ROOM TOUR 2016 – Bedroom Tour with Minimalism Decor

ROOM TOUR 2016 . so today’s video is really really exciting i am doing my bedroom room to a for you so i’ve recently moved into my own apartment and I am working room by room to decorate everything and i’m sharing the whole journey with you which is super exciting so my room is not one hundred percent finished I have decided it’s enough for that room before I then move on and start working on my living room because I’m really undecided on like the final few touches that need to be done in my wardrobe and to do with like clothes storage so that’s kind of something else that will get to eventually but this is what.

Bedroom Tour

Bedroom Tour

I’ve done so far and i love it so eventually i’ll do another video another two hour when i get all of it sorted but today i have what I’ve done and i love it and i hope you love it and if you do please give it a thumbs up and subscribe for you and let’s get into my room – I’m going to start with a little bit of an overview of the room kind to show you everything that is going on I don’t have a lot in here i think i’m going for pretty minimalistic approach because it’s just kind of like my nice space i just wanted to be clean and calm and minimal and just a great place for me up to go to sleep so I’m going to start with the biggest thing in the room which is the bed with mattress so this is one of those really awesome mattresses that comes in a box and then you cut our grand kind of like inflates and popped up really really awesome this one is from a call so which is an australian brand.

ROOM TOUR 2016 – Bedroom Tour with Minimalism Decor


i’ll have a link to the website in the description if you’re interested in getting a new mattress because a definite i recommend this one but basically at the latex and gel memory foam mattress and like I said you get it and it kind of just puffs up inside ok he’s got the white top and the bottom bit and then like the zip thing so far so good and it all just came in this time that a lot how easy so like I said the mattress comes in a box which is so handy and it has wheels on the box I moved into this place on my arm so i didn’t have anyone to help me move things around so the fact that it was so compact and easy when I could do it all by myself and it only took two days to arrive which is so quick so i didn’t have to wait long and have to stay at my brother’s for longer than what I needed when I moved in I have a pretty sensitive back so I’ve always had a bit of trouble trying to find mattresses that are supportive and don’t hurt my back cause i had a lot of trouble a few years ago and this mattress does wonders for my back it’s nice and firm and got a really great support and I’ve just found that I’ve had no back irritation since using this mattress which is exactly what I want I love it is such a great mattress i definitely recommend it if you’re in the market for a new mattress because their prices are so affordable as well.

I really didn’t want to have to spend thousands of dollars to find something that was going to support my back and not hurt me so my bed frame is this really awesome great fabric bed frame and this is the type of friend that I have been wanting for sorrel as you can see underneath on the side there it’s all great hall way around in the headboard of gray and love it i got this really really cheap on a website called my deal and they send it to your house and the guy came and leave it for me it was great and I built it and it didn’t take very long which was awesome but i love it a little bit larger the ground for what I would like but it was like a hundred and seventy dollars is something which is not expensive here in Australia so moving on up my what really kind of gathered bedspread which comes with the dinner , and the two cute white boy cases is from pillar talk I got it in like august on the island Nigel’s the set which I thought was really affordable and the great pillow that the back our sheet set that time with two pillowcases the flat sheet and the fitted sheet from target and then the sequined rose gold question is from Big W is that fifteen dollars little white floral e flower ruffle one is from H&M and have the body pillow separate to like the inside and then why the front with like the black and symbol on it is from BW as well i think i was a tendril is adorable little like kitten that’s my man you want me for my 19th birthday.

I’ve had quite a while and manage to live with me in every move that I’ve had so i have two bedside tables which are the exact same i’ve got the matching on both sides they have four wooden legs and a white top with a wet draw which is so awesome I searched for these for ever and i got these ones for thirty-five dollars each at target because came out had been sold for level so on the bedside that is closest to the window i have three things i have two candles and then this rose gold candle holder that I’ve actually talking to a bar and have three of these large fake tulips in it so the candle holder is from came out the three tulips of them came out one handle the gray one is from dust and the little one is from bws a set of three so on this bedside i have full things I have this really cool giro black lands that i got from came on for about fifteen dollars this really cool sort of fake succulent plant and I concrete kind of container that was also from came up for about seven dollars i think i also have another one of those little white candles from the three set from Big W and then i also have a little what job with a would lead the wood kind of matches the wood on the legs and that one is from Big W and then.

