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Home Decor Trends with interior designer Emily Austin

Home Decor Trends .  we’re highlighting local entrepreneurs who have some serious style anally also have family also Interiors is here to tell us all about her interior design firm hi I am ready welcome to prime time thank you very much obviously just here’s looking at you could tell you have style think but you brought us some props I wanted to know about your company what you love to do why you’re different from other interior designers well I graduated from Design Institute a San Diego in 2008 and I was lucky enough to procure a internship but it was only part time in its six-month and I decided I wanted to branch out to something more so its affiliates the site up my own company if yes certainly a leap of faith in it not without its struggles but it was something I was glad I ended up doing so I’m is this something like I know what I’m doing something I love and I could ever do Juma just don’t love way when you’re into it you think about it Milan night after getting excited about it you’re covering at least stop that that I create and generate new ideas yeah I need a solution to a problem my head hit the pillow and that’s why.

I think about another night that is so the way we love love my sign issues actually self so creative okay so do you so you don’t get your have one particular style you can go on it people ask me that a lot it’s kinda difficult question to answer ans up my style is basically based on my inspiration comes from my travels so have the luxury to be able to travel for the last twenty years it’s something that my father really instilled in me.

Home Decor Trends with interior designer Emily Austin

When I was young fell I’ve had the lecture be able to go to places like Spain South America France Italy is and what not and that’s really influence my design styling it gives me the versatility to be able to work with a wide variety of clientele cell so what country do you think it puts you the most that’s a hard one today was one of my favorite and mainly because I love the people and they were so they were energetic excited about their architecture in there culture and that’s really spoke with me really resonated with me so that’s basically we’re getting information from inspiration from awesome what sets you apart from other interior designers I say that I really firmly believe and listening to my client’s wishes and I also really prefer to communicate with them have I create a bond between us that’s not just a working relationship I like to I did get in there and get to know them whether it’s a single client are a couple couples are specially easy to work with I’m third sometimes they have different opinions I don’t agree with their would be hard cuz you’re doing what to do right tasty right but by getting to know them you’re able to tips the one who likes what were who prefers what find that sucks but sometimes a little grants yeah he says the family later exactly so it’s fun for me I like doing up and I’ll ever stop saying relationships with my clients and a lot of them have become my friends actually know it for me I don’t have the time to is no white looks really good because I’m so busy with the show my kids with my other business.

So I would have loved as a really inert show me introduce me as I was that which is love it school in the people as well absolutely a lot of people going to project and the fam love this I hate that and by the time we’re done it’s actually reversed self my job is basically just open their eyes and another push anything on the 590 and they don’t like it we we move on but I definitely open their eyes then try to get them to think outside the box a little bit and just consider something different and I think nine percent of the time it works so sometimes you know I’ve always been more traditional but I do like minor but mater seems to be so call can you combine the two absolutely I say would love that absolutely so I mean especially there are so many fabulous products out here now and there also reasonably priced so you don’t have to spend a fortune on revamping your entire house you can just a little pieces here and there and home goods you know even TJ Maxx pier 1 things like that just kind of incorporating and those different elements at the way to curb when the new with old so pay doesn’t everybody at Marshalls and so on a beach knows me by name I love it I love it all the time me too am I was really my kids like Valentine’s cars and they said you’re the best dressed girls you the best risk it here on my type either cause a Marshall yeah I do is just picking the right place but you have to spendable retire because everyone knows I’m not a full retail shrader like to say I magnin comes up tell us what you got here well I want to talk about a couple the 2013 design trends mainly that Pantone is the color of the year and every your pants on comes out with a signature color and Zab that’s reflected in both the design in the fashion industry’s and this year the colors emerald what’s one of my favorites I’m classic handle conveys some sophistication its luxurious but it also CM’s for a renewal and growth.

So like that I will dream works really well and entryway to a high-gloss a nap our room making intimate dining room I have or that little too much be able to make bold color you get you that has flashes sailors had an accent wall to make that your focal point I brought in a kind of batteries so what else you got it’s great place around next that’s also in right now so you’ll see a lot of specially in light fixtures lamps table lamps have plays its high polish to give the room a really a sophisticated look vocal point yeah it’s I think about is putting during your space as that little pop both what to say when you got here this is right strikes a strikes are I yeah love stripes my eyes always go to strike yet I love stripes for whatever reason right White Stripes pinstriped out the chevron pattern is really really popular right now out several patterns agreed-upon walls but you’re single floor some pillows on their fun they discovered movement energetic a great for children’s rooms and you even incorporated the green with stripes hearing as cavalierly I cannot start I love them and this I love I know you with a breath okay the brasses n this is not something you find in your grandmother’s attic year i think is perhaps was out at its servers and now process already impressive actually a combination of zinc and copper so it really works well with other metals very easy to incorporate into your space it also has a really lovely patina what’s gets better with age so and this kit you can you get the idea that router and grab the time left: okay another big trend 2013 the floral back but with a twist was the 12th with the white background and its linenger you think I have fits when a bill that’s actually really nice one this feels good it’s got text excellent so the pair the live television oh wow that’s okay.

I can call that might occur with it anyway I the other its again a stylish I it’s fun it’s romantic it keeps looking very with I cannot answer doesn’t get too busy and you can use that with restraint or you can you know put it all over your walls and I think it’s your family if you had a man now somewhat its where you what they’ve got it’s just an example I love the pop of color against the white background I doubt it and I love wat clean its Chris Wright express tied the room together I lately it’s not its contemporary up is OK could could differ is I’m very very tenet and I love the clean thing it’s a look now yeah I do you can’t say that using floors so do you have a website we can pull up to people on it I absolutely do its WWW dot family of the interior’s dot com like it that you like your website give me I like that looks clean I all we’re gonna do my house for a deeper for doctors are gonna die I’m sending our I haven’t I haven’t a decent house and it hasn’t the deck yeah and stain need help now okay good how do you have great taste and you’re not here just like you know the blinders on where you have weinstein failure very excited you do so much that is my I’m consider myself sorta QlikTech 60 I love the plan the new with old I’m just very very diverse mechanic absolute depends on my client what they want and right in Rich’s their lives and they have an idea for you stay tuned there you have it thank you thank you so much for him for having me for you some style I’m not really I’m I we gonna take a quick break prime time we’ll be right back

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