SIMPLE HOME DECOR IDEA hi friends i hope you all are doing great it’s me Mickey here today to share with you my DIY out-of-the-box conversation piece of a coffee table i love this table I made one years ago and it stayed in our home for years it traveled with us and it lasted and you can do this table in so many different variations is what i love about it if you want to the family black and white photos in there whatever style frames you want to use it can totally be customized to your style and i want to show you how to make this table today so let’s get started ok so you want to start with the base and your base can simply be your old coffee table if you want to make it over you can go to critics lists and get coffee tables all day long for ten twenty dollars if you have a glass coffee table that is totally fine you just want to be sure to take the glass or the mirror off of the table and just use the base and that’s what I did with the table that i made $OPERAND years ago.



And then wood tables are perfectly fine metal anything you want just as long as its sturdy mine is a contemporary-style base here I took the top off the table because i wanted to use it for something else and so what I did is I went to my local hardware store you can go to home depot or lowes and have them cut you a piece of MDF to size to fit on top of the table if you have a glass table you definitely want to do this you want to take the glass off and go have a piece of wood cut and then if you want it to be larger than the base that’s totally fine if you want to be the coffee table but just make sure that the base can handle whatever size you put on it and then screw it down and most tables glass tables and things like that have holes in them all ready for the plugs for the protection of the glass use those to kind of push the screw through and screw the two together so you definitely want the mdf to be screwed down to your base now if you have a good coffee table metal or anything like that you don’t have to do this part this is strictly for those that you know are mainly the glass coffee tables.



Because you don’t want to put the frames down on glass you want to kind of have something that’s durable and won’t break on you so once you have that done the next step is to move into purchasing shopping your frames this is actually the fun part i love this but when you go to the store you’re just looking for all those frames that you think would look great for your table and this is where the creative part goes in and I say go to those tuesday mornings and go to those from TJ Maxx and homegoods because they have high-quality frames at great prices and you want to get different sizes eight-by-tens left about 14 5 x 7 because that gives your table that uniqueness and do the style you want if you want to use all white frames if you want to use all rusted frames if you want to use all black frames or you want to do a combination like I did of rustic and kind of mirror and different things you know go with the style or the vibe that you’re wanting to go with and get an abundance of frames all the ones that you think you possibly can use knowing that you’re going to return a lot of them but you need the selection to put your design together and that is key because you can’t really do that in the story you just don’t have the space to do what you need to do and so just get all the frames that you want knowing that you’re probably going to return fifty percent of them so when you get back home it is time to get your frame configuration together your table configuration together.

And so you basically just laying all of the frames down moving them around trying to figure out you know the best look how you want your table to look and this is probably going to be the longest part of this project because you really have to kind of twist and turn and just figure out because you want to look right but what is key is that you want your table to actually be recessed you don’t want to but the frame in the table together because you want your table the top of your table to kind of look like it’s flowing because what happens is i have been bffs the top of my table and I’ve done definitely didn’t want that showing so I made sure that all the frames will come out at least three to four inches so you wouldn’t see it once the table was complete for example this say this frame here is the table if I but it right up together when you’re sitting on the soul for your in the room you can see it and so you want to recess it so that you don’t see it and I encourage you to play around with it and stand back look at it take a picture of it to see how you like it in a picture you know just kind of take your time with this process yeah yeah now once you have your configuration together you definitely want to look at it make sure it’s what you want it is going to take some time to just kind of work things out because the frames definitely need to get together you don’t want to use oval frames or frames with very uncoordinated besides.

Every side of the frame needs to be straight so that they can put together and you don’t have any gaps then take a picture of your configuration that you love so that you have that because you’re going to have to take the frames off the table to adhere them to the table and so you don’t want to forget how you have them arranged so now that you know what frames you’re going to use you can return the other frames in the write down all the measurements of the inside of all of the frames that you’re using go to your local home depot or your lows and get the mirror cut they sell the mirror and they will cut it for you and I thought was very economical it costs right about twenty dollars for all of my mirror and I thought that was really reasonable and so you want to just give them all the sizes and whether it’s a button 57 whatever it is have them cut it down and they basically sell you the sheet in the size that you need to get all of your cuts out of that sheet and that’s why minds like under twenty dollars and so you know definitely i would recommend one of the home stores like home depot or lowes to do this I also from Michael’s got some foam board.

And I cut that to each size of my mirror to put behind each one of them because i thought that that gave more durability instead of just using the backing that comes with each frame so I i took the backings off in each frame put in the foam core with my mirror and locked it down and then put them on the table now when you’re gluing it down on the table you want to start from your Center . that’s key because that’s going to give you your starting point and then you can put the other frames on from that point so take the center frame put the glue on the back and then it here it down and then work your way around now as far as it is adhesive adhesive i use liquid nails heavy-duty liquid nails i use this on the last table and it lasts for years you just kind of use it on all of the back and get it from home depot or lowes and then put it down on each table and that’s it let it dry for a day or two you know you want to get a good amount of time to dry before using it but thing you have the perfect table this is such a fun project


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