DIY HALLOWEEN ROOM DECOR : 3 Cheap & Easy Room Decor Ideas for Halloween!


DIY HALLOWEEN ROOM DECOR . a lot of you guys have been really excited about my DIYs this year I’m gonna start off with some DIY halloween room decor I’m really happy with the way everything turned out it is so huge they’re really excited to share with you guys a little things that i created but this is the first time you’re stumbling upon my channel what’s up and welcome i would love for you guys to click Subscribe i usually put it somewhere yeah so I’d love for you guys to subscribe and join the family i’m gonna be uploading a new video every single day pretty much until halloween i know i just name this 30 days of halloween but last year ended up in like 45 days following so i’ll probably do that again this year.


We’ll see how it goes but i would love for you guys to join me every single day to check out what I do next so let’s get on into the DIY alright so the first DIY we are going to start out with is the skull base if you will with the flower coming out of the flowers coming out of the top so i chose this circular bouquet of flowers and what I’m doing right now is mapping out a circle on the top of my skull this is a foam school and you want to make sure that it’s something that you can kind of dig into otherwise this will not work so what i’m doing here is just mapping that out as you saw there was kind of a dome shape of the stems underneath the flower so I wanted to make sure that I could cut out enough for this to kind of sit into the school so it was just the flowers coming out of the top and what I’m doing right now is just taking a serrated knife around that circle and kind of creating myself a little place to dig into to scoop out the brains so i’m not going to go crazy with this i’m just going to scoop out enough for the flowers to kind of sit down into the school so that you cannot see those stems underneath as for the flowers.

I’m just going to be cutting off those Leafs and we are going to be using those just set them aside for a little while and then I’m just going to be trimming up this flower bouquet usually these will have a metal in them that you can just kind of been a couple times and it will snap so I just cut around the plastic and then snapped that metal and half system was shorter and then I mapped out right where the very center of my whole was so that I could stick that stem and down into that and make sure that it was perfectly centered so this part is optional you’ll get the same effect without the leaves but i decided that i wanted mine to be a part of my decoration so I just kind of stuck those in on the side and arrange them so that they overlapped a little bit and then once I got them placed exactly where I wanted to since they didn’t go down into the styrofoam i did just hot glue a little bit underneath each one so they stayed in place and then for a fine little creepy effect i got these little spider rings or cupcake toppers whatever you can find these just about anywhere this time of year and i am just going to be adding a little dot of hot glue onto each of the legs and i’m just going to be like randomly placing these down i put one on to the leaf and of course you can just kind of pull those little hot glue strings away because those are so annoying and the other one I’m just putting kind of coming out of the side of the skulls temple.

I thought it looked kinda cool like it was crawling out of the school so that was the end of this DIY it was so so easy you guys really affordable and it just kind of gives your room a really fun and creepy halloween vibe so my next DIY is going to be little black plaques with these gold bugs on them so i just bought a bunch of these plastic bugs and i’m going to be painting them gold to kind of give them a chic effect is that even a thing can bug chic I don’t know regardless they turned out super cute so you can choose whatever Bugsy 12 i chose a fly ass spider and a scorpion there was also some really cool centipedes and other things that would probably look really cool on this as well so what I’m using to paint these gold is this liquid building this stuff is literally amazing it’s just like straight up like liquid gold it really is it just looks like 24 karat gold melted down into a paint it is the coolest stuff ever if you’ve never used it you can do tons and tons of projects with the stuff I swear so I’m just going to be taking one of these little foam sponges and painting this over the bugs like I said it gives them a really really cool effect i just love the black and gold together so I’m just going to be adding a coat of paint to the top and bottom of these bugs and then for the clock i’m just taking these little foam sponges again these things are like my favorite and i got these plaques at michaels i believe it was like a dollar ninety-nine for these things so they were really really affordable i decided to get three of these and I’m just going to be giving each one a coat of some black acrylic paint for me I didn’t want to do too many coats because i wanted to still have like a wood grain type of look to it and more paint you do the more plasticky I guess it would look so i love how just doing one coat kind of still gave it that rustic wood look so to make this a little bit more glam.

I’m going around that outer edge of the plaque and just taking it that liquid gilding on a little tiny brush and very carefully going around where you can kind of see the variation of textures in the wood there’s like a little lip right around the edge that I thought would be super cute gold so I just went ahead and painted that yeah yeah and once everything is dry you kind of place your bugs down and see where you want them this is the easiest part of the whole thing you just hot glue those suckers down so I just put a generous the blob of hot glue onto the body of the bug and then just tried my best to get that as centered as possible and just stuck that down until it was dry there’s a million things you could do with these you could put a little command strips on the back and actually hang them on the wall just for the season where you can put them on a shelf and kind of prop them up against the wall you could lay them down flat on anything really the possibilities are endless and last but certainly not least are my little black lace votive candle holders so I just got these clear ones from at home it’s just like a home decor store i saw them on Amazon you can get these all over the place.

And I just got some black lace that was similar in size to the actual glass votive holder and i just measured that out to go completely around the glass and once I cut that down to size i just added a little strip of hot glue kind of inconspicuously on the bottom because you don’t want that to be poking out of the lease that would not be cute so what i’m doing here is just placing that down and slowly rolling that along the bottom line once you have that rolled it together you’re going to want to try and steal that seemed up so just add a little dots of hot glue here and there as needed i also added one underneath each of one of those top points of the lace just to make sure that it all stayed down and I just tried to put it in spots that were like really not as noticeable so if there was a thicker . in the lace i would put the hot glue there now that your laces on you can add any little final touches that you would like to i’m going to be going with a purple ribbon and just going to tie it in a bow so what I’m doing is placing that seemed on the backside because obviously you won’t want that showing and then I’m just going to be tying this little skinny ribbon around and tiny cute little bow in the front you can do really anything you wanted to hear i thought about doing some twine that would give it kind of a cute rustic feel so it’s really just up to you i thought it would be cute to do a purple ribbon for halloween oh and this was the final DIY you guys I hope you enjoyed

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