Small studio apartment decorating ideas

Small studio apartment decorating ideas. one its melody from may be mysteriously relax and today i want to show you how I redid my nephew studio apartment from college come on in and I’ll show you guys before an answer ok so let’s get started with the before now let me give you guys a little background on this basis used to be an old hotel in the owner decided to kind of refurbish and redo this hotel and create a inefficiency living space for college students and so one of the things that i love about this face was that he kept the floors in the paint and the furniture neutral and a couple of takeaways that I got was that it was dark because it used to be in a hotel so the lighting was not good and I really didn’t care for that big wooden piece of furniture there.

Small studio apartment decorating ideas

Small studio apartment decorating ideas

Now I didn’t like the fact that had a closet space and it was being kind of substantial for college student and it has a small bathroom and so here’s the bathroom on the opposite side here I’m in again like I said the wedding was really bad so on the opposite side is the shower I did not film the shower but this is the overall size of the room a pretty good side but if you put like a full size bed in this room it would take up the entire room and so we need to make this face functional and so here’s this big piece that I was telling you guys about and it was quite you know difficult to work around but we were able to do that and i’m going to show you guys that in just a moment i did like that it had a refrigerator freezer microwave and so we’re going to talk about a couple of tips so tip number one you need to assess your needs and one of these that we needed we needed somewhere to sleep we need somewhere to study we need somewhere for extra storage somewhere to eat and somewhere to sit now that we’ve assessed all of our needs were ready to move on to tip number two and that is to take notes and so some of the things.

We want to make sure that we notate is exactly what we need for the space 18 know take measurements for furniture wall sizes pictures colors inspiration and different items that we may need for the space now that we’ve taken our notes were ready to move on to tip number three which is to find your inspiration piece now I went on my store Hobby Lobby and I started looking for pictures and when i came across these I knew that they would be perfect for my nephew he’s such an artsy kind of guy and I mean I just still be saying on a picture to arrows to you know the gentleman animals and everything was just so perfect for him and so I grab those up and went over and found a couple of lamps because remember we need light and I thought those would work perfectly and then i thought back to these pillows that very Kerry had posted on Instagram that she couldn’t really find a place to use but unfortunately they want at the store anymore and so we were not able to use those and so we had to go back to the drawing board and find some more inspiration so tip number four is to put everything in place once you’ve made all your purchases put them in place and see what works and what doesn’t work and then we are ready for the actor and so here’s the completed Space I was so ecstatic with the way that this turned out i did find a plug pillow and my nephew absolutely loved it we found this amazing sleeper sofa at a local storage charcoal gray with the nail heads and it worked out perfectly ok so here is it’s been it’s all let out now I do know that this is a 19 year old college student and probably won’t look like this every day.


I’ll just be excited if he folded up and you know put it back together but i love the way that it turned out and this is a great idea for you know someone who may live in a bigger city and this is to show you the potential that an efficiency or studio apartment could happen I didn’t find a little pug pillow and hobby lobby and I pull the colors of the pillows on the bed from the colors in the photos above the sofa sleeper and so I got all that came together rather nicely and the color pattern that I used was great black oranges red turquoise and so it just kind of all blended together now I want to show you guys how much room he actually had this this sleeper let out to a full size bed and so he still have room to move around the bottom of his bed and i wanted to point that out to you guys and so here is the area i’ll set up again if you notice i have a lot of lamps around and the reason i have a lot of land because of the lighting that was shared with you guys earlier stats in table with the lamp those came from hobby lobby they were around thirty dollars the arrows also came from hobby lobby i’m going to give you guys a more complete tour of that area soon so we have taking care of our sitting area and our sleeping area so next is our eating area and i found this table at TJ maxx it was an amazing deal and i’m going to share a little bit more about its story with you guys later but underneath I put this rug and it’s actually two different worlds and my mother-in-law told me she’s like you can’t find the world you want just put the two together and take them underneath and it worked out perfectly in that area because i want to give a little bit different on color underneath that metal table and so it worked out absolutely perfectly so now we have somewhere to sleep somewhere to eat somewhere to sit and here’s my next base somewhere to study here’s his desk area the desk and the chair both came from walmart the lamp came from ross and all the other accent pieces that you see here came from hobby lobby and all this was purchased within the past week on the right hand side you see a black screen i added a black screen on either side of the room to add a little bit of contrast in texture and interest to the room because all this is in one room and here’s the overall space again the trunk that you see in front of the sofa serves as both a coffee table and a storage space for his pillows and his comforter and here’s the desk space you can see that and here’s when you first walk in and i just added the mirror on that small table is kind of short but it works for right now on the left hand side we were able to put in his dresser so that brought in more storage.

And then on either side of the TV i have a little small storage bins that house on his course like this little wacky cord you see behind his DVD player I found these super-cute book ends at TJ maxx they were five dollars and I thought they were so cute once I was like you know headphones in or the beat and then the other side looks like an old record player so I thought that was really cute especially for his apartment for a guy and so here’s the overall space again just kind of give you guys a quick view of the overall space again everything worked out and you know what want to just advise you guys it even once you start putting things in place I’m if they don’t work out go back and find something else and make sure you don’t pull the receipt off anything until our the ticket off anything and to ensure that it it fits in that it worked I love the mixture of the leather and wood and metal mixture is such a great you know combination for a guy now here’s the bathroom I didn’t do a whole lot in the bathroom and all the things you see your came from Rollins with the exception of the towel I did borrow the towels for from my bathroom for video and purposes but now i have found the perfect house for his bathroom and they are in place and they look perfect as well so tip number five and that is to stay budget conscious now I’ve seen this a little table bar bistro set at TJ maxx a while back and i believe it was 299.

And when I looked at it was still marked down to 199 and I thought well it should be a little bit cheaper now so i ask for a manager and it just so happened that the manager watches me on youtube so hey how you doing girl and it ended up being nine dollars which was within my budget because i had a two hundred dollar budget to you know purchase things for this particular space and so it worked out great so takes tip number six and that is take time to evaluate and enjoy your work and so i just want to show you guys a couple of the still shots at my friend Brittany took up the apartment it looks so amazing you guys and I’m just so pleased with the way that it turned out my nephew absolutely loves it and it just you know is so functional he has everything he needs you know all the DNI’s that we assessed at the beginning of the video he has everything covered here he has plenty of storage space here space to grow and I know it probably won’t look like this when I go visit him in a next week or tomorrow but it really is a cozy space and everything is so congruent and you know the theme just kind of carries throughout the apartment and it is just such a cute space for him now that brings us to our seventh and final tip and that is to have a little sign now I was overlooking my nephew’s back knee I looked across the street and I saw some graffiti on the wall and it looks so interesting and i thought was really cute that day I had on a five-dollar thrift store jacket that was amazing

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