Easy DIY Kitchen Decor
Easy DIY Kitchen Decor

Easy DIY Kitchen Decor An Incredibly Easy Method That Works For All

Easy DIY Kitchen Decor . I bought that cutting board in the shape of a pig just a couple weeks ago at a thrift store if you don’t know what it looks like i’ll insert clip here and show you that i bought this big cutting board at a thrift store because i just really love pig shaped cutting boards i just think it’s so adorable for a kitchen but since i bought it at a first or I was a little hesitant about using it for actual food use and cutting any food on it.
I just thought that would be kind of a low gross because blood absorbs on bacteria and stuff and really can’t clean it that great so I knew I wasn’t gonna be able to use it for actual cutting foods are serving any sort of food on it so you amazing you know subscribers of my channel commented and like a whole bunch of you said why not use it as a chalkboard in the kitchen and I was like yeah boom my mind exploded of course that’s what I should do that’s the idea I think I even looked up pig like cutting board chalkboards on SE before like years ago when we first he is making a mess in the kitchen but um you know.


Easy DIY Kitchen Decor



I looked up chalk boards for the kitchen before and so now I have the perfect opportunity to do it in my kitchen and I already had chalkboard paint on hand because i had done some other chalkboard projects in the past so let me show you what my pic looks like now in the kitchen alright so here is my Pig now in our kitchen is kind of like at the end of our kitchen we have sort of like a galley-style kitchen and I just had this regular piece of artwork up here before and I thought the pig about it was the perfect spot for it i think it looks so cute and actually this frame before i put the pickup was actually just wood colored and with the you know kind of black of the chalkboard paint I thought a black frame would look better so I painted the frame as well and it’s just um a poster from a friends band so above it I stuck my Pig and as you can see i took some inspiration again from an etsy shop I just was thinking of like cute phrases that i could write on the chalkboard but then I saw this kind of sign for the different parts of a pig the different like meat parts and I thought it was so cute I just recreated it myself and just kind of like outlined each section and wrote on what each thing was i find it particularly worried that the but is actually the shoulder of a pig in case you didn’t know that now you know so i can see i painted just the front of the pig so the whole border is still the original just wood color of the cutting board.


I think it has some nice dimension to it so it’s not just flat black it kind of has like a lighter colored border I just think that looks really nice and I’m already thinking i could write like eat drink and be merry or something like that so i really love having a chalkboard in the kitchen now and I think it’s really really cute and it was so cheap guys the cutting board itself i think was like a dollar or two dollars at the thrift store and then the paint was free i already had it so now we have this really cute you know kitchen e art in our kitchen because a pig is obviously very kitchen ease food-related and I just really love it i think it adds just so you know a little bit of a quirky pneus a little bit of character to our kitchen and while already on the subject of thrifting fines and the kitchen I thought I just point out right here up on our plate rack this above our counter our dishwasher we have a plate rack and this little planter it’s not actually a planter it says popcorn on it and I got this at that same thrift store where I got the cutting board and i said i was thinking of using it as a planter and I did and I just popped in an ikea plan it’s not a real plant that way I won’t have to worry about it dying because not getting enough sunlight or water or whatever so I just like the addition of a little bit of greenery in our kitchen that will stay green all year round so those are my two recent thrift store additions to our kitchen that cost be nearly no money and I think they had a lot of personality and quickness to our kitchen

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