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Home Decor Websites . I’m just going to be sharing that five tips to furnish an empty room I know this is something to be really overwhelming whether you’re moving into your first home your first apartment you walk ahead and all you see is just a blank canvas and you don’t even know where r i am there two years ago so on top of the five tips i’m also going to be sharing with you some of my favorite places to shop for home decor well i hope that you guys find my tips helpful but just have a slight disclaimer I am NOT a professional interior designer a lot of bass know that it is just a passion that I have and it’s something that I enjoy.
And what I maybe my tips can help you write down for example the color scheme that I picked my living room where neutral colors I wanted to be able to i pop up pops of colors with accessories rocks even know why I main colors or gray white and black and are so happened to be Browns but just kind of incorporated the wrong end and that became one of our neutral colors so I should be the color scheme and it will be so much easier for you guys to determine what color you want to paint your walls actually it’s an empty room i would highly recommend you to paint first that’s why you need to establish a color scheme first also nothing category once you establish a color palette determine whether you want your walls to the neutral or if you want your walls to be the pop-up color because you could go either way.


I decided for my wall to be neutral so i can take three to determine a color scheme you have an idea of what colors you want to have in that room your paint is a you’re ready to start furnishing it i would highly suggest that you start with large items if you’re going to have an entertainment center coffee table whatever is a large piece of furniture that you want that room I would start with putting those and first though I have a really awesome website that i use it Mikey teeny actually go in there and create a 4.4 your room it’s really simple to use very sick or a very detailed you can basically customize everything down to the dimensions of your room to where you have windows where you have a door and then you can go and start putting furniture and let’s say you have your eye on you so far from the store and you don’t really know . and that maybe we can go on to me to talk to you . and it will give you a list of accessories that you can add on to your template you can even determine the size of the furniture going to everything so it’s a fantastic website ok so now we got to the point where we have to determine our color scheme we have our main tab we have our big pieces of furniture and and it now I know you want to go and I throw pillow and all the accessories that before that i would highly recommend getting an area of rock first before you even go into the smaller accessories because everybody is really going to do this form and what accessories again oh and also even if you do have a part in that room.

I would still recommend area right it just ties and everything together so beautifully and the reason you want to just before you get smaller accessories if you pick an area where it has a lot of a turn on if you’re going to be accessories with less patterns on them with less texture still got it doesn’t look cluttered I’m now if you go with an area rug that’s ok very simple color or one color you know whenever you go out and get accessories you have a lot more fun with it and have lots of color and texture and sizes and all not so once you have all that you basically done with a row now the fun part and you can go out and really I your personality around I just make it feel however you want i want to be with warm and cozy can go and add foster textures like over soft pillows if you want to place to feel very happy and cheerful you can go out and get accessories that are really color fall and brighten up the space flowers and things like that let’s say your color scheme included three colors eight with gray white yeah purple go up by this point your walls are probably a neutral color you know all gray and then you probably have like black furniture will now you can go out and get a little accessories to tie that purple in you can do this it’s like a pillow you Josie bro candles flowers and you just want to make sure that the positive color are evenly distributed throughout the room so you know one of their own pillow a little bit of purple and coffee table on your wall let’s say once a year you want to change the run up a little bit we can go out and change the accent colors that’s what it was about accessorizing with colored first where is home decorators this store has really awesome really affordable furniture piece and there’s also overstock i bought quite a few pieces from this from this is very similar to home decorators you can get tons of French pieces shipping cost is really low then there is here one.

I love her one for their pillows you have beautiful pillows i have bought a lot of my clothes from there yeah the gallery space now I love that sort of have a lot of your furniture so that’s your style you’re going to look like I’m sure you did watching already shot at store and then just one they’re easily discover is Cara home and this one is really cool they have more like Oh style so that’s like your style you’re really going to love this store and then I have a story that i love for discounted items and these are like flash websites the first one is called hot look which i’m sure a lot of you guys familiar with this one a little sound a little bit of everything from fashion and beauty they also have a home 24 and their stuff is amazing you have to wait for the right still to come sometimes it could be overpriced but i have a lot if you accessories from there the next one.

I really like this one kings lane this one has really quirky hoping for a things that are unique and a lot of people are going to top that what I wanted that one key point is that they categorized all of their sales based on a theme you know you can just scroll through and look at the different exactly haha you can determine which is your style and go into that flash sale and then there’s also guilt guilt is very similar to hotlist of a seller are priced equivalent to think that you would find stores like even market or even like more strong but they do have home decor items as well I have this acrylic picture set of image of your own and i actually bought it from gilt com and it had seen it at a local furniture store for three times the price of it you don’t feel confident Jonny the main is very similar to one can plan to have very poor key items and really unique think their sales your step anyway they’re set up based on on category i do have an invitation link to all of that and i will list all those down below you guys can use my referral link.

And I’m something else today I wanted to share with you guys that isn’t really part of the five tips that I just shared but just it’s just good old all in life in general and don’t just go on and get furniture just going to take a filling up your home and wanting it to be furnished all at once Bulldog for those pieces that you know you love and don’t even think twice about you see that because in the long ride you’re going to take better care of and it’s going to be hard for a lot longer and you’re not going to feel like you have to settle for those are all the tips that I have for furnishing and I’m to blame I hope you guys found it helpful and always going to deck on any of these five tips that I talked about you guys one this is just really more like a general guideline up where to start because they know that the hardest part I will also have a full blog post on this video on this list are calm and i will link it down below once it’s ready and also don’t forget to thumbs up this video if you found it helpful or if you enjoyed it and if you want you to continue to make videos like this and i’ll have to you on the next video bye the necklace i am wearing is from SHINee myxer.com and it’s just a beautiful white necklace with crystals all around it on the regular wearing is from forever 21 your incident wearing I’m not for a holy a dollar from this website called shop miss a dot-com on my nails and still wearing a pink I min left by L’Oreal number lips and wearing this color of every mac and background we read from my hair strand use a brand new curling iron by bond a gold collection is 25 millimeter and really want it actually came in this set with two different curly ones he looked a 32 millimeter want and then the 25 million which is the one day ended up using today

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