Budget Friendly Apartment Ideas


Budget Friendly Apartment Ideas . alright let’s get started so let’s start with the front door your front door says more than you think it does so why not jazz it up with a wreath reads can cost a ton of freakin money so you know what DIY is honestly going to be your BFF when you’re decorating your first apartment or home or wherever you’re living when you’re fresh out of college I trade this grief for less than twenty bucks that saves me at least sixty dollars also it’s not shown here but definitely get a welcome that welcome at our just don’t know very inviting so go ahead and get you one you can get one for like twenty bucks let’s head to the kitchen first I did not want a lot of things on the counter in my kitchen just things that were very very simple one of the things that I want it with a striped towel for my kitchen couldn’t find one and.

Budget Friendly Apartment Ideas

so I went to this website called zazzle and it added a nice little pizzazz to my kitchen also my on my color scheme is black white and gray so definitely add a pop of color to your kitchen I cannot say this enough you guys mirrors mirrors mirrors are such an inexpensive way to make your room look larger honestly just got these on they’re leaving the owner calls. I just got these mirrors from you can get these walmart from Target or Walmart they’re really really inexpensive think i paid $OPERAND twelve dollars a pop form and I just stopped them on my wall on Burt DIY art again again again i cannot stress enough when you are getting your own place or if you’re ballin on a budget and DIY is going to be your freakin bad friend and not only is DIY your best friend but you got another best friend and their name is ikea ikea is so affordable me my best guy friend created the this di wop artwork with spray paint I think aspect less than ten dollars to create the artwork inside these ikea frames and honestly when you do something that’s you know DIY it has a little bit more meeting to it another tip set your table they just make sure a table look a little bit more put-together you don’t have to use expensive glassware or China just get something that looks good on the table of your choice i got placemats for from z gallerie.

Budget Friendly Apartment Ideas

and little chargers from hobby lobby in my color scheme also get you a centerpiece for the table it really just create a focal point for the table again make sure it’s not too large or not too small but if you don’t even set your table at least at a centerpiece let’s hit to the living room um I haven’t said this yet but you want to make sure that you do get some good staple furniture not going to want to buy every single time you lose like a couch also don’t forget throw some pillows on the couch just because it’s like necessary and no i don’t think i’ve ever seen and a couch with like no accent pillows but always put accent pillows on your colleges i don’t know it just looks better again again di walk gallery wall i create a video on how creative this wall for likely then twenty bucks so if you’re interested.

I’ll have a link of course in the description box along with everything else have some kind of artwork on those large nekkid walls walls need to be dressed get a TV stand that goes with your decor that will hide wires and that also has cabinets and drawers also make sure you get a TV stand that’s large enough to hold your TV don’t get don’t let your TV stand be smaller than your television also use curtains there’s such an inexpensive way to jazz up any room when you do use your curtains i highly recommend putting your curtains closer to the ceiling it creates the illusion of a taller wall and a taller room because it makes your I go up also if you have the choice i highly recommend opting in for an apartment with great natural lighting alrighty so a washroom is basically a washroom and your standard apartment not too much that you can do um I don’t have the my basket shown in this clip but usually washrooms will have some type of shelving so you can put you know you’re washing powder and other things that you need i highly suggest i’m getting baskets to store all of your things it just looks meter and more put together also after a rub down the floor it um pain from target and.

I think it was only like 30 35 bucks but I don’t know it just it looks a little bit more put together let’s head to the bathroom you are going to need storage in your bathroom you know you have towels you have hair products and everything else is sure going to use one of the bank like it because my cabinets are pretty much jam-packed i added a shelf shelf came from lowes and I think it costs less than six dollars also how we recommend getting grass storage it’s just a really simple inexpensive way to kind of climb up your bathroom you can store different things that such as q-tips or cotton balls things that you look that you’re going to use on the daily it’s really really easy to get to and it looks super cute in the back let’s talk about the bedroom the one room that’s probably going to be used more than any other room in your place I personally wanted a bit that had a statement headboard so i decided to make my own and I love the way it came out it came out exactly how I wanted it to but i think it cost me less than forty dollars to create this headboard and it’s all basically the almost the height of my entire on wall and i love that everybody comes to my room is just drawn away I mean blown away by the headboard because i don’t know whether it’s a huge statement piece of course add curtains it just creates a softer effect in your bedroom again keep clutter away try to keep your nice Dan your dressers cleaning on cleanliness is key and organization is too especially when you’re in no smaller spaces i got on these little nightstands from ikea they were super inexpensive and I like them because um I just backed them on top of each other and created this cool little storage space for me where I keep my everyday things storage space is key so sure to use every inch of storage that you can try to have more stuff hidden and then just out and about in your apartment I only have one closet in my entire one-bedroom apartment so as you can see i try to utilize every single inch of space that.

I could this dresser came from ikea as well that’s just another storage space from for my of my clothes also again i am in a one-bedroom and I did not have that much extra corner space so make sure you have a desk area designated workspace is essential in your home you have a home or apartment you probably have bills which means you probably have mail which means that you need a spot for it also if you’re fresh out of college that means that you’re going to be working on things you know for your future so have a designated workspace it will come in handy in ways that you’ve never even knew also I’m a little another little tip is if you have on open wall space for those random wall areas or corners that meat something pop in a vase and put whatever put something up your choice inside alrighty let’s get to the back porch or balcony or whatever that you have um I was always opt for an apartment with a decent view and has decent porch I’m not saying you’re going to be out of here every day but you want when you do out here you want something decent to look at also get decent some decent furniture for your porch on you want something that’s going to be comfortable and sturdy when you’re out here just enjoying it last but not least opt-in for getting an apartment with the security system and a key security system does not by any means means that something is not going to happen but it does give you a little peace of mind when you’re living on your own well that’s it for all of my fresh out of college apartment tips hopefully this was useful to somebody and until next time bye

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