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How To Home Decor . i’m about to show you how to turn some ordinary crayons into a colorful candle this is a great project for the fall time especially if you use coordinating colors and sense if you look grams and be sure to LIKE this video now without further ado let’s fall into the craft to see what i did there to make a crayon candle you’ll want to have the following supplies Dixie Cups.
some sort of clear wax double-sided adhesive candle wicks a glass candle holder some toothpicks a cent if you so choose and of course your favorite colors of crayons start off by attaching the wick to the inside of the glass container with your adhesive now grab your favorite crayons and start to peel the paper off of them once they’re stripped of their paper it’s time to break them into small pieces each color is going to get its own Dixie cup you’ll also want to fill the rest of each cup with some clear wax if you have a scented wax cube you should put that in as well take one of your field cups and place it in the microwave.

CRAYON CANDLE – How To – Home Decor – Fall Into Crafts



I’m putting mine in for about two minutes and 20 seconds carefully take the cup out of the microwave if it looks like the wax is melted now stir your wax mixture with a toothpick or a popsicle stick let your wax cool off a little bit and then pour it into the candle holder when using multiple colors left the wax to dry completely between layers making more than one candle at once is a great idea for any of you who are impatient because you’ll probably end up waiting 15 to 30 minutes between pores that can get super boring prepare each cup of wax the exact same way and let each layer cool off before moving on to the next on to the next one once all your colors are poured as you can see you will have an awesome candle so purty these guys are great for home decor they look fabulous in your living room or bedroom or wherever the heck you want to put it oh and also check out my heart cry am video if you want to learn how to make your own heart shape crayons i have a video on how to do that remember if you make this to use hashtag socraftastic on Instagram so i can see your lovely candle oh my gosh you look so cool when it’s lit so we’re just going to watch this burn for a little bit and watch the flames way in the non-existent wind I’m probably waving my hand here to try and not have the smoke alarm go off

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