Rustic Home Decor
Rustic Home Decor

HOME GOODS HAUL- Rustic Home Decor – Rustic Chic Decor

Rustic Home Decor. I just finish up the gym and ionic bond and I were close my head’s up and i slept some the song silver just came inside but this is the merciless channel and this is what i am about a whole glam everyday girls that do that black I went home good you guys down i recently moved into this apartment which everyone has been asking for an apartment or in the room tour and everything like that those will all come on my apartment is done my apartment is nowhere near done i don’t even have all my furniture yet so and that is all done then we will move on to the full tours but you guys asked all the time on Instagram and my blogs where everything is from so I thought that a home good / home decor hall would be perfecto.
So I got two things let’s jump right into it going to be the wildest home decor however ok first thing I got my god please get up please don’t be stuck at all gold set of three mirrors i thought this would be super cute just put around my cousins little half walls i also got these in white mice evidence at home goods which are going to go in my kitchen little ones are i really love mirrors / little mirrors like this because they really open up the space especially in apartments like this and the analyte and just really nice i like them and I got it really great yeah.

HOMEGOODS HAUL- Rustic Home Decor –  Rustic Chic Decor


I do actually got a layup so now standard lamp a very big lamb shape so we’re very nice in a lot of apartments Ali don’t install lighting so lamps are very essential splash my apartment is very dark right now because I don’t want Lance this is my fifty dollars and its really beautiful and very bright and it comes to the light bulb can’t even tell you how many lamps I got being like where’s the light bulb I don’t own light bulbs pick up this adorable sign for full time I have no idea what I’m gonna do with that I put out my dining room table once it comes and says pumpkin kisses harvest harvest wishes side note about 14 fall Campbell’s yesterday so I’m ready for fall ladies I’m ready what the heck is this this is one of those little like I don’t even know what this is but it’s metal and core and it’s gonna go outside as like a little mini coffee table if you guys to my vlog channel you’ve seen my patio furniture and this is going to go in between the little baby chairs next things that i purchased from home goods i actually have already but.

I’ve got more because you’d be surprised how much this adds to a room so I got a bunch of more base color i really love these like usual natural colors they’re very like rustic and just earthy looking and they really add a lot to a real my just put them in some like little glass basis i have some in jars that look really nice about this one that’s like all different sizes and then these 12 all larger ones so SuperDuper pretty i bought a new throw blanket for my couch because the ones that I have now our little dingy / one of them Haley has claimed as her own and the other one is just in g plus my couch i bought when it was white cream and out so dingy more this color so now we’re just gonna roll with it we’re going to deepen the tones and it’s just going to work out so this is a very pretty throw blanket was only twenty dollars i really liked it then I picked up some shower curtain be next I picked up two things of tea light candles and the first one is in harvest moon and this smells like this smells like sweater weather / mahogany teak wood by back body works and then I picked up harvest pumpkin which is mostly pumpkin as we tell I really acceptable time that it’s like well well you say August my heart since fault then we have this lovely pillow and I picked up for my coach I want to incorporate more gray into my living room because my new credenza and I that I have coming for my TV is gray and mirrors so I want to add more great in my living room so I got that one moving on to the shower seat this is the shower curtain that i picked up it’s just a nice tan kind of bohemian earth-shaking one and then of course the curtain liner nothing exciting and then for the guest bathroom i picked up a new mrs. cold bath rug because that one was white i had in my old apartment super dirty and then another throw blade get because like i said the two had were just a little worn out and ready to be retired so i picked up this one really nice texture SuperDuper soft and that one was again only twenty dollars next item i’m super excited that it’s just a pretty little wooden signs some wire and some little clips and it says follow your dreams on the top super pretty and probably put this in my office I hadn’t chosen like a like kind of decor like color scheme for my office really but everything in my apartment is kind of just earth tones little bit of blue little bit of gray mainly earth Jones as we can tell way days but i really like to surf are also for my office if you seen my new beauty Channel videos and you’ve seen the white flowers that sit on my desk but those actually stay in my living room and when I felt my put them back there because I think they look really nice but i finally got my desk their own fake black horse those flowers are fake everyone wants to know they are fake I don’t write fake flowers fresh fake plants i think they add a lot especially green ones and white ones they look very fresh and really add like a pop to space without you having to take care of plants or buy fresh ones all the time .

Because I know if you want to buy flowers get super pricey after a while like the great team i was talking about i got a great MIT pillow for my couch this will be my second granite pillow and then I did have white neck pillows but being someone who wears makeup frequently and you want to play on your couch you then have orangish pillows haha oops and the last thing I picked up was just super pretty kind of I don’t know what you didn’t call this it’s like a six-panel kind of a little pin board and I got it to put horizontal wise i’m a wall across my bed Greg my boyfriend has a Polaroid camera that we take a ton of photos with and I haven’t had and you were to put them and so we took a ton of photos with on the fourth of july with our friends with Caitlyn and sera everything and I don’t have anywhere to put them so I thought this would be a really pretty way to display them very elegant and very just very nice and pretty without having pictures like taped to my wall so that is everything that i got from home goods i hope you guys enjoyed

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