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Budget Bedroom Makeover .  I also hosts a bunch of different shows on youtube i have a blog i’m just all over the Internet this guest bedroom is a great example of you can spend a few hundred dollars and make a huge impact just by lay out in a few key accessories so we entertain constantly and we would love to have like a beautiful space for our guests to stay alright so the first thing I do in any space as I walk in.


Budget Bedroom Makeover
Budget Bedroom Makeover


And I analyzed the room no judgment well no all judgment basically discernment is probably the better word my number one rule is to not censor yourself just go for it it’s your space if you like it that’s really all that matter for this room in particular when we walked in initially the bed was basically blocking the door so by shifting the bed we completely opened up the space that I took your advice yeah some things around i already feel like the space is so much more open to me in any space which of the basic layout down then you can kind of play around with accessories and decide in what direction you want to go because we are utilizing a lot of stuff that was already in air the existing desk the missing desk chair that big sort of balinese wooden piece on the wall I knew we wanted a way to blend in that glam with that earthiness what part of the room is bad for us it was that the closet had no doors on it.


Budget Bedroom Makeover


I don’t know if you can tell on camera but it feels chaotic so I chose a sort of neutral pattern has a little bit of gold detail which ties in kind of with that gold part of the closet so I felt like it could keep it closed it was something that was like interesting to look at hanging down but a light enough color that it sort of blended into the wall the window we raised up that curtain rod and we added those dark panel curtains on the side so it really gives a different vibe than the closet and it really just highlights that window even for bed I always love a feeling of symmetry I think it feels like a hotel and Peele glamorous and just I i think there’s nothing more you want in your bedroom then to feel serene I found really simple little nesting side tables that would hold the lamp but also that little nesting part pulls out so you can put a little stuff on there if you want if these little side tables are a great example actually picked them up at ross that it doesn’t have to be traditional those were super inexpensive but they match they offer symmetry.


And I think they blend that kind of modern and earthiness a little bit all together i also bought the same pair of matching lamps so again same same bed one thing above the bed symmetry cozy comfy that time I thought it would be really nice to do a mirror opposite the window because why it bounces light it gives a reflection of that is just a nice place to do it but it is weird to have a mirror that you’re staring at when you’re at a desk so we just put it up a little bit higher and we sort of diffuse it by having a lamp the picture of the girl right there and then a little burn which sort of just softens it I really love how the space turned out I think it’s a great example of how a few simple changes can make a really big difference and ultimately how layout is everything I know it’s going to be good so there’s no like question of like you know I am I gonna like it or am I not going to like it is just a question of like who what direction did she going oh oh yes oh my god wow it’s so glamorous and chic oh it’s so clean like it i got i love it I’m happy right now it’s everything that this room should be it feel bigger and more luxe and just polished and I feel like it just completed my house thank you guys so much for watching I hope that you learned something or this inspired you in your own way to your guest room or your bedroom or whatever and if you do or you have questions let me know below also check out our collab i learned how to make cauliflower rice which I’m totally into since then I’ve been doing a lot with cauliflower even like a cauliflower mash

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