Spring Kitchen Decor
Spring Kitchen Decor

Dollar Tree Hau- Spring Kitchen Decor


Spring Kitchen Decor . I mean it’s crazy to me that three thousand people decided to click the subscribe button and you guys are all just amazing I’ve met such wonderful sweet people here and I really want to do you know I haven’t been as consistent with my youtube videos there’s just been a lot personally that has been going on in my life and I do want to get more consistent videos that’s something that is actually one of my goals for this year but i think i would really good shot video and let you guys know what has been going on in my life so you can get kind of like they’re using my have been so like in and out of you too.

Spring Kitchen Decor
Spring Kitchen Decor

I’m sort of my game to you guys so this isn’t like one of my biggest RC halls bring can find some people things and so that’s good to me let’s do this so what there’s actually two bags look at this big koala so you guys know that i have this like whole down times seem in my kitchen and pink hearts red in a minute so I’m changing it up you know how it is and so I that these kitchen towels i thought they were really cute they have a blue and green which is my theme now so ah yeah I like it it reminds me of like jaw breakers like the inside of a jawbreaker you guys now he has not mean and I got a bright green oven mitt to catch my kitchen towels

Dollar Tree Hau- Spring Kitchen DecorĀ 

And everything else which you will see and then I got a microfiber dish drawing that you can also use this as like a coffee Matt you can put like you’re caring for your coffee maker on top of the what you called dish drying that and just in case of time you like coffee drips you don’t want to get coffee drips on your counter because that does pain so there’s your solution that’s what I typically do with these or you can use them you know after you’re done washing your dishes got ya they actually have one in walmart that has like a coffee . actually have that in the kitchen now but that’s like almost three dollars so i don’t know that i got some body whites for my daughters and this is the boogie wipes blasters I guess in the bberry sent I have never tried.

I mean only a moment I’m going to smoke us it’s actually really good at the grad Mary Mother of rude monger is the next thing that I’m going to show your super q and if you have any kills you don’t need these and there was two sets one of the boys 14 girls and it’s like this lunch set and for the girls of course frozen and for the boys blue bows neutrals which is also super cool so I got the water bottle with on and Olaf and then a little like snack container and it has all off and I don’t remember in the Moose’s meme is for you me but it really cool and then the plate and a bowl and then for a little sandwich sandwich carrier.

So I think this is really cute it’s also a good collector’s item I know there’s a lot of people want frozen stuff so really cool and then i’m going to stickers because I cannot for the life of me leave without picking up stickers from the doctor because stickers are getting expensive and if i find really cute girls they’re going to be my eyes get really these are so cute these are puffy stickers and they’re like ice cream like dessert sheet stickers and they are really thinking cute hopefully you can see that so yes or no we’re going to the themes ok and then I got some owls hopefully you can see that guys but they’re so cute these are all so puffy stickers but they’re so tiny in a perfect for my little personal planner because i don’t have like a really big plan and then so be it so cute I don’t have this on auto focus because when i have my camera on our focus that makes this really loud noise so yeah bear with me here and then I got some elephants and these are all so puffy puffy stickers and then some – stickers and I mean I’m not like crazy while these because they’re kind of me like a panic but they’re like and holographic stickers on your lips material and then I got some calendar stickers i don’t know how much stickers are in here.

I mean it says 190-pounder singers by results like this is exactly what is in the sheet because it sounds like a playdate playground movies party sleepovers like waters only have sleepovers now and my daughter feeling for school so right now this isn’t my forte me but i think it up anyways and then I got some class I just like the material they’re like the key and then I got two of these like I don’t know what you call it a tax of stickers like stick your nose and they’re like their easter stickers and then another one and they are different like this one just have a bunch of like chicks and then the other one has a rabbit and then some more like Easter stickers which is cool and then they had Easter washi tape so i picked up some of these and this one is blue with some chick easy some eggs this one is purple with some chickens and eggs as well and then this one has like really great colors.

And click strength and some monies which these are my favorite and some more bunnies more like butt heads with snakes and then I got some more pens I really like the style of me so I picked these up and these are ballpoint pens and they aren’t gelling so they’re black gel ink and then I got more gel pens these are actually like a sword so I mean the flu pink green and purple so you can try them out and then brings up some tape and it says crystal didn’t tape I have tape but it has like that frost to it and forming DIYs and things like that I need just like an old your teeth I picked up some of these and I’m really looking like the jacked brand from the dollar tree they always have really good stuff and then picked up another like big scalloped bowl for my fruit and going to go on the table again I did have the pink one and yes it was chance.

I actually realized that during editing but I just decided it’s just like leave that in but i did replace it with this one so i’m happy to have a blue one didn’t have a blow on the first time around went around but i definitely would have picked up the blue one because i love blue zone I then I picked up some organizational things for my desk that you see there and this is just like a 2-pack drawer organizer so it’s a pretty like medium size and then they had you which are longer and these are just like they just come single i wish they came in like a 2-pack but you do have to manage and a simple form and then I picked up one of these and they come any three pack and they’re just like little tiny ones so I picked up those to organize my desk.

And I will be doing like a what’s in my desk take a video soon is the last thing that big ol bag are and these and these are so cute these are actually please max and they look like this they are see-through I think they really should like a really nice pop of color for your kitchen table and they also have a matte orange but the ones that I chose worthy blue and the green so I got to the ones and i have to spring green ones are kind of like a lime green there they’re right but they’re not like me on so I’m really like these and I’ll show you how I’m going to use them so it next bag and it’s like simply have you guys let me unwrap everything so for me guys these were like the star of the show so if you feed your dollar tree definitely pick them up because i know that they won’t go really really soon so I believe this is like part of their spring collection it so again they did have a orange set as well so i just picked up two months so it’s got one blue one and in green wine and I just think that these two colors go really nicely together I could have got the orange but I felt like it was a bit much.

So I just stuck with those and then these are the last thing from my hall so I got two plates of the green cover gorgeousness so I love that and then I really don’t know don’t break and then I got two of the blue by these pretty these are so pretty so where I’m going to do and you want to be a little bit careful just going to look at your plates because they can have like a little we’re at the edge definitely be careful so these are gorgeous and what i’m going to do i’m actually going to like kind of like Carl Otto for the blue plates I’m just going to place them on the green and then war 3 i’m going to place for people placement and I think that it would be pretty really pretty and then i may just to kind of like bring everything together

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