I have it sitting in the road skull blade that goes with the great handle on the other side of the bed down law under this table i have a power point in which i have a phone charger and i also have the lamp plugged in as well I just like to point out so well in the center of my bed I have this really cool black in white dreamcatcher that i bought from a tree of life only twenty-five dollars it was so affordable but i love it it’s just I think it just adds like a nice touch to the room so looking back at the wall that is opposite my bed I don’t actually have anything on the wall I have no furniture over there I’m not sure if I will do anything because I kind of want to keep my room really clean and really minimal but I just let it go ahead and show you if you’ve got any ideas or suggestions please let me know but that’s just kind of the plane wall on the other side of the room so then it’s time to do the water but i have two sides the first side is where I kind of have most of my clothes and some of my nice of things so up on the top shelf I have my Louboutins like carry bag and the box because it’s just one of those things you cannot get rid of and then next to it i have this burgundy handbag that on gave to me because she was getting rid of it and I was like please give it to me I’ll take next along I have all of my clothes color coded and hanging so all of my white wooden hangers are from ikea and then I’m just starting with sort of like burgundy colors moving in two new dish colors than going through my very large section of what which everything like i have myths and jackets and cardigans and going out tops daily tops blue tops long sleeve tops everything in what.

I then move into great because great is one of my favorite colors then have a few pieces that are sort of black and what then I move into some black pieces and then some blue / denim ones at the end and that is kind of the color scheme that i’m mostly stick to like I don’t really stray too far from those colors then underneath all those clothes i have two three tier book shows that i got from came up these are seventeen dollars age really affordable on the top two shelves I just have my genes folder i have darker ones on the left to kind of go into the white and then I’ve got the lighter colored denim to go under like the black and the doctor on the other side and then in that first show I have one pair of my favorite shoes these are my windsor-smith shoes i love the gold detailing under the heel and like the tassel on the zip at the back they’re like my favorite pair of shoes that’s so comfy and then it next to my shoes I have all of my t-shirts and single it so they’re just basics and again I put them color-coded from black into gray and then into what then moving down on the middle shelf I have all of my long sleeve shots which I wear under everything in winter so again and color-coded I’ve got black stripy blue sort of like a week color and then gray and then the shoes next to that I just another pair of my favorite shoes and these ones that from lipstick Majesty’s really strappy they’re quite difficult to get on to be honest but that is nice strappy little heels that is some of my favorite she was kind of on this side and then in the bottom two shelves.

I have my denim shorts on the left again color-coded from dark denim all the way through what and then on the other side I have a mixture of different bottoms I have shorts skirts short skirt long skirts I even have some pants in there i think that our dinner and again color coated black through to like blue and then gray so everything is pretty much the same color and a little color created and really neat because i love having this door open a bit of a feature in my room then it’s time to move on to the other side this side is not complete yet i’m not really sure what to do is just got spanked her hangers and a few bits and pieces that don’t fit in the other side and of course my shoe collection so starting at the bottom on this side I have another two of those white book shelves from came out on the bottom level i have a pair of slippers and then on the left-hand side i have a blue stripe a pair of heels from I can’t remember the name when Koopa the next to that I have been like turquoise eat eel type shoes that i got from it now then on the middle shelf I have a orangie strappy pair of heels from siren and then also have some leopard print heels from siren then in the next one across I have these gorgeous glitter heels from up shop called do nor June however you say it’s like a UK brand or European brand I’m not too sure it was bought online and then I have a purple pear siren shoes next to it and then over in the corner as well I have my two pairs of boots i have the black one and then there are brown ones behind it then on the top two shelves I have some black peep-toe heels from zoo shoes the next that I have these pointy toed yellow and blue ish type shoes from guests and then I have these two sort of wooden any plugins type shoes one is from my dad and then the other one is armed case you have a brown pair and left pair and then on the top shelf I have these little black pointy suede heels which I think are classic and every collection they are from your bar then i have my really funky like mesh shoes from siren I think I have a lot of sirens shoes then next to that I have my nude strappy heels which is from raleigh.

And the next to that I have my classic dude little pump switch off from best as you can see on the side it’s not a hundred percent finish i have an empty cart hangers I was good i have some jackets i have sequin dress I have a couple of other dresses that are good for going out at night time and then I have a massive gap of nothing so I’m not really sure exactly what we’re going to the side of the water whether i’ll make this side like really colorful and my bride pieces and keep everything sort of neutral on the outside but that’s all I’ve got going on here right now the rest of my clothes if you’re wondering like pajamas Jim Clarys all of that they are out in the other room and I’m not really sure exactly what i’m going to do with those yet so then it’s up to the top shelf which is kind of boring i just got my black floppy hat and three pairs of flat shoes i have my Congress a pair of jokers and then it also just another pair of little flat sandals i have about five pairs of shoes out in the hallway I have them lined up in the hallway because they’re the ones that i wear all the time but those ones are up there I think I’m going to get some you congrats on that because they’re starting to get a bit gross that’s my room to out like i said it is pretty minimal pretty simple if you have any requests on going into more details about anything please let me know but i love how minimalist it is i love how clean and fresh the spaces it’s just nice place to kind of calm at the end of the day and just forget about the mess of the rest of the world

ROOM TOUR 2016 – Bedroom Tour with Minimalism Decor | Wong Bejo | 4.5

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