DIY Room Decor From The Dollar Store! CHEAP Room Decorations!

DIY Room Decor . today’s DIY is going to be another room decor from the dollar store and my friend Tiffany actually did a video just like this on her channel so be sure to check it out when you’re done watching this video so starting off with the little like gem coasters are going to need gems some foam rounds and a hot glue gun to just take your a circular piece of foam and begin gluing the gems on to it it’s as simple as that and this turns out super cool.
And definitely looks like it costs way more to make once you’re all done so just go ahead and like I said glue them all over even along the sides and you can kind of just use this when you’re all done is little decorative piece or you can also use it as a coaster we’re going to need a woven placemat this hot glue gun and then you’re also going to need a fiber fill er I actually got that for two dollars at my local craft store so not a dollar but pretty close to start off by taking the little placemat and you just kind of want to fold it in half and then you’re going to begin with your hot glue gun and rest hot glue all of the edges together except you want to leave one side open so we’re going to start off by gluing that side of the half down and then the other like longer strip but make sure you leave the top part open because once you’re done hot gluing you’re going to have to add your filling just going to stuff the pillow i ended up using the entire bag of the filler so you just need like a really small packet of this because the pillow is going to be relatively small so just go ahead and fill up your pillow and kind of push it down a little bit because when you walk through it you don’t want it to come apart so then when you’re done just go ahead and hot glued down that last side.

DIY Room Decor From The Dollar Store! CHEAP Room Decorations!


This time takes a little bit longer because it’s a little difficult now that the pillow is stuffed but don’t really worry about it you can just move the filler out of the way and and once you’re done the pillow looks like this DIY you are going to need a mason jar some clear gems a candlestick holder big flowers and a hot glue gun and yes I get this question all the time my hot glue gun is also from the dollar store so begin by adding a layer of hot glue to the top of your candlestick holder take your mason jar and you just want to place it right on top press it down firmly right away because the glue dries relatively quickly and here you’re going to add your clear gemstones but make sure to not spill them all over the place like you see me doing here.

I chose clear because I kind of sort of feel like it gives the illusion that there may be water in the jar you guys kind of know where i’m going with that right and then after you’re done adding your dreams you’re just going to go ahead and add to take flowers now they do kind of like have to be bad back and forth and then they will just like snap right off of the stem because there is a little piece of metal in them and then after that you’re just going ahead and place them into the gems and I just think that this is such a cute pop of color and it’s just such a cute little floral arrangement I hope you guys enjoyed this DIY if you did don’t forget to give it a thumbs up my twitter and instagram will be linked down below and don’t forget to click on that little picture right there and check out Tiffany’s dollar store DIY

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