TODDLER BEDROOM TOUR . I am hard with them today and usually I like to call these videos that night but i’m trying to do it during the day and thus there has been a noise in the background as well as that I am a bit flowy so i apologize if I’m like all throughout this video it’s like something I can help i really had hoped that i was passed this whole blue stage and turns out I was wrong we are almost at the end of winter here in Australia and I was very close to getting out of it without getting sitting in and then it can be like a ton of bricks so here i am doing videos with a dirty running noise and yeah you guys don’t need to know all the gory details anyway so it today like i said i’m doing this room two are those of you guys who don’t know already arty is my middle child to have three my middle one he’s also my eldest son.



And he has a woodland themed bedroom is be honest I don’t like to play favorites but i think his room is my favorite room in the entire house just because it’s so intricate there’s so much time and effort that went into making that bedroom and it’s been this woodland thing ever since he was a baby in his little car in the nursery and just over the years and he’s got a little bit older with upgraded into a big single event and then a double bed for his most recent third birthday and I just kept with that wooden thing we also call him marching band so i bought a lot of the elements into the bedroom as well and you’ll also see a lot of his godmother in the bedroom because she is a very present person in our lives and she does a lot for her godson so you see a lot of her shining three in his bedroom as well so with that.



I will stop jabbering on and we’ll get straight into it so as we walk into our cheese room this is the first few we get as you can see there’s a lot of pages and white and neutral colors but we also have pops of slightly darker team returns as well just to make up that woodland thing and then when you walk into the room on the Left we have these three shadow boxes which I made by myself just connected four pieces of timber together and stained them there’s sort of busy color and inside of these boxes i just put little bits and bobs that remind me of my little boy and I’ve also put these felt buntings across the top of each one just add a little bit of color now walking into his wardrobe it’s quite thin so I’ve maximize the storage by putting a second rail in and then putting these Russian baskets on the top in the rappin basket I just caught lots of different things that I like to get out of the way so in the first but we have his hard toys to be like to split with we have a couple of different colored balls and things in the second one and then the third one we’ve just got a few more hard plastic toys that he really likes to play with on the top we’ve just got jumpers and a few nice button-up shirts and then down the bottom was just got some nicer t-shirts and this is an extended around I just got from bunnings.

And it’s really cool it’s totally removable and it doesn’t like your walls this is a dream catcher that I made the Archie before he was born and then we move onto his bed and this is just an ikea one it’s just a natural pine timber bed and it’s been really good for him and it’s nice and low to the ground I also made this cute what are they called flynet I think and put the bunting around the top to match the shadow boxes on his bed we have his teddy bear that he loves to sleep with every night this cushion that i printed for him myself before he was born another cushion that was printed for him by his godmother before he was born and I love this one got this cute paper design on the back and then these questions that I put on his bed the print on them is actually from a dinner that I made for him that was on his single size bed and I wanted to keep it because i love the print so I’ve just put on some pillowcases and then moving onto the side of his bed we have these great that has all of his favorite stories in it and this little moustache talk board that has his name moment up here we have four letters they are and you might see in other places there is a nickname for Archie.

And so that’s why we have it everywhere and then on the top of the Shelf we also have these cute rattle that was given to him by his godmother on his christening so just lovely no sentimental things this is a tree bridge but i made it a cool hanging rack by myself in a DIY project and I just hanging shirt and his hats on their think it looks really cured I just like to display all of those really cute little items and then we have his chest of drawers which is just the ikea collapse bookshelves and then I just put the drawer into it so these were white but I put some linoleum flooring on the drawers and it made it looks like that timber effect in his drawers I thought shorten his top 10 pants in the bottom one in this one I thought singlets and sort of play tops there and then in the drawer below that I believe we’ve got like some more play shirt so once that he would sort of we’re outside in the modern note then this one I’ve got a drawer divider which I made out of balsa wood and I just took the piece of balsa wood measured out the length that I wanted to create and made my own little cuts into the balsa wood and then all i had to do after measuring it all life and cutting with sliding it together and i’ll show you how to do that in a minute there we go so they just slot all together and then seep into the drawers to create compartment so I’ve only done like that to one of our Jesus rules but I really should do it to the rest because it just makes things so much more easy and organized especially for little boys who like to dig around the drawers so in this draw that the young compartment done no in this draw we’ve got some beanies.

I’ve got a pair of mittens there for him in winter we have a nice infinity scarf off to the side here in the other side i believe we get a very tired yeah it fits perfectly in there and then the other two I like to put socks which currently in the wash and then down in this bottom drive just what his cute little bunny slippers that are easy for him to access but nice and tucked away then on the top his underdrawers so empty i’m doing the washing I promise you guys and then down below we have his pajama drawer so really easy to him to access in the spare cubes we have these cute little Beatrix Potter characters which was James’s when he was a baby and then we have this matrix potter themed I which Archie got for his christening and I just think they’re really cute i love that they were James when he was little and now they’re in Archie’s room this is another gift from his godmother for his third birthday is just a cute little bag with little Australian animal figurines and that she knows he loves them so we put those in there we’ve got a little growth chart in there and then a little c frame that I should I really should put a personal picture in now I think here i have the ikea lanten and behind i have one of those flameless candles it’s true big to go in the lenten but yeah I just haven’t bought another one yet and this landing at this not what was odd a lighthouse which was James when he was a baby as well next we just had this little rustic bicycle doesn’t really go with the woodland thing but i liked the way it into everything else then on top here we have this Archie puzzle which is another godmother give I love that it’s got the letters of the alphabet unit that so actually can recognize his name we also have these cute what is that called a tow truck and dump truck.

I can’t remember what contract that is and then we have this bear front cap which was also made by his godmother with their themed books as well so we have we’re going on a bear hunt which is very classic children’s story which is a such a beautiful story and song and this is actually called hottie thepiratebay out which I don’t know how great found it or where she found it but I’m in love with this book i love that it has RT varun it and so we’ve always displayed in his room now this map James picked up from his work because they do stock a lot of different maps and it’s a really natural tone map so i really liked having that color in the room and I made this frame out of crown molding and just stand it with coffee now on the roof just got a ceiling fan and then on his bed we’ve got this crocheted like that which my mom made for him love it it’s so cute i love the colors in it and then down under the bed we’ve just talked away his comic so it fits nicely under there and is just tucked away and then the last thing that we have on the floor is this floor mat which I was a DIY project but i’m going to link down below to a place where you guys can buy almost the exact same one that’s where i got my inspiration from you’re just so cute i love the way they sit on the floor and not really i don’t know i love that it adds that pop of white to the bedroom but it still sticks with the woodland thing and that is Archie’s bedroom


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