The Secret of Successful DIY Fall Wall Decor

DIY Wall Decor.  I would take down an old wall decor and put up some new one just to make it more fall they don’t really get to experience fall here in LA and I are going to go to that key on Wednesday so I thought fresh new furniture fresh news are fresh new room fresh new decor yeah today’s video I’ll be showing you how to make a fall yarn tassel wall hang and it’s actually really easy to make and really cheap I i think they sell them in stores or online for like 40 to like sixty dollars but you can make yours for like ten dollars and yeah.
So let’s get into the video so first you’ll need a dowel any size you want and you can pick one up either michaels our home depot also you need a ball of yarn of course – black but you can choose any color you want you will also need a pair of scissors and also a piece of cardboard that should be the same size length that you want your tassels to be so step one I found it really helpful to sketch out how you want your castle wall hanging to be because I wanted mine to be larger than a normal one I made sure that I chose lengths that were long enough to cover the wall surface that I wanted but usually these wall hangings look best when you use 7-yard length across and 14 tassels now you just want to mark down having tassels will need as well as different lengths of each yarn you’ll need and please pay no mind to my little go strong-looking tassels it was just a very quick get now feel free to pause the video where it is right now just to write down the measurements that i actually used but of course you can use any length you want it just all depends on what surface wall you want to now step two you want to measure and cut out the yarn pieces.

The Secret of Successful DIY Fall Wall Decor


And the same measurements from the sketch and lay them out against the dow to make sure they are the correct length that you want when you lay them out the line should look as if they are cascading with the longest piece in the center and the shortest on the outer ends now step 3 you want to start by tying one end of your yarn piece to the end of a dowel and then once you tied a knot and maybe even double knot you want to start tying around the yarn peace around the doubt to make the whole dowel black you can either do this yarn coverage with it or you can either spray paint it black or even color it with black sharpie but I found that.

I really like the look with all yarn now just because the rest of the wall decor is going to be yarn as well if you do choose to cover the deal with yarn the simplest ways to hold your thumb in place holding the yarn on your left hand and then just twirling around your right hand to roll around the dowel yeah once you can we finish covering the tire down with yarn just cut the yarn ball off and tie a knot on the other end and you want to make sure you cut off any excess from the end of the yarn step 4 begin to tie a knot around your strands of yarn that you cut it out in the beginning and be sure to keep your sketch in hand just to make sure you’re placing the strands in their correct spot step 5 now it’s time to make the tassels and to be honest this part is the most time-consuming most tedious part of the whole tutorial but to be honest totally worth it in the end to make your tassels you want to wrap your yarn lengthwise around your piece of cardboard for my piece of cardboard i just cut off a flap often the old shipping box because i wanted my task was to be bigger but just remember the length of your card board determines the length of your tassels I wrapped my mind around about 16 times for each tassel but after wrapping your yarn around the cardboard you want to next loop through the end piece of yarn.

And tie a knot at the top of the tassel this part may seem really confusing because even when i was doing it was kind of confusing i kinda had to make a couple to kind of get the hang of it but i’m sure you guys will as you practice and making more I mean after all you need to make 14 so i’m sure by the end he’ll probably get this part down photo couple times in the video just so you can visually see how to do it and it may be easier for all you creatives out there to actually see it visually after you tie a knot at the top just cut the bottom the arms across the separate the cardboard from the yarns and then tie the loose yarn piece at the top around to create that Bali thing at the top of the tassel yeah now two hours later after making all the tassels just kidding but it’d probably make take you 30 minutes to make the tassels though but after all that tie the ends of your yarn strands that are hanging from the dolls around your tassels to attach them step 6 I promise we’re almost done but now just measure out and cut out seven more pieces of yarn at 15 inches each once you cut all those out simply attach the rest of your tassels to each one using the same method as before guys now the final step and now you just want to tie the tassel left end of your yarn strand around the above tassel and this part is the most exciting because you can begin to see your new wall hang take shape and then use continuous step for the other six tassels and you are done also be sure to cut off any extra little strands that you might see hanging and there’s your new wall hang
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