DIY: 3 Easy Summer Home Decor Ideas

Easy Summer Home Decor Ideas.then I have the perfect somebody our projects for you that you can make during your location or any other time these ideas are super easy to make and they will help you to make your home more cheerful and cute and today’s video is a special video since i collaborated with Sophia from the fear style and she will show you a different ideas so you can decorate your home with DIY llaman flowers on her channel so make sure to check out her video after watching this one and for now let’s start with my three summer decoration ideas for the with Sparrow you’re going to need plastic folders scissors a pencil a ruler and now the threat first decide what color you would like to use and then measure up a square is about 15 centimeters long on each side then mark the center of the square and start drawing a spiral starting from this point in the middle the space between the Lions will be about one or two centimeters it hasn’t been perfect but just try to make it as even as you can then cut out the square and start cutting out the spiral as well starting from the end .

Just carefully cut it out until you reach the middle then cut off the square frame right by you started cutting out the spiral to make it more clean you can now go ahead and remove the pencil marks with your razor now we need to make a hole so we can hang it up for this step for the middle of the spiral like so and cut in with your scissors dance thread the string through the hole and secure it by making a few knots then go ahead and measure how long you want the whole that you’d be and make a loop at the end of the threat yeah and you have done.

DIY: 3 Easy Summer Home Decor Ideas


I can hang it up wherever you like I actually used my open window for this but you can use any other area you like for the next project you’re going to need scrapbook paper beads now the thread scissors and clear tape and a branch I fun mine in the park on the grass then measure up a square and the size of your choice I set up with the big butterfly so I measured up a square there’s about 12 centimeters but you don’t have to be that accurate then cut it out and fold the inside from each side like so then fold the paper again so the open side is looking towards you and the spine to the left and then start drawing a butterfly you can actually draw any shape you like but I went with butterflies of course and cut it out and when you cut it out you get to equal shapes then repeat the step and create more butterflies in different sizes and keep the same sellers together now we just need to attach the butterflies to the branch attached to an island threat to the branch starting from the middle and make sure the thread is long enough as you can see i already added the first butterfly in the beetle threads but basically what you have to do now is you have to put one of the butterflies underneath the threat so the string is right in the middle and then secure it with clear tape then at some liquid cooled to the middle and attach another butterfly in the same size and chop really carefully then add a bit of your choice of the string and pull through the threat from the other side two times this is where you create a loop and at the same time you make sure that the beat doesn’t move around.

if you didn’t see exactly how I did it here’s the more detailed version you just basically have to thread the string through hole and thread it again from the same side and you do that two times then add more threads of the branch and attach the butterflies and the beads and let everything dry when everything is dry you can go ahead and fix the butterfly wings if necessary now we just need to add the holder for the branch by attaching the threat to each end make sure you make it in the length of your choice I’ve made mine about 80 centimeters long and the butterfly wind chime is finished you can decorate your walls with that or hanging up your window whatever you prefer for the last year why you’re going to need an embroidery hoop in the size of your choice different kinds of ribbons scissors a hot glue gun and now the threat for this project that shows ribbons with different sizes and textures to make it look more fun then i went ahead and cut off my one made a long ribbons in half if you did that to take a loop and remove the inside look first then we can go ahead and attach the ribbon through the outer loop with hot glue then at the glue to the inside and glue on the rest of the river to the loop as well this by you get a clean finish in the end to make it look more flowy I good on the ribbon about one or two centimeters apart from each other then go ahead and repeat the step with every ribbon you have until you covered up the whole loop then cut some of the good and ribbons in half and glue them to the inside of the loop this one looks like they’re small ribbon attached but it also adds the fun designed to the wind chime as well then at the inner loop back inside and you get a ribbon wind chime now you just need to add the holder to the loop by attaching to threats from one side to the other so you get the cross shape then add another string of threat to secure the cross by making a not from each side if you have that and the threats to move around make a loop to the threats and you are done and this from us some idea where projects for today let me know which ideas your favorite

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