Fall Family Room Decor 2016


Room Decor 2016 . everyone hit list for today’s video I’m super-excited about this is a all living room sore and having a living room tour on my channel I think so this is pretty exciting for me i don’t know i just love everything about the fall time I love that it’s not too cold and i just love leaves and pumpkins.

Fall Family Room Decor 2016
Fall Family Room Decor 2016

And apples and all that jazz so if your noodle free the subscribe button down below also liked this video if you guys want all too and if you guys wanna see how I decorated my living room for the all-time then just keep on watching welcome to my casa of this is my door and all I did to decorate my door is just get this free this is from target i just love these brutes reddish orange colors Leafs for the fall time it’s just my favorite.

Fall Family Room Decor 2016

And also i’m just recycling my rug this was from the summer i bought in the summertime and it kind of matches because as a red heart and it’s kind of rounded up there so yeah that’s that so let’s come on into the red also my house was never this plane is always like toys all over the kids never my films on the couch so it’s just clean because i wanted a nice for you guys just don’t think my house is clean all day yeah right here just my door all i have is this rug that I got last year from target is like an orange triangle run i really like the orange you typically you’re so right over here by the door i have this shoe dress serious type of thing.

I got this mikey i get a lot of questions and where I got this I just oracle winter shoes and super masculine but you know that’s that i got from ikea right here is a mere that i got from Target and it’s just like a yellow rose gold or copper ok and for a key so our dresser don’t get scratched I just got this little dish from urban outfitters and get better keys or sunglasses wallet whatever in there and also i got this little fox from the target dollar spot and yeah just a little box that about be perfect for right here and also that small little candles and anthropology candle I never gonna just love the copper on it so on this side I just got this belt tree I thought so cute its from Target just got it like this year so it should be there most of the stuff i got this year and really decorate last year for the fall time and this little pumpkin is from target as well alright so now we’re in my living room.

And i’m most excited about is my site people and all my final table i love the pumpkin that idea why I found on YouTube although hand for video down below all I basically did to make this pumpkin succulent plant thing it’s just I got a holo pumpkin from target you can get him in like the halloween section and i also just cut off the top then I added some Moss include it on cut it up and put it on and just added this artificial plants that i got from ikea and i just love the way it turned out so me and I just I don’t know upset and like something like.

I know a lot of people won’t have in their house and that’s really nice to like know and right next to it i just have my back and body works leave a candle different packaging i just wanted something different because everybody has that can also like Al grab that one and also my side tables from target as well right here on this wall i decided to TV and just like a normal samsung he’s an old but I just covered up the the wires with some of this like white behind the board is a little messy I hated the way it looks like with a hold of working out like that and my house kinda weird because there’s not really in place to put this TV like that looks so just put it right there on the slide and it’s cool that I could just like you’re eating over there are mostly people all and like move it and in your direction too late to see well and they also have just right here as well so yeah that’s that so right here is my college I’m gonna stay basically where everything from the window menu get a lot of questions on words from wearing breeches it i’m going to go ahead and in words from service annoying but.

I’m going to do it anyway so this conscious friend living spaces i’m good at faces in California and have a limited basis over here in Colorado so all of my throw pillows are from market I just thought in like a week ago I like the white one about fluffy white color and also this plot black-and-white flat really soft you and i love that i have liked to the same one side and also like the Burnley red-orange color is from target as well i’m gonna get anything I’m saying everything from target but I always shop at Target hobby lobby my clothes everywhere never had my style and how it whenever they come out with anything style is mine so yeah so about the couch we just hung up these two ikea shelves and all the picture frames we got from ikea this little spot i got from Target and it kind of matches like the reddish and burn colors i have going on there and also we went to the pumpkin patch using was like really really sick so you don’t want to take any pictures and it was just like all bad so Emma she was a good sport and she thinks in pictures and I also got this like permanently from Etsy and like sense whatever reason maybe fall pictures when me and him are a pumpkin patch so on this ledge over here.

