Best Modern Kitchen Design Ideas 2016


Best Modern Kitchen Design . last week we take a look at the hottest kitchen design Queens race from your Katina the biggest kitchen design food in the world yeah walking around your cochina 2016 the excitement is palpable my first observation is that we’re seeing the emergence of the artisan in the kitchen the kitchen space is no longer place you go to just to prepare food at convenient functional space it’s a place to perform heart accident was pretty important for design we’re talking about recover and recreate all pieces and new pieces it’s very important to the way that you compose those materials from your history of design and how to match them in any way I find that there’s definitely a trend towards autism all styling so ceramic pieces on display metal detailing very creative and unique spaces another trend.

Best Modern Kitchen Design Ideas
Best Modern Kitchen Design Ideas

We’ve seen here would be the multi-level kind of work surface island in the kitchens and you’ve got your little story of all your sinks and you’re chopping blocks also from one area and connected to that you’ve got out of dining entertainment area which makes it all the more conducive to the chef in the kitchen having sort of a dinner party and everyone kind of all which is really great another big train with things here at your katina is open solving it’s perfect for displaying your styling items and creating a room divider for any large space training this year that we have brought to your cucina is a open shelving with back leads introducing a metal frame and shelves made out the natural stone and composite stones.

Best Modern Kitchen Design Ideas 2016

I’ve noticed that the shelving trend is quite big the users room dividers the ceilings are very high the shelving is not very deep so key items on display and generally very natural materials that with the shelving continuing trend that we’ve seen Joe cucina which is just the an authentic interpretation of the space in order to achieve that you can just have a kitchen full of solid cabinets and it’s helpful to bring some some open shelving cabinetry we’re sort of had a bronze tensile smoky center gloss and that just again office and depth and offered some character it allows the homeowner – to personalize the space you have this ultra modern kitchen but just with that settle feel of this is my home this is my spaces of personal to me when you’re thinking and start and think about a concept of forest island it’s pretty important the way that true going to match different material so it’s it’s it must be an experience I’m seeing that within the same plane the material is very so you could have engineered quartz surfaces would steal and porcelain all in the same play marvel of course because it’s silly featured prominently as well and this gives a lovely collage colors and textures it’s often see that surfaces are the most important part of your kitchen whether you have Caesarstone tops or a combination of materials one thing’s for sure mixing textures and thicknesses is rather than treat surfaces are the most important part of a key chain because you’re attaching it every time you’re working on it so people love to touch and get involved with the materials that are using and then they’re touching their so it’s more of these are tactile experience to cook.

So it’s pretty important to use materials that people love to change different train with services which has been a very interesting development over the years we became from very chunky counters we then went through a stage of extremely thin counters and this year is definitely a focus on the combination of the two so you’re combining the thickness of remaining the texture and offered a lot of interesting characters into the overall special what we’re seeing what could we be starting to bring in a lot of textures into the kitchen a lot of authentic sort of real war materials we still wanting that modern feel and so what did not pay class-leading war does and offers a lot of tip so they offer you that contrast between the the perfection of the glove which is a very rough texture this is a keeps the modern field this year Erica Tina we’ve seen a lot of integration of digital technology within the kitchen space and I think that comes from just making our lives easier and in terms of how we operate in multi task smart kitchens are the trend for this year we are introducing on the market this new technology like a digital scale and the wireless charger where you can put just simply your phone over the table and will automatically charged by himself in addition we are introducing smart apps and things like that can be with a remote control just by the gesture of your hand this is a presentation about.

How the future kitchen would be it will work then to Wi-Fi connection between your mobile phone and your kitchen itself so that you won’t have to be at home to control your kitchen and the kitchen will give you also alt / helpful information as for example their ingredients that you have in your fridge channels that you are missing you can ask for their delivery at home so that you will have all that you need for preparing whatever you want and you don’t have to go to the restaurant in the decor of the kitchen originally it was a lot of stainless steel extractors you don’t see many stainless steel now that covered up now they’re coated day turned into night shades that turned into features the of art in actual effect extracting and giving light of the both at the same time even one standard saw it had music coming out so they’re put speakers in to the actual extractor and so creating that ambience in the future and I’ve seen that many of the extractors are no longer just stand alone artists they now integrated into the design of the kitchen they quite often longer even the long as long as the kitchen island they often have shelves on them containing herbs and utensils it’s a great idea the most important part project is that most fear that you’re going to create to it so it’s important the way that you’re going to match all the arguments on all the things that create us case to to create an atmosphere and the Creator experience with it so we’re talking about colors we’re talking about materials are talking about lights we’re talking about perfumes we’re talking about music we’re talking about many many things that create together and atmosphere is honest applying a lot of change into atmosphere joining on color lacking in particular what stage lighting and styling creating a space and creating an atmosphere that’s quite intentional to suit the occasion of the people who are going to use.

This place that trend i’ve seen definitely a genius idea is that we have their started bringing the feeling back into the kitchen over the last few years there was starting to be a bit of a disconnect I’m a target it was becoming a bit cold but now I really bringing that authentic feeling at the kitchen is there to be used to prepare food to enjoy good company and we seeing that coming food in in a lot of the display showing that jacket universe here the inclusion of greenery also helps to bring a sense of lash into the kitchen being surrounded by nature can create an atmosphere of serenity and calm which is why we love spotting bonsai trees patent fresh hooves and indoor plants in almost every kitchen unique feature walls have made a big comeback this year geometric shapes and wallpaper moroccan pattern tiles smokey back like glass and even sheets of British gold bronze and copper have become the backdrop for the kitchen design feature walls are the perfect tool for effortlessly pulling the rest of your kitchen elements together along with us a relational sort of kitchen atmosphere that people are desiring your stove is largely farm on the island and sort of those give you the element of it offer you your stage to perform and more than that it offers your way to relate to those who you’re cooking for that makes it very personal gain very relational and it just want to enable you to spread out in the kitchen you can have your your stone you’re cooking zone on your island of your preps I’m in another area refrigeration and that in another area so you can freely move around the kitchen very comfortable with sort of the main focus of this island.

Which is the future but also very relational to interact I’ve noticed that the kitchen harbors moved from the side of the kitchen and to the kitchen island so when you’re making food you’re facing into the room into the people who are your guests or your family cooking has become an entertainment it’s part of what you do when you have people around at the time and the design of the kitchen is reflecting what I love about modern kitchen design is that we get to break the rules transitional kitchens are all about borrowing design elements in different styles in order to create something that’s fresh and transitional design is pretty important now long for a designer on for people who works and design we’re talking about import and get at most years and materials and concepts from many different cultures places and a box of design – we’re talking about introduce thesis from the past pieces from these different atmospheres in your in your project so getting for example roof materials in in a perfect moore gets into a different look at a more contemporary work this brings us to the end of our coverage of the trains here at million design week so don’t forget to follow Jesus turns south africa on social media for more design inspiration

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