HOME DECOR HAUL . so I don’t have a lot of fall decor this year I’m definitely toning it down but I’ve had a lot of requests so i thought i’d share what i do have and i’m going to start with outside on the front door i made a new wreath this year and i love it and it’s basically what I eventually want my whole house to sort of be like for fall and that is white and creams and a lot of really natural stuff so this was easy to make i got some pinecones from Michael’s along with some white hydrangeas and some white little pumpkin that they had they had this they’re sort of painted gold on the stem and then some fake moss and I just hot glue it all onto a preformed grief so I love the way it turned out and then also out front I have the urns that I’ve had literally forever i just put a potted fall some potted grass in there and I wrapped around the bottom with some dollar store of those foliage like the fidelis or fake leaves inside again i toned it down this year but i will walk you through what i do have for fall decor starting with the fireplace and I love having a mantle is just such a great way to decorate throughout the year and for our canadian thanksgiving a homeless thankful banner it was a free principal.



And I’m going to put the link below where you can print it out for yourself on top of the fireplace i just added a lot of dollar store flowers and dollar store you know fall leaves pine cones i got these little pumpkins from the dollar tree a couple years ago and I painted teal and I have this glass pumpkin that I I’ve got home sense that i’ve had for a little while to eventually this is definitely going to be less orange more cream and beiges and browns but for now this is working and here’s a centerpiece.

I made a couple years ago I love fall scented candles so this is just it makes my whole house smells so yummy and to make it different i just tucked some white pumpkins in it i have my give thanks here which is just got from a grocery store i love it and then I’ve tucked fall leaves here and there throughout the living room I’m starting to gather more white pumpkins this was a great find at adult dollarama so I snatch that up and again I like leaving this fall decor l and then transitioning into halloween by adding some skulls or some scarier things so i will definitely show you that when I transition over so from the living room into the sort of dining kitchen area the thing I love the most is this centerpiece so I do have a video i’ll put the link below of how i made this centerpiece for under twenty dollars i love long boxes and this is definitely the colors that I want to go forward with in in the years to come on the buffet i have some dollar tree pumpkins and gourds just in a little tray and then some ceramic pumpkins that.


I’ve had forever sitting over there to tone down the kitchen this year because it was it was like fall overboard proposed but I just have some fresh flowers and I tied on some dollar store leaves with twine to the Vols basically to cover the fact that the ball is really dirty you guys who discovered that up and then I have these little white acorns that are so precious their tea light holders and I’ve tuck some fall leaves in the already little fake plant holder thing I had their one thing I do really love is this cookie jar this was orange bright orange heads from a thrift store it was a cookie jar has a jackal interface at the back I just painted it white and distressed a little bit to make it look I guess old and I love the way it turned out it looks like you know vintage old white pumpkin so loving that that is the kitchen and that is basically the home tour so far check out the video from last year’s Home Tour i still had carpet you guys I can’t believe it’s been a year already it’s just gone by so fast I can’t imagine going back to carpet but click here anywhere on here to watch last year’s full fall home to where I definitely had a lot more orange going on and yeah I I’d love to have your comments and and and thank you guys so much make sure to LIKE and subscribe if you haven’t already for more decorating


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