking maybe some mexican what about some Italian yeah hagen is here we are day to back at it again I have sent try not to go get me some coffee because I mean its morning time they need some coffee but while she’s away we are going to set up her room and surprise her when she gets back with a brand new living room I’m so excited a killing to get to work so come on let’s do this so fat a little more a little more a little yeah so excited guys we finished we put her entire living room together i cannot wait for her to see her new space oh wait that’s her that’s her she’s coming today she’s gonna surprise okay are you near of it amazing i’m left let me show you what I teach kids living room while you’re out this is absolutely are you shocked I’m social speechless okay well let me break down exactly what I did for you to refresh your finger.

So I know that you love the pattern the prince and the color yeah i really want to make sure that I incorporated that personal lines into this living room if you have a look right behind us is our DIY are I won it looks so professional you are the new products over all right I know right it looks so good now we also brought in a little bit of nature I know you love the greenery yeah much alive all the rear you know this is not going to look amazing really beautiful plants here and then i have to do some lemons and oranges just because you know it’s fresh color yeah now here is probably my favorite part your new seating situation where you need it and write it that’s not like you ok when we test it out hot stone so far so oh my gosh i love it it is perfect i love this color this fabric is very comfy yeah it’s the perfect place to actually lounge now instead of those ugly chairs that I yeah definitely an upgrade is that everything we ordered yeah and it ties in together so well this is so perfect I’m excited on your knees basically i am too all right they are yes


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