kitchen decor ideas
kitchen decor ideas

30 Smart kitchen decor ideas


Kitchen decor ideas . Soon, you are going to find 30 Inexpensive ways to make the kitchen your Happy Place. by Maitland Quitmeyer. if you follow these ideas, your kitchen won’t be just a place where the food is. our Smart kitchen decor ideas begin with:

kitchen decor ideas
kitchen decor ideas

1. Transform IKEA lights into cool copper barn lights by Kojo-design.

2. Create a roll down grocery or to do list. Learn the DIY inside description area.

3. Create a rolling island for extra counter space from paper daisy design. 4. Have fresh herbs year-round by planting an adorable tea tin garden from house andhome.

5. Maximize your storage potential by adding a lazy Susan into your pantry.

6. Etch and fill olive oil bottles with dish soap for a prettier sink. No more unwieldy plastic bottles.

7. Use peel and stick film to make any of your appliances look like stainless steel. a little magic trick from amazon. find the buy link inside info area.

8. Keep bulk ingredients in big glass jars so you always know how much you have left Don’t run out of oatmeal in the middle of making oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. You can buy various sizes at Crateandbarrel.

9. Mount trash bags on a roll underneath your sink for easy access.

10. Use peel and stick tiles for a fast and easy back-splash update. Purchase these at Smart Tiles.

11. Spray paint your fridge a bold color, or use metallic duct tape to create a graphic design. Get all your inspiration from the 12. This is the right way to organize space under your kitchen sink. Even hidden clutter is no-good clutter. .

13. DIY a kitchen command center to keep everyone’s paperwork in order from onecreativehousewife. Never forget a field trip permission slip again.

14. Spray paint a faucet for a super quick sink facelift.

15. Paint over old linoleum floors for a graphic update. 16. Make your own butcher block counter tops on the cheap. Get the DIY under the video.

17. And use these awesome free printables for schmancy labeling

18. Make a kitchen pegboard with chalk outlines to give all your cookware a proper home These are Bonus points for being cute as heck.

19. Label your kitchen shelves for easy ingredient-finding. No judgment if all the shelves are labeled”Sweet”.

20. Paint the insides of your cabinets for a fun surprise.

21. DIY a marble utensil holder using contact paper. Get all of the fancy without all of the dollar. Get the clue under this video.

22. And fill it with pastel-dipped wooden spoons for a springy touch.

23. Or stow them in this easy mason jar organizer. Perfect for that strip of wall that’s too small for any other purpose.

24. DIY adorable shutters for the window above your sink for just $10.

25. For eat-in kitchens that aren’t quite big enough for a full table and chairs, DIY a banquette bench.

26. Add a transom window to a wide wall opening without losing any light.

27. Make a simple weekly menu board using wood and chalkboard paint

28. Make these super twee dish towels to spruce up an old fashioned kitchenette Anthro knock-off for the win.

29. Turn dish towels into easy window treatments

30. And treat yourself to the poster every kitchen needs from Etsy.

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