I just hung up our wedding picture we have like a tree limb we fall preparatory got on FB like i like the little printouts I got messy and also this autumn is my favorite color so true and I don’t block my fault i want to get it so bad wish super cheap like two three dollars for print out like an incident out and i also have these lights that I had for a long time they’re from Target and also this clock is also from target as well and that’s a fact 40 here so down below our college we have our rug my rugged from west el I wanted this so bad and we don’t hold off on it a lot of times because it was pretty pricey one of our biggest gorges that we have in our help and guide just love the way it looks the white and black so over here I just have my career and I think my curtains are from ross and the rod is also from Roswell was really for all that the right next to it we have our little boy you’re going to do and take the kids books on the top and has been and even been I don’t want to show you is like it’s a survey just throw all their toys in there so I just like how clean it looks doesn’t look like such mass and also the kids kitchen is from ikea we did a DIY on it we just painted it white and we also just added some marble contact paper spray painted black got these at home depot spray-painting some gold and yeah let’s just look at the Ivy did and i love the way it turned out and my husband actually put it out of your project board and sharpie.

And measured it and gas so we just have like these little holes i got from Target or like legit was going to soak you and I just look how everything looks so real in their kitchen and I also got this little plant from target as well this is from the dollar section of target from last year and is pumpkin right here is from target from this year the little lights are from target the copper life and just a picture frame of living like a repeat right over here we have our dining table which I really love and I got a procession good deal because I call a similar people like this on West like a ridiculous amount of money i was really thinking about buying it but I’m like I kids like you know you’re young and these build the big boys and this was really really affordable we got this from target online all the way book and was that it would color gradient color and that the camera and we also just have like watching my basement but i got from ikea reach as well and little center right here its from Target we just chose the white cherries and I like men and college other colors and all even like it metal to go along with this looks like a totally for sure but I was like those but i just decided to get the white winds hit they have this little bench here and it’s so easy for them to get on and off and looked really comfortable and they seem to like it as well so no more like Brucie’s more high chairs for us so on our wall above our kitchen table we just have this banner it’s actually really good Molly banner was pretty pricey can click the box from twelve dollars for the center at target and i just love how high quality is and just give thanks i get sixty being all type of banner so i really like it so yr table we decided if it was humongous picture frame that we got here just because behind it like big control panel I don’t know why they’re having quiet but yeah they have an inside look so idea and it was really hard to find something to cover that all so we just you know decided against drawing a picture frame and we still have to get really nice and make sure that i saw on but it’s like super-expensive my husband just a picture of a succulent for now and so yeah that’s that alright so we made it more in kitchen and our kitchen I’d like a really just a little more subtle thanks for the kitchen.

So i got this beads from ikea i got these little flowers fear from dollar tree and like two years ago I think I just kept them and also these two little pumpkins that i got from Brooklyn yeah just like little light up pumpkin is really pretty and like a glass at the not really glass the glass but it seems like wise and over here just have this kitchen towel in orange color just like that but Flo checkered everything and also brought out my map from last year and it was like why in black and its really nice homemade and the one on the bottom this was really good feet and above myself I just have my two little boxes of all year round with a mostly in the ball that time so right here to hold my utensil I just got this landmark cool things that i got from what am I believe and also just like this little base that i got from ikea and just have some influence in there and also just have like this little itty-bitty nice that that i love and yeah I don’t like a big people one really useful for us and also like these canisters and I just have to redo all this with I really don’t need what’s inside there and right here I got this little lantern from ikea and that’s also a little bit candle for my key as well so over here I just have a star that i got from Target.

I had my eye on this jar for a long time but it was just like twenty dollars and I want to target looks like two days ago and it was on clearance for thirty dollars so i got a girly girl so excited about that and it matches like my theme going on already and that ok for the last little decoration is what even colored for me just like a little big sheet of pumpkins and just color it all beautiful and yeah that’s his artwork just wanted to show you guys oh and these magnets I love him so much more from target and i just love the color block they have like gold and my pink and light green color and yes I don’t really like that so that’s it for my fault house for everybody has enjoyed it and I’m i think you’re pretty subtle when it comes to decorating and it was actually a little bit of a challenge for me and I feel like like my favorite decorations were from target because i don’t know i just love it just looked sloppy target so I also wanted to mention that i am going to be still doing in-house story i know i’ve been telling us that forever but I just want to organize a couple more things and then get a few things for my bedroom and then after that we should be doing a house or hopefully within like the next couple months

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