The Monocle Is A Lucky Couple’s Dream Tiny House

Lucky Couple’s Dream Tiny House . paper Wind River tiny home i’m caleb noe has been foot and we just want to show you the latest house that we built it name the monocle and want to give you a little tour before it’s shipped out California welcome to the house I’m gonna show you a little bit of commission for starters we have convenient hear anything they’re putting out of the way we have here some custom open shelving with some custom brackets and then make up here at two burger ok so the heats up quickly over here we’ve got a farmhouse sink with a special feature the pedal sausage with so that they could concern water and save on costs there you wanna come over here we’ve got a little free from the counter just enough to keep the order of the war and got the space over here this is kind of a multifunctional design.

The Monocle Is A Lucky Couple's Dream Tiny House

The Monocle Is A Lucky Couple’s Dream Tiny House

This could be the living room and the law should be the bedroom the people are going to be living in this one this is actually going to be the bedrooms out here and they’re going to use the loss storage so because this is the bedroom now we go to Mumbai right here and applied that you know bedroom kitchen as a nice feature with these hanging shelf cable book thanks for display up here storage underneath also this ok so we’re sorting on but also help get up and walk built really get a handle the traffic and really wire clock King bad here or just a lot of storage i’ll go for up eating the whole we have a little propane fireplace right here and storage enemy and you know more storage here we put this rock up finish all this the Timbers form i guess it a nice little bit rustic feel found it really unique ceiling fans kind of matches this the setting of the house over here we got a come from behind that shelf you.

The Monocle Is A Lucky Couple’s Dream Tiny House


Access this little entryway and then over here and show you we got the pullout kitchen porter closet for entertaining space between the closet shelf today and up that hitted led track lighting which if you’re in the mood you can have a little bit of let’s go party before you head out for the night nice and was really cool features is out is the bathroom your clients are millions of water and so they got some hot free we have this really large soaking tub here to make the wood and tile together we have a pebble stone floor also wet that so that the rain shower going on over here and goes riding the floor the whole whole floor is the you know the web that a little flowy think here also a handheld shower where you know washing up the dogs or you know whatever have more storage and wall here and got a composting toilet and I right here in the wall storage got utility is going on in there into the hot water heater got pressure reduces and stuff down there and that just disappears right into the wall that about sums up the monocle

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