A Guide To Gallery Wall and Dining Room Decor At Any Age

Dining Room Decor . I wanted to share with you how are driving room look it’s pretty much fun and I really love it i also want to share our gallery wall with you a lot of you guys s to see it when I was John i love how it turned out on a definitely give you a closer look so i have been doing before and after videos of each room as I complete them so i am going to include them clip of what our dining room looked like before we did any of the renovation.
And some people actually thought that we bought our house like bit but we actually bought our house and renovated almost the entire thing so we’re we’re getting really close to being done and it feels great.

Gallery Wall and Dining Room Decor


So I wanted to share with you everything that we have done in this room and where we purchased everything because they get asked about that robot and i have done that for previous rooms and i will link all of the rooms that I’ve completed below this room is painted benjamin moore great owl it’s a really beautiful gray color i get asked about this color all the time this is the same color that we have in the kitchen the entryway living room and a good portion of our house is painted this color this is not the color i have in our bedroom about that is Benjamin Moore smoke just to clarify high so that that’s the color on the wall we did all new baseboards and only fluorine the floor is a beautiful maple floor and it is really would i get asked about that a lot as well this was one of our major projects there with old and dirty to and carpet in here.

And I just love having these beautiful hardwood floors i have shared this recently but we got a new dining table this is from world market love this table I was looking for something this size that wasn’t too big but something with an extension and this worked out really well and i just love with table it does have a leaf in it and it’s really nice because it kind of folds under like a butterfly leaf and we have an extended because we have been having people over for dinner recently and it just seems to work out well to leave it like this and it feels this space up really nicely i did want to mention i am recording this on a gloomy day it is going to be smelling soon this makes it easier for filming pictures on the wall so that there isn’t a glare and everything but in case it looks a little bit gloomy that fly so i wanted to share some of the things that we have done we got this from pure one and i just love the colors on with me and we picked this out it just hide everything and really nicely i’m sure you have seen my island of the blue it has a theme color of the table and the photo and then we have our blue and grades and things over here as well so it just ties this room and with everything at time the table in the type the table child and really well with the mirror that i have over the fireplace and I just really love how everything of coming together though all quickly share some of the things that have on the table now i will be changing the decor on the table out i’m sure most people do that but I saw these pieces and just really love them i got this place mat from pure one this wooden base from target this really pretty Bowl is from target as well this guy doesn’t quite go with the style of my home but I just really liked him and I like the blue.

I got this at world market and I chose to put quarrel flowers and the beef it’s nice and springy and they coordinate well with my cloth napkins which I’ll show you in just a moment i also have some quarrel flowers in the entryway as well these are from pure one so I have white plates that we going to have the table set and I chose these napkins I do have other ambitions but these are the ones that I chose for spring I think these are so pretty they have the green our Ottoman of this green color and then they have a little bit of blue and gray and the coral and then obviously the white for the table so I feel like this time everything together really nicely over here i have our gallery wall now I was originally going to put these photos in our master bedroom and I had all of them wait out in our bedroom on the dresser for a while and I was trying to decide on frames and I was person purchasing frame but John and my boys taps admiring the photos and they were like these pictures are really cool and they’re all from different trips that we have taken and i took all of these photos and i thought this should be somewhere you know that everyone can see so i decided to put them out here I was originally going to do a gallery while out here anyway but I chose the black-and-white photos of our trips because they wanted everyone to be able to see them I thought they would be good conversation photos and I’ve been pleasing family photos around my living room and entryway bedroom and different room and little frame but i really like this because it’s very personal it it shared a lot of you know things that we like to do and everything but the black-and-white makes it so that it’s not just like a hodgepodge of colors and things that’s just my style it’s keeping with the style of our living room dining room and kitchen with the white and the black and white photo i can add to this I made sure that I left enough room because we do have some other trips that we would like to take and i would like to add photos to this well so that was my thinking I chose all white frames i was originally going to do different frames i purchased the mirrored frame with some silver frames and and different one but with black-and-white photos i really think the white frame makes them pop so that was my thinking on that and I just think it looks really nice.

I did decide to do different frames so some of them are from ikea I got some from home good like this one here is a mikasa frame and it’s a really pretty frame and I’ve just picked up frames from different places when I happened to see white frames i really do like frames with matting again to make the photo pop and I wanted to share this with you and and then i will give you a closer look at all of the photos so i decided instead of putting a bunch of nails in the wall to use the command strips or the 3m strip and they have one that will hold up to 16 pounds and i would show you but i ended up using all of them if you remember I used them in my laundry room to hand the letters and there because i have wash and dry on my journey or i’m sorry in my laundry room and I didn’t want to have all of those hold either and they have been up for a while and i haven’t had any problems however that they would be great in here but basically they stick to the back of the photo and then onto the wall and you can easily remove them and I don’t believe that they will damage the pain i moved minor a little bit and didn’t have any problem so that the great thing to use for gallery walls and that way can move things around and if you ever want to add to it it should be no problem so let me go ahead and give you a closer look at the photos this is why so mean on this thing is so much better because normally there would be a square